Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert with Will Ferrell

If you’ve not seen Dax Shepard in Parenthood or maybe back on Punk’d, then get ready to get addicted to his funny, personable character with some extremely interesting guests for one-of-a-kind conversations on his podcast “Armchair Expert”. Other past guests include Kumail Nanjiani, Bill Nye, Justin Long, Chris D’elia, Hassan Minaj and more.

This week Shepard and co-host Monica Padman bring iconic comedy legend Will Ferrel on for a fireside chat. While the podcast format is certainly a different way of consuming for some hearing only Will Ferrel’s voice is a little bit of an odd experience for the first few minutes, given I have been accustomed to his eccentric and animated look on the screen.

The conversation explores their previous encounters and touches on how much he only drinks 5 beers, and how he stays in balance. Ferrel discusses playing George Bush on Saturday Night Live, what his father said to him when he decided to go full time in comedy. “Give yourself permission to quit, and you won’t be a failure it will be the next chapter”.

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