Rise and Grind… Tyler the Creator

Damon Johnston is one of the most successful self-made fashion billionaires, launched Fubu with $40 and is one of the hosts of Shark Tank. On his podcast “Rise and Grind” he brings on people from all walks of life to learn about how they go about their day. In this episode, he sits down with eccentric impresario Tyler The Creator.

Tyler The Creator is a Grammy Nominated artists and was one part of Odd Future. He was making music since he was 7 and he founded a collective with a group of similar minds to launch a magazine that subsequently turned into a global cultural sensation that introduced the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean and more. His creativity goes beyond Sounds having hands-on creative contributions to artworks, TV shows, festivals, fashion and more.

Tyler speaks on getting fired from Starbucks, His daily routine, developing his carnival from a car park to a festival sought out by global music audiences, creating a platform out of what they liked, and creating a community.




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