Polo & Pan Return to Mystify with Feel Good

The maestros of grandiose whimsy have returned. Polo & Pan dropped their newest record, “Feel Good” this past Friday and true to its name, it warms the soul and lifts your feelings to the blue skies above, feeling good at the least. It’s their first record since the release of “Gengis” in July 2019 and their ravenous descent into psychedelic mania with the mixtape, Home Sweet home, that graced our ears this past May. The Parisian outfit is back to bring joy to all those who dare to press play.

Polo & Pan have easily been one of my favorite acts of the past few years and it comes down to the joyful rush of sensation their music invokes. It’s as if they are wizards of joy and dutifully cast their spell upon those who wish to embrace the creed. Their recent mixtape and their past Cercle performances are impeccable illustrations of the duo’s captivating effect. It’s also why their album Caravelle went on to reach Platinum levels, build a ravenous fanbase, and set the basis for a multi-year global tour that sold out everywhere.

Thankfully, we are blessed with new music from the duo. “Feel Good” is the debut single off the upcoming EP of the same name and sets the scene for titillating delight to take ahold. True to their style, “Feel Good” is a cheery mosaic of worldly sounds that envelope listeners in a warm embrace. There is a little more of a “pop” spice to this record where it blends intelligently with the prototypical Matt Hatter like vibes that earmark the music of Polo & Pan. Moreso, the groove and sonic design are reminiscent of the Gorillaz early work, which brings an enjoyable sense of enchantment and reason to believe the duo will continue their ascension.

With all the negativity and chaos that is plaguing the world, we need something to lift our spirits and bring warmth back into our lives. Polo & Pan are a superb antidote that will bring light to the darkest moods and thaw the coldest of hearts. If you’re in need of that, give “Feel Good” a listen and the smile will soon beam.

To stream Feel Good continue down or follow the link here and keep your eyes peeled to CULTR for the release of Polo & Pan’s upcoming EP.

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