Porter Robinson Gifts Free Download, Celebrating Worlds’ Sixth Anniversary

Porter Robinson has treated fans to a new edit, celebrating six years since the release of his debut album Worlds.

The track is titled ‘shepherdess-shehealseverything(2016)’. A version of this titled just ‘Shepherdess’ existed on the Worlds vinyl release, however this is the one he’s used during his live sets for years.

Porter Robinson fans will be over the moon, seeing a release of a track they’ve heard in his sets for many years now.

This live edit is tailored more to the producer’s Worlds era as the edit first builds a frenetic array of synths before introducing an orchestral breakdown that is quickly taken over when a hellish drop unleashes screeching synths and pulverizing bass. For diehard Porter Robinson fans, this anniversary of Worlds has certainly been the best yet.

Porter Robinson also revealed that another unreleased track ‘Hollowheart’ will see a release on Worlds’ tenth anniversary, which would be August 12th 2024.




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