Porter Robinson Releases Second Album Single ‘Something Comforting’

After announcing his upcoming album ‘nurture’ and his overall return to the Porter Robinson act – The Canadian artist is here with ‘Something Comforting’, the brilliant second single from the upcoming album.

The release comes after ‘Get Your Wish’ and follows a similar pattern with both the production and the vocals – which both come from talent producer. The soothing vocals together with the immaculate piano and electronic mixture mean for once again an outstanding production. With what sounds like altered vocal chops, ‘Something Comforting’ is just that, a comforting electronic piece from the only producer who could make this track what it is. After this second tease, our anticipation for ‘nurture’ has grown even more.

In the message, Robinson referred to the prolonged creative struggle he went through in the years after Worlds. “I was trying for hundreds of hours a week to make something new,” he said, “and trying so many new ideas, and just feeling unhappy with everything, feeling really, really critical of everything that I was doing, and just feeling like nothing was good enough, and just at the absolute creative low point. And I was really beginning to question whether or not I would ever be able to make music again. And that was a very scary thought to me.”

In 2015, when he came up with the instrumental fill that would eventually appear 1:06 into “Something Comforting,” Robinson perked up. “That was the very first thing that I knew I was going to keep,” he explained. “And I’ve probably listened to it like 10,000 times, maybe more. I would just listen to it obsessively because I was like, ‘This is good enough. This is my taste. This is my shit.’” He said he wouldn’t end up completing a song for Nurture for another three years, and it took him nearly five to finish “Something Comforting.”




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