Porter Robinson’s Second Sky 2021 Birthed A Superstar [REVIEW]

Porter Robinson’s Second Sky was monumental in every form or fashion. On the weekend of September 18th – 19th, a superstar was born. Before we get to the massive performance that left the entire dance community in shambles, we must visit the sights and scenes of Second Sky 2021.

A last-minute venue swap to the Oakland Arena Grounds left many questioning the integrity of what this weekend would offer. The optimism that was instilled in the many ticket holders that opted to keep their tickets were rewarded with a day filled with potaro themed food, drinks, and art installments. Immersing the theme of the festival to a real-life experience, festival attendees had no reason but to shower in the immense vibes and happiness the occasion brought upon us. A spectacle that meant just more than your average musical get-together. Second Sky marked the return to the dancefloor for thousands of dance music fanatics. A world riddled with a global pandemic, covid policies, festival delays, tour cancellations, and more, it was SO good to be back and nevertheless be back with friends that others have not seen in years.

It was the perfect reunion. A reunion that left festival-goers in tears and their hearts full. A lineup brimming with brilliance, Second Sky attendees were treated to a variety of music from the likes of Porter’s progressive house alias Air2Earth, Knower, WAVEDASH, Jai Wolf, Jacob Collier, Toro Y Moi, and the debut of Madeon’s updated Good Faith Live show. All leading up to the prominent Nurture Live debut from Porter himself that will stick around for years to come.

To pinpoint the significance of this performance would take a novel’s worth of words. To leave things short, the progression from Saw-waves and Traktor DJ sets in 2011 to live vocals, drum pads, and keys in 2021, is no easy feat. Porter Robinson has evolved into an artist of his own, a superstar. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Mr.Robinson, but we’ll be sure to be there.

Relive the set here:





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