Anikdote – Wastelands (Feat Beechey)

Music over the years have been referred to as the magic therapy because it does not only heal the mind but the soul. A great song has a way of penetrating the mind and the soul and bringing happiness and meaning to one’s life.

This is exactly what you will experience when you listen to Anikdote’s latest release: “Wastelands” (ft. Beechey). From the sound of the first beat, you will feel the song’s power take a hold and as it develops instrumentally, you will be amazed at the sheer energy behind the track. Permeating your sound system with a superb mix and astounding production that consists of grating synths that cut through the mix, this track is perfect for the clubs. Of course, one cannot expect less from a producer such as Anikdote. “Wastelands”’ rhythmic propensity will get you pumped and make you want to dance all day and night long.




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