PREMIERE: Luxley Paints A Colourful Soundscape With “Chromatics” EP:

Chromesthesia: A type of synesthesia in which a nonvisual stimulus causes the individual to perceive color. Color hearing is a form of chromesthesia. In color hearing a musical tone elicits a color.

To the majority of people, this condition may sound completely outlandish, but this is the reality that Luxley lives in. He’s been diagnosed with Chromesthesia and decided to convey his reality through music. After almost three years since his last album, Luxley has returned with a new sound and approach. While his old music represented a more mainstream attempt to convey his reality, “Chromatics” wholeheartedly embraces his true vision and lets his emotions and reality guide him when making these tracks. 

This new EP is much more experimental and employs modern production tactics to frame his pieces. As a listener, trying to see what Luxley sees in each of these tracks is such a unique way to interact with a song. I was listening to the EP in its entirety during my regular commute and I ended up taking several wrong turns because I was so enveloped in trying to turn his songs into mental images. 

For me, “No. 4” was able to paint the clearest picture. I think it was the familiar four on the four beat that allowed me to focus on the unique and colorful sounds of the other elements in the track. Of course, this is only my interpretation, but “No. 4” conveyed a picture of a city park in the middle of a sprawling metropolis – I saw the green from the foliage, the yellow hues from bright sunlight covering everything in sight, and the reddish-brown cobbled brick sidewalk underneath my feet as I followed the path around the open space. 

Another highlight of the EP is the fourth track, “Attiki” which expertly blends in old-school glitch motifs with its highly edited piano samples. There’s so much movement and momentum that this track carries, it’s impossible not to get lost in it – hands down the best track to suck you into this journey created by Luxley. Even if you’re a casual listener looking for some quality tracks to add to your playlist, all of these songs stand on their own in terms of musical merit.

What Luxley has here with “Chromatics” is nothing short of a piece of art. Knowing how this EP was conceived gives each track a whole new meaning and gives you an opportunity to listen to his music differently. While I know my interpretation probably doesn’t match what Luxley saw, I had an enjoyable experience trying to visualize his music. If you’re looking for some songs that’ll pull you in and make you think, you’ve found the right set of tracks.




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