Project 46 Perfectly Replicate Avicii With Newest Single ‘Live Forever’

Canadian duo Project 46 recently returned to the scene after an extended break.

Their fourth track since returning comes in the form of ‘Live Forever’ and it is probably the best tribute/homage to Avicii. It delivers all the elements we grew to know and love from one of electronic music’s most prolific names.

Opening up with a calming guitar, the vocal that seems like it was plucked from an unreleased Avicii track is introduced. Project 46 perfectly recreate what made Avicii so great, the incredible melodies and sound design. Just like Avicii mastered, there is a great balance between the amount of dance and country/pop influence. To the majority of people, if you were to play this, they’d be sure to guess that Avicii is behind it.

With the hopeful vocal and stunning instrumental, this is a great piece of nostalgia, taking us back to the progressive house and Avicii golden days.

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