Project North, GLDN and Veronica Bravo combine forces for “Young”


Netherland’s producer duo; Project North, Italian producer GLDN and Australian vocalist and songwriter; Veronica Bravo have combined creative forces in the divine new Future track: “Young.”

Layered with intricate production, empowered by dynamic synth sweeps, a warm synth bass, melodic electric guitar licks and arpeggios and uplifting vocals, “Young” is both evocative and immersive. With lyrics that speak to the importance of living life to the fullest, the track seems to promise a unique sense of identity to its listeners.

As Veronica’s ad libs intersect with a wildly catchy beat that will make your heart skip, “Young” moves between the realms of an Illenium-inspired dance track to a Pop-anthem, transporting listeners to new heights through its blissful enthusiasm.

Check it out here: