Psycho Boys Club release Hotly-Anticipated EP Hi-Tech / Lo-Life

A devious treat has come to our ears. The fast-rising group Psycho Boys Club has released its incendiary EP, “Hi-Tech / Lo-life”. The duo made up of Juyen Sebulba and Stoltenhoff, who have individually garnered buzz and attention, have teased the EP over the last year, which included appearances in the Psycho Boys Club BBC 1 mix. It quickly developed a bubbling of anticipation that frequently popped up in comments on EDM forums, Discord, and social media. We can safely say the wait was well worth it as the duo has dropped one of the strongest, most cohesive EPs of the year, unlocking an identity and sound that will connect with many dance music fans.

Despite being relatively new, Psycho Boys Club has developed a reputation of deep, dark and hard-hitting sound design that blurs the line between an array of genres. This creative intuition has led the duo to bring forth an enthralling sound that isn’t quite like anyone out there. Yes, there are Hard Techno acts and yes, there are Hard style acts, but none of them bring quite the same arrangement and experimentation that sit at the heart of the Psycho Boys Club. “Hi-Tech / Lo-life” shines a light on exactly that and unveils a fresh and exciting act, ready for the spotlights of the mainstage.

Sitting at 17 minutes, the five-track EP serves as a high-octane sonic exploration of the duo’s spirit and ethos. The EP opens with “Blood Rush”, a daring and cutting-edge Acid Techno styled record. It twists and turns as if you’re on a wild ride, piloted by the Mad Hatter. At its core, is a timeless feeling that brings about memories of raves held in the dingiest of warehouses where the only thing that mattered was feeling the music and being a part of a moment of pure bliss. It leads perfectly into record two, “Death Grips”, which brings about even more aggressive and fiery energy. What’s interesting is that despite the high-octane gravitas, there is something restrained sitting behind the sound that connects with a feeling of poignancy that is rarely present in a song that slaps with this much ferocity.

Somehow the duo turns the dial-up another 10,000 degrees and barrels unfiltered energy into listeners’ brainstems with “Forever”. This record will surely cause steal blockades to be rattled next time the duo performs live. Following it is “Boom”, which rides a squelching synth line and layers the space with sound bytes to keep the mind intrigue. At one point, there’s a car siren that fills the air, adding a sonic wrinkle that hits with a delightful spark.

The EP closes with “Biohazard”, which feels chameleon-like. It opens with an emotive vocal and build that tricks you into thinking you’re about to go down a trance or progressive hole. However, the duo pulls the curtain away and sends listeners down a slithering Techno-sphere. That unexpected transformation and flavoring highlight a group that is masterful with ingenuity and boundless talent to express their ideas in ways that most could not.

Behind the fervor of Psycho Boys Club’s sound, is an ethos with true connectivity and a purpose beyond just sounding “cool”. To better understand it, they had this to say:

“Hi-Tech / Lo-Life” is representative of Psycho Boys Club vision and sound. Hi-tech refers to our sound and visuals that are born from the cutting-edge and cyberpunk futurism. Lo-life represents the underground rave culture that brings together those looking for unity, acceptance, and a collective feeling bound by the music. This EP is the ethos behind Psycho Boys Club”

With the release of “Hi-Tech / Lo-Life”, it’s quite apparent that Psycho Boys Club is one of the most exciting groups to hit the dance scene. Backed by a captivating sound and a visceral need to bring about a connective tissue that speaks to many and who will gravitate to, they will soon be known around the world. I for one cannot wait to hear whats next.

To stream “Hi-Tech / Lo-Life”, continue down or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice.

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