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Psycho Boys Club Kick-off 2021 with Could Be Somebody on Musical Freedom

Psycho Boys Club starts 2021 with a bang, bringing the slithery “Could Be Something” to the airwaves via Tiësto’s Musical Freedom. The duo of Juyen Sebulba and Stoltenhoff’s newest single reminds fans and newcomers alike why they are one of the hottest new acts to emerge in the electronic scene and why people called for eyes on them in 2021. 

Riding an electrified synth-line, “Could Be Something” charges into listeners’ brainstems, sending jolts of energy coursing through their bodies. Psycho Boys Club doesn’t stop there. They turn the dials on the low-ends and beat to thump purified energy straight into the bloodstream that hypnotizes the body to move in unison with each sonic pulse. Surrounding the core beat and synth-line is a meticulously woven sound design that creates an atmosphere of exhilaration and intrigue. Like a cherry on top, the vocal sample blends seamlessly with the sonic topography to emit the right amount of poignant emotion and connective barbs to complete a magnificent record.

While the duo’s last foray with the release of “Hi-Tech / Lo-Life”,  sent listeners to depths of high-octane, ferocious goodness, “Could Be Something” highlights the nuance and refinement of their sound and talents. They explain, “We just wanted to create a mellow vibe that fits into the dystopian cyberpunk aesthetic at the heart of Psycho Boys Club”. Although the record has a mellower-edge to previous works, it cohesively fits into the “Lo-Life” ethos of the duo’s sound, one that calls people from all walks of life to connect behind the Psycho Boys Club banner and be a part of a collective identity that stirs outside the eye of mainstream conformity.

The Yang to their “Lo-Life” yin is the notion of “Hi-Tech”, the concept that bears the visual aesthetic of Psycho Boys Club. With each release comes a visual component that explores futuristic realms that blur the lines of cyberpunk, dystopian futures, and revolutionary technologies of science fiction dreamlands. With “Could Be Something”, it transports viewers to a bold futuristic world built on the back of stunning and dynamic animations. The video follows an android as she traverses a stunning world that draws inspiration from Blade Runner and Akira. Tying in with the chorus of the song, it’s clear that our protagonist is seeking someone or something and is hoping that it will be there, ending her quest

On the record and video, Psycho Boys Club had this to say:

“One of the main concepts about the song is that it fits into our “hi-tech / lo-life” aesthetic both visually (music video) and musically as it was pretty inspired by minimalism and cyberpunk culture”

“Could Be Somebody” is a tantalizing record that begins what should be a monumental year for the duo. Psycho Boys Club continue to build on their “Hi-Tech, Lo-Life” ideology and the early buzz. Keep an eye on them as 2021 progresses as big things are in store with the duo.

To stream “Could Be Somebody” follow the link here or continue down. To watch the music video follow the link here or continue scrolling down.