Up-And-Coming House Talent Purple Tones Shatters Boundaries with ‘VISION’ EP

Chicago’s enigmatic producer, Purple Tones, has just unleashed a whirlwind of clever house music with his latest EP, aptly titled VISION. Buckle up, because this musical journey is about to take you on a wild ride through uncharted territories.

Unlike anything we’ve heard before, Purple Tones fearlessly pushes the boundaries of house music with a bold blend of experimental sounds. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres, his tracks defy categorization and ignite the senses with their unapologetic sonic storm.

The EP’s opening track, “Untitled Supper Club,” thrusts you into a vortex of pulsating beats and distorted melodies. It’s a frenetic onslaught that seamlessly transitions from a train ride to an otherworldly rave experience. Strap on your seatbelt and prepare for an electrifying ride.

Diving deeper into the EP, we encounter “FIYAH,” – it’s haunting minimalistic tones and brooding atmospheres create an eerie yet captivating sonic landscape. Purple Tones invites you to surrender yourself to the unknown and embrace the unconventional.

With “Substance Abuse” and “Save Me,” the EP takes an introspective turn, leading you through a labyrinth of reflective experiences. The raw emotion and vulnerability woven into these tracks tug at the heartstrings, providing a cathartic release amidst the chaos.

The EP’s grand finale, “E*** Woman,” serves as a sonic manifesto, encapsulating the essence of Purple Tones’ artistic vision. Inspired by personal experiences, this track transcends language and speaks directly to the soul. It’s a powerful testament to the transformative power of music.

Purple Tones is an artist unafraid to put his vision out there full-force. With Vision EP he opens the door to a new realm of sonic exploration, daring listeners to embrace the unconventional and revel in the chaos. This EP marks a pivotal moment in Purple Tones’ career, solidifying his position as a maverick in the electronic music landscape.

Get ready to embark on this mind-bending journey with Purple Tones and his standout style of house. Step into the unknown and let the music guide you to uncharted horizons.




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