Quarantine Shopping List: Amine Edge & DANCE

It’s been a rough couple of months, while many are currently on the front-lines weathering the global pandemic of COVID-19, others are stuck at home looking for things to do, to keep them occupied. With clubs, festivals, tours, and bars all shut down for the foreseeable future, many of us were expected to be behind closed doors for some time. It’s a safe assumption to say we all prepared for the quarantine in different ways.

Taken to social media, we’ve seen a handful of artists pour some time into hobbies and activities such as gaming, cooking, working out, etc. and sharing that with the world. It’s a personal side that we don’t get to see much of for obvious reasons, but now is a time we can all level with each other and try to spread some positivity here and there.

If you’re currently bored and looking for things to do, we’ve got you covered with the quarantine shopping list series where we ask artists how they’ve prepared for the lockdown and what are some things taking up their time in their daily lives.

Amine Edge & DANCE

Rubik’s Cube

I bought myself a Rubik’s cube and promised myself to don’t stop working on it until I master it, haha, I can do 80% of it in less than 3mn but then I’m stuck, I stopped but will get back to it soon. -A

Nintendo Switch

I bought myself a Nintendo Switch which was something I planned to do a long time ago for my travels, but then I bought it recently, I finished Mario Odyssey in a week and now I’m into Luigi Mansion. -A

Finances Course

It took me 2 weeks to stop playing video games and watching movies every day; the confinement had affected my mental health and motivation. I put a stop to this and bought myself a fully online course to learn all the basics and beyond of finances, Learning this should be a top priority for every human—I took that decision at 37 years old, but it’s never too late though. -A


I bought a lot of clothes online because I love fashion and I miss dressing up and looking fresh. Gonna do some shots for Insta I guess since I can’t go out haha -A

Electronic Swatter

The first thing I bought was an electric racket that kills flies & mosquitos. This thing is so useful—my life is definitely better now! -D

Strawberry Tree

A small strawberry tree. I take care of it every day. It’s beautiful! I love to have plants in my house. -D

Sample Packs

A lot of new sample & drum kits. Since I don’t use plug-ins to make music, I always need to get new samples. This is how I feel comfortable to produce. -D


It’s not something that I bought necessarily because I’ve got Apple Music, but I’ve decided to download all the classic albums that I love like Dr. Dre – 2001, R.Kelly – R., J.Dilla – Welcome To Detroit, and Mobb Deep – Hell On Earth -D

We hope some of these inspire you to switch things up and tackle your new life at home! Hailing from Southern France, Amine Edge & DANCE have built their own musical empire, drawing inspiration from early House, Phili Soul, Hip-Hop and everything in between.

Check out their latest “Quick & Dirty” EP release on Desert Hearts Records.


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