Nya Blooms Seeks Change With “Exhale” Debut + Declaration Of Unity Petition

Immerse into Nya Bloom’s sonic universe through a simple text: send “Bloom” to 818.392.8565, and catapult into the mystery of this lush experience through a rabbit hole of visuals and sound. A musical project calling on the masses comes to a head in Exhale, the full release of Nya Bloom’s 4-part debut EP.

Nya Bloom is petitioning to create The Declaration of Unity. After a conversation between friends, the creative began paying attention to the moments and ideas we repeatedly celebrate as a country, noticing there is no holiday more American than Independence Day. In hopes of enacting serious change, Nya Bloom created his Declaration of Unity for a world in crisis amidst a pandemic, economic shutdown, political and civil unrest, natural disasters, and more. It’s time to unite, and stop pointing fingers in blame. It’s time for a new global conversation: one that addresses the actual issues and is focused and designed to bolster unity and respect instead of competition. Now more than ever, we need to take matters into our own hands. We cannot wait any longer for our leaders to unify us, we must do it ourselves.

“People who celebrate only their independence and never their unity live in constant contradiction to the very name and ideals set forth as the United States of America.” – Nya Bloom





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