Unusual Sounds Recorded From Space Radio Waves

As a music focused network, it’s unusual to be reporting on Space related matters for the second time in a week. After sharing Big City Beats announcing the return of their Zero gravity stage and partnership with the European Space Agency now, for only the second time in history scientists have picked up unusual radio signal recordings from space which also include “repeating sounds”.

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) recorded the sounds during exploration to detect signals from lightning activity and space storms. Scientists have sought to explain the sounds as geomagnetic storms however their finding arises more possibilities at the chance of potential for other life and this had us wondering. If you could send a signal out to the universe, what song would you share as the first piece of music the heard and would the know it was music?

According to the BBC, space shuttle Voyager One has left our solar system and strapped to the side of each of the spacecraft are golden records with a instructional graphics about how to play them on the side. The songs that accompany them were “chosen to communicate the sounds of Earth” to any alien beings. Among them include Bach and Mozart as well as Peruvian panpipes and Azerbaijani bagpipes, and recordings from babies crying to the blast-off of a Saturn 5 Moon rocket.




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