Raiden & 아이린 (IRENE) Team Up For A Joint Release ‘The Only’

For Korean artist Raiden’s 10th release on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings, he has teamed up with 아이린 (IRENE) of K-Pop group Red Velvet. ‘The Only’ also marks IRENE’s debut as a solo artist. Protocol and SM Entertainment have collaborated in the release.

The production is a feel good dance track with dazzling vocals provided by IRENE. ‘The Only’ delivers a groovy dance pop crossover, giving it mass appeal to fans of both genres. Raiden’s upbeat melodies serve as a perfect backdrop for IRENE’s angelic tones, building to a gently progressive drop. Though the track is mostly in Korean, “The Only” proves that English words aren’t necessary to evoke an emotion.

With a slew of records being release on labels such as SIZE, Protocol and STMPD – Raiden has built up an impressive portfolio that sees him preform around the world. Teaming up with IRENE of Red Velvet was a no brainier, the group has hundreds of millions of plays – this collaboration was a home run before it even started!


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