Ramengvrl Announces EMPIRE Signing and Debuts with ‘Vaselina’

When you think Hip Hop Indonesia doesn’t jump to the forefront, but the country of nearly 300 million is quickly becoming a breeding ground of the most inventive and stylish acts to grace Hip Hop. It has already produced the trendsetting crew that flies the 88Rising banner, including the unabashed Rich Brian who was the first to make the cross-cultural climb. Now, another act is beginning a similar ascension across the Pacific Ocean and is set to break the glass ceiling of preconceived notions of who and what Hip Hop is. Her name is Ramengvrl and she is just as ferocious as any act out there and carries an attitude of unrelenting perseverance. She has just announced her signing to the ultimate tastemakers, EMPIRE, and marks her debut by dropping the incendiary “Vaselina”, featuring euro.

Over the last few years, Ramengvrl has risen to become a beacon of inventive lyricism and dynamic, sticky beats. But more importantly, she is representative of a generation of Indonesians that fight to break the conservative nature of the country, as well as, bring their voice to the global table and influence culture. Her past singles like “CA$HMERE” and “I AM ME” helped to break down some of those walls and shined a light on the magnatism of her music, giving credence to the idea that Hip Hop is universal. Ramengvrl proves this even further with signing to EMPIRE, who have broken the careers of some of the most influential acts like Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, and Lil Uzi Vert.

The first release of her new era on EMPIRE is “Vaselina” and it is destined to be a soaring success. Produced by Grammy-nominated and platinum-certified producers Roark Bailey and Omega, the record blends together thick beats with searing, hypnotic Latin-flavored sounds that formulate a perfect core for Ramengvrl and the featured euro to slither poetic words that bite with jovial catchiness. The energy brings forward a feeling that brings warmth and uplifting feeling to listeners and serves as the perfect shot of hype to make anyone feel like they can take on the world. For a return and debut, “Vaselina” is a perfect record to mark the occasion and should get anyone excited for what’s next from Ramengvrl.

Despite being from a country not necessarily known for being a Hip Hop haven, Ramengvrl is on the verge of becoming a hot commodity with a voice that carries the rhymes of a nation, looking to rewrite the notions of Hip Hop and music as a whole. With her first record under the EMPIRE banner, Ramengvrl is proving that she’s just as deserving of attention as anyone else out there. Get ready world, there’s a new Queen taking aim on greatness.

To stream “Vaselina” follow the link here or scroll down.





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