Ranger Trucco Releases Debut Tech-House EP, Tiffany, via Space Yacht

Space Yacht is known for its one-of-a-kind parties and events, but in light of live music being shuttered indefinitely, the renown brand has pivoted by launching its very own label. Earlier today, Space Yacht dropped its second EP release, Tiffany, a two-track offering by flagship artist Ranger Trucco.

A product of Western Michigan, Ranger Trucco dropped out of college to pursue his dreams of becoming a DJ and producer by moving to the West Coast and attending ICON Collective. His blend of original vocals within his melodic, acid, and tech-house tracks helped him stand out this past year and earn a spot on Night Bass Freshmen Compilation

After submitting his track “Tiffany” to Space Yacht’s weekly listening show, Tune Reactor, he piqued the label’s interest enough to warrant today’s EP release.

“I was working 8-hour shifts at a fast-food restaurant and doing nothing with my music,” said Ranger Trucco via a statement to the press. “One day during a shift a co-worker I had never met before told me to go on my break and was wearing a Space Yacht mask. I took it as a sign and sent Space Yacht a playlist of some tunes. I ended up getting booked off of Tune Reactor on the spot for Tech My House and now have the honor of releasing this EP on their new label.”

Following Tiffany, Ranger Trucco will unveil his single “Sunday Best” in January via Space Yacht’s inaugural Tech My House compilation, which will celebrate the collective’s six-year anniversary. Stream Tiffany below.




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