Rating The Worst 2020 Costumes With: Chelsea Collins

Year and year again, Halloween presents the unfortunate opportunity of delivering some of the most questionable costumes you can think of. Capitalizing off trends, fads, classics, or going the humorous route, it’s great speculating some of the new fits that the designers release every year. Given the current circumstances that have been hampering 2020, we figured this would be a great time to check out what might end up on the clearance rack this year.

We called upon Chelsea Collins for the job. The Bay Area-born producer, singer, and songwriter is best described as a nonconformist pop-star next door. Her energetic and edgy pop character has led her to amass millions of streams and impressions worldwide such as singles “07 Britney” and “Water Run Dry” featuring 24kGoldn. Carrying a similar enthusiasm on social media, we had no issue bringing her on to rate some of the eye-catching costumes to come out this year. Check it out below along with some of her latest hits.

Corona Virus: 3/10

“It’s kind of cringe and also not the beer’s fault for starting a pandemic…. Gtg 10/10 for wearing the mask under his costume tho lmao”

CVS Receipt: 8/10

“Very very accurate and hilarious. The only thing keeping it from a full ten is the amount of CVS receipts I randomly find about every single bag I own hahaha we stan CVS though”

Ratatouille: 10/10

“We forever stan ratatouille just make sure to wear a shower cap under your hat so you’re pet doesn’t take a poopy lol”

Sexy American Flag: 3/10

“I feel like it’s kinda the wrong year for this costume and there’s a lot more clever things you could do for a flag costume that is more empowering!!!”

Sexy Bernie Sanders: 7/10

“I think it’s creative but it would be more iconic to have a Presidential man suit and wear a tight dress over it or something funny like a bra as a meme. Gotta get the best of both worlds!!”

Sexy Hand Sanitizer: 8/10

“I honestly think this costume is super duper cute and sending a great message but…It’s missing white thigh high boots with silver outlined bubbles to give the sanitizer illusion!! Add that and it’s poppin!”

Sexy Impossible Burger: 5/10

“I think just being an inflatable burger would be much more iconic and hilarious. Imagine someone wearing a blow up burger costume with 6 inch stilettos. That is how to make it iconic!”

Sexy COVID Nurse: 9/10

“Because we stan people helping during this time but also the boots kinda clash with the rest of the outfit. I have to say though, I would buy the boots on their own because they are SUPER CUTE! Serving Harley Quinn vibes.”

Tater Thot: 9/10

“Honestly I’m not super into sexualized costumes unless they are memey, so this one really got me. I honestly am a huge thot for tater tots and potatoes in general so I really mess with this one.”






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