REAPER Maintains Form With “HEATSEEKER” + Upcoming EP

REAPER is able to make his presence known as he builds a scene upon entry. The enigmatic producer, propelling himself to the center of the American drum and bass scene, is able to withstand pressure well as he prepares for his sophomore EP with the unveiling of “HEATSEEKER,” accessible via Monstercat.

“In the REAPER universe, the HEATSEEKER is a weapon of mass destruction intended to destroy individuals who choose not to conform to evil standards. Those who resist will remain a target. This song is the anthem of the revolutionaries who destroyed the sinister machine.” – REAPER

After breaking onto the scene with his special style of bass music, the efforts to improve the status of drum and bass in America have cemented REAPER’s place in the electronic music industry’s existing landscape. A position which he will continue championing. His music is a doorway to the modern age, the drum and bass key to the city.





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