Record Club Puts A New Groove In Electro House With ‘Switch It Up’

Record Club has a plethora of unique angles that are built into their sound. A vibe that’s founded on a broad spectrum between electro-house and progressive house. “Switch it Up,” embodies these infectious traits, while putting a unique spin on what the status quo is typically via tracks like this. These aspects spill out as the song moves forward measure by measure. Getting deeper into things, “Switch It Up,” features a quaint technical aspect in the percussion which somewhat keeps the mind guessing as to what will come next. They suddenly take the experience up a notch. It ends abruptly as the heavy synths fade into a sort of oblivion type space, leaving the listener wanting more.

“Following up ‘You Make Me Feel’ we decided to dial in our Big Room roots with ‘Switch It Up’ and man are we excited to drop this one.This time around we wanted to switch it up and focus more on utilizing noises and sounds to guide the listener through the track instead of relying solely on vocals. The instrumentals behind Martin Garrix’s track ‘Diamonds’ initially sparked our creative interest into making this track because of the way his track dives right in from the get go and never lets up. However, as you can see with the name, the driving force behind our song is the switch up during our second drop which we know will really catch the listener’s attention and keep their interest the entire time. We’re here to lead the charge in bringing Big Room back, and ‘Switch It Up’ is just the beginning!”
– Record Club on “Switch It Up”

A sense of nostalgia playing a key role in the direction of their music, there is a soft spot in the heart of Record Club for when electro/progressive house dominated the airwaves. Alex and Dan, a brother duo with a love for all kinds of music, including electronic, have found their passion and continue to keep churning out the goods when it comes to original music. “Switch It Up,” sets the tone of the year right, with more surely set to come out from them.




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