NISHA Releases Creative ’11:11′ Music Video Capturing ‘Paris’ EP In A New Light

NISHA has certainly gone beyond the call of duty via their new video titled, “11:11.” The extensive video links together all of their songs from the December 2020 Paris EP and ties it with a dynamic and trippy journey with them as the centerpiece of the action. A well-traveled individual, NISHA stitches many influences on one video to generate a cross-cultural video journey that is certain to appeal to the global audience demographic we live in today which bustles with folks from every walk of life. The 4-track endearing visual journey is chalked full of emotional ups and down that excite at one moment, then pull on heart strings the next. The contrast juxtaposed with a uniformed, balanced was undoubtedly challenging, but comes off graceful and seamless.

Exposed to the third-world growing up, NISHA was born in Nigeria but raised in the USA. This multi-cultural lifestyle included vastly diverse entertainment influences from Bollywood classics, Indian Bhajans, and West African lullabies to American pop, R&B, and hip-hop. All of it clearly playing a role in NISHA become their own entity, thus developing an original style out of the roots in which they were brought up.

NISHA’s creative direction and hustle today has allowed them to thrive in the the modern music area, landing spots on Sirius XM radio, New Music Friday, and license signings on NBC and Netflix programming.

“11:11,” acts as another notch in the belt but simultaneously oozes with richness and creativity. See for yourself below.




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