Remix Radar 011: Featuring CamelPhat, Sons Of Maria, and Claptone

Can you believe we’re already halfway through the summer and year? I can’t and I’m having a breakdown. Fortunately, Remix Radar 011 is here to cheer me up and anyone else suffering from mid-summer/year depression. Get ready for your heart to beat to the music!

Dirty Vegas – Days Go By (CamelPhat Remix)

I think it’s reasonable to say CamelPhat has had one of the biggest years if not the biggest year in the dance world. They exploded with “Cola”, “Breathe”, and “Panic Room”. They’ve made festival and touring appearances all across the globe. Now, they revitalize a song that has been stuck in our conscience ever since it featured prominently in Mistubishi commercials of 2003. I’m sure our readers born in the 90s remember what I’m talking about. Safe to say, CamelPhat’s version is equally catchy.

Calippo – Never Really Liked You (Sons Of Maria Remix)

Sons Of Maria radiate a shimmering sexiness on their remix of Calippo’s “Never Really Liked You”. The vocals sit exquisitely in the production and fit the vibe Sons Of Maria brought to the table.

Little Mix – Bounce Back (M-22 and Riton Remixes)

When I received the Little Mix “Bounce Back” remixes, I was dubious to what they would hold. Pop remixes tend to be less inventive to appeal commercially. However, Little Mix employed two of my favorite dance artists, Riton and M-22 (“Fake I.D” and “White Lies” make me feel things). Riton and M-22 don’t withhold any punches and unleash their talents to make two of the best remixes of the last month.

M-22 channel the spirit of 90’s dance music to transform “Bounce Back” into a sparkling dance vibe. Riton has a similar vibe, but with a little more aggression predicated on a tribalesque beat and raucous energy that will surely unleash dancefloors into a primal masquerade.

RY X – Body Sun (Claptone Remix)

Claptone and RY X are perfect complements to each other. RY X’s vocals are the perfect muse for Claptone’s sexy and mysterious productions. This remix oozes a “James Dean coolness”.

Steve Angello and Laidback Luke – Be (D.O.D Remix)

Envision a molting caterpillar as it transforms into its lustrous butterfly, but to your dismay, an unearthly looking moth protrudes. That’s how it feels to listen to this remix. D.O.D provides something unexpected and I love it.

MEDUZA – Piece Of Your Heart (Joris Voorn and Lee Foss Remixes)

The song that won’t go away receives two more remixes. This time from the talents of Joris Voorn and Lee Foss. I have featured several of the remixes previously, but these two are hands down the dopest and that isn’t to take anything away from the other remixers. It’s a testament to MEDUZA and his team’s ability to put together – arguably – the perfect remix pack and promotional plan to continue building on the momentum.

Samim – Heater (Tube & Berger Remix)

Tube & Berger bring the fire on their remix of Samim’s 2007 jam, “Heater”. An aptly titled track, this song will unleash the heat this summer and will get the party started, especially when pools and margaritas are involved. Get the aloe ready, you’ll be feeling the burn.

Armand Van Helden vs. Butter Rush – I Need a Painkiller (Lucas Frota Remix)

Originally from 1997, “I Need A Painkiller” receives a revitalization by Lucas Frota, his debut track. The overall styling is a grime and garage amalgamation. The remix shimmers a coolness with fun, uplifting energy. I have a feeling this will be heard in many sets this summer.

The Knocks Ft. Kah-Lo – Awa Ni (James Hype Remix)

James Hype’s “Awa Ni” remix is an absolute party. It’s a rhymic and tribal beat-laden track that will unleash a fiery on dancefloors. James Hype gets the kids hyped.

Pig&Dan – Promised (Raxon Remix)

Raxon provides a showstopper with his remix of Pig&Dan’s “Promised”. Raxon utilizes a slithering beat that moves with ominous motions that are cut by deranged organ chords and a voice sample that sends chills pulsating through your body.

DJ Haus – Too Much Data (Patrick Topping Remix)

Patrick topping makes another appearance on Remix Radar for his remix of DJ Haus’s “Too Much Data”. It’s a sizzling techno remix that we all know and love Patrick Topping for. Be Prepared for the darkness.

GoldStone – All I Know (Breakbot Remix)

Released yesterday, French duo, BreakBot, conjure funk and disco vibes on their remix of GoldStone’s “All I know”. It’s full of whimsical energy and uplifting vibrancy.

Jayda G – Stanley’s Get Down (Honey Dijon Remix)

Honey Dijon’s remix of “Stanley’s Get Down” oozes vintage house vibes that remind listeners to be consumed by the vibes and JUST DANCE. The remix is a little grimier and less funky, but the classic house vibes are intoxicating.


The Doors – Riders On The Storm (Infected Mushroom Remix)

From Infected Mushroom’s 2009 album, Legend Of The Black Shawarma, I present you the remix of “Riders On The Storm”. I never knew The Doors could sound this tight when processed through electronic instrumentation. Overall, the remix transforms the legendary song into a cyberpunk sound that is timeless and infectious. Truly two legends combining.





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