Remix Radar 016: Featuring Lemaitre, Tensnake, and Tough Love

As we make another spin around Earth’s axis, I spin up a rambunctious Remix Radar to add a little more excitement to our lives. The 16th Edition promises to electrify once again with appearances by Lemaitre, Tensnake, and Tough Love. This edition is definitely in contention for my favorite week of the year! Strap in, this one is wild.

Electric Guest – Dollar (Lemaitre Remix)

We kick this week off with the crafty Norwegians, Lemaitre. The duo ups the funk and increases the tempo to transform Electric Guest’s “dollar” into a nu-disco record. The vibe from Lemaitre is perfect for late-night parties to close out the summer.

Sigma – Dilemma ( Tough Love Remix)

Featuring a sample of Nelly and Kelly Rowland, Tough Love provides a club destroying remix for Sigma’s “Dilemma”. It sounds nothing like Sigma’s version – or for that matter – the Nelly and Kelly Rowland track of the same name. It oozes Tough Love stylings.

Running Touch – Make Your Move (Tensnake Remix)

Tensnake conjures magical indie dance vibes on his remix of Running Touch’s “Make Your Move”. The German producer crafts a really special and infectious track.

Sofi Tukker – Swing (Mahmut Orhan Remix)

Mahmut Orhan weave’s Sofi Tukker’s “Swing” into a mysterious deep house track. It’s as if a wave creeps over the soul of Sofi Tukker to create a coolness akin to John Wayne or Kacey Musgraves.

Autograf Ft. Griswolds – Casual Love (SLVR Remix)

Self-defined as “wooshi”, SLVR spins the utlra-infectious “Casual Love” into his own twisted sound. I really dig the rising Italian’s spin on this track and prefer his version to the original.

Lyrah – Don’t Make Me Go (GOLDHOUSE Remix)

Chicago’s GOLDHOUSE spins joyous house vibes from Lyrah’s “Don’t Make Me Go”. The remix reminds me a bit of MK and that’s definitely a good thing.

The Young Pux – So Real (Mike Mago Remix)

Mike Mago flips the disco-inspired “So Real” by The Young Pux into a piano-driven house tune. The remix thumps the right amount of funk to keep the crowds going.

TENDER – Fear of Falling Asleep (Fwar Remix)

TENDER receives a psychedelic, synth-licious remix from newcomer, Fwar. The burgeoning artist truly creates a wonderful production around TENDER’s vocals.

The Henry Green remix is also really nice and wavy.

Farius – Make This Last (Frederick & Kusse Remix)

A roaring tech-house remix from Frederick & Kusse makes a joyous splash against your eardrums, reminding you that there’s always a party with these Brits. “Make This” trip last a bit longer with the extended mix.

Âme – No War (Fango Remix)

Rising artist, Fango, spins an emotive, explorative journey across time and space with his remix of Âme’s “No War”. This remix makes me feel things that I can’t quite explain. There’s a reason Fango was called “the most insane Italian since Berlusconi”.

The rest of the Remix pack is also quite nice.


Donna Summer – Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix)

Gigamesh refreshes the disco anthem, “Bad Girls” by the iconic, Dona Summer. “Bad Girls” first made waves in 1979 and was apart of Donna Summer’s most successful album of the same name. The original also featured production work by legends, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. Gigamesh does an excellent job to pay homage to the original while giving it his own signature spin.




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