Remix Radar 022: Featuring Channel Tres, Robby Rivera, and Ben Pearce

The most magical time of the week is back! Like a distorted Christmas, Remix Radar Edition 22 is here glistening with excitement and entrancing “pew-pew” synths..or something like that. This week we feature remixes from Channel Tres, Robby Rivera, Ben Pearce, and a whole lot more! There are sounds for every discerning taste out there. Scroll down for the best remixes of the past week.

Tyler The Creator – EARFQUAKE (Channel Tres Remix)

We kick things off with one of the trendiest artists of the fall, Channel Tres. The LA-native teams-up with fellow Los Angelino, Tyler The Creator, to unlock a golden gem. The remix of “EARFQUAKE” intoxicates the body with a funk-driven beat and a sprinkling of vocal samples that adds extra intrigue for the ear.

Dave Winnel – Smoke Machine (Robbie Rivera Remix)

For the second week in a row the legend, Robbie Rivera, makes an appearance on Remix Radar. This time he turns Dave Winnel’s “Smoke Machine” into a deep, minimalist track fit for only the dingiest of clubs.

SOULS – Shake It (Ben Pearce Club Mix Remix)

I really dig SOULS and the project as a whole. Producer David Gledhil concocts a musical potion from intricate sound design and samples from 20s/30s American field vocal recordings. The culmination of these ideas is truly unique and – simply- cool. I highly suggest giving SOULS a listen.

For David’s newest single, he employs Ben Pearce to infuse his magic with “Shake it”. The result is a certified club dazzler that drips juicy disco sounds. The extended club mix is well worth the nearly 9 minutes of listening time.

Duke Dumont & Zak Abel – Power (Leftwing : Kody Remix)

Leftwing : Kody make their return to Remix Radar on the back of their remix of Duke Dumont and Zak Abel’s “Power”. The British imports lace “Power” with their trademark lush piano melodies and that hip-swinging beat. It has a similar feel to their hit “I Feel It”.

Michael Bibi – Garden Of Groove (Lee Foss & Mason Maynard Remix)

You may know Michael Bibi’s viral sensation “Hanging Tree” and it’s use of The Hunger Games track of the same name. It often appeared on SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution much to the annoyance of my girlfriend. Subsequently, Michael’s version was pulled from legitimate DSPs and – I believe – has ceased to appear on Diplo’s Revolution. Still, the track resonated with many dance fans and sent Michael propelling to the forefront of many conversations.

Now that I got that out of the way. Two of my favorite producers, Lee Foss and Mason Maynard, team-up to remix Michael’s newest track, “Garden Of Groove”. The duo adds a lushness that launches “Garden Of Groove” into a new, groovy stratosphere.

The remix is apart of Michael Bibi’s new Garden Of Groove EP out via Lee Foss’s Repopulate Mars imprint.

Agoria Ft. STS – Call Of The Wild (Maxim Lany Remix)

Agoria’s Drift is one of my favorite albums of 2019. The French artist has a way of weaving together a broad range of sounds that ultimately elicits strong and vibrant emotions.

His track with STS, “Call Of The Wild”, is one of the standouts on Drift. It receives the remix pack treatment and it’s quite nice. My favorite is the Maxim Lany cut, which is a rather minimalist and melodic house track that hits in all the right places. The remixes from Glowal and Stefan Smith are also worth a listen!

D. Ramirez & Mark Knight – Colombian Soul (Grum Remix)

I’ll just come out and say it. I love Grum. He always impresses me with the way he lays out his melodies and surrounding sounds. There’s always something intriguing within each beat of his tracks. Grum provides a track refresher for the old club hit “Colombian Soul ” by two legends, D. Ramirez & Mark Knight. Grum’s take builds a wonderful enchanting world from the lushness of progressive.

Klingande & Bright Sparks – Messiah
(Tony Romera Remix)

Tony Romera turns up the heat and increases the tempo to 125 BPMs on his remix of “Messiah”. Where the original was the calm and collected cutie making eyes at you from across the bar, the remix reveals the unvarnished vixen waiting underneath those classy clothes–raring to tear off yours.

The Cube Guys – Don’t Stop (Robbie Rivera Remix)

Robbie Rivera makes another appearance this week. He’s on a hot streak! His remix of “Don’t Stop” pounds the eardrums with the coolness of 100 Isaac Hayes. It’s a body mover that’s for sure.

PNAU Ft. Ollie Gabriel – All Of Us (Phil Fuldner Remix)

The first of several from PNAU’s “All Of Us” remix pack. It kicks-off with Phil Fuldner’s house-laced version. Mr. Fuldner adds a layer of delicate pianos and a bit more “thump” that brings an insatiable groove perfect for a neon-lit club.

Sidenote: after listening to the remix, PNAU’s “Changes” came on. Give it a listen. It still brings a warmth and happiness to the soul.

Barbatuques – Baianá (Jack Back Club Remix)

The longtime followers of Remix Radar will know what I think of “Baianá” and its previous remix from Pablo Fierro. The Jack Back edition is equally as impressive and creates an all-encompassing energy that feels perfect for “losing it” around a massive fire.

Coldabank & Morixo – Take Me Back (Sammy Porter Remix)

It was tough to choose the standout remix from the “Take Me Back” pack. The Sammy Porter remix has a really nice UK dance vibe that intoxicates the body into a rhythmic swaying. It’s perfect for the crisp fall and winter nights.

The Jansons remix is also tasty with a swirling build and minimal sounds to emphasize the driving rhythm.

Emmanuel Jal & Nyaruach – Ti Chuong (Musumeci Supernatural Remix)

Such a joyous remix. Italian producer and DJ, Musumeci, spins Emmanuel Jal & Nyaruach’s “Ti Chuong” into a synth-heavy tune that would feel at home in the ’80s. It’s groovy in all the right ways and oozes pure funk and class.

P.S Emmanuel Jal’s story is quite remarkable. Look it up if you have the chance.

Felix Cartal Ft. Veronica – Over It (Odd Mob Remix)

Felix Cartal’s “Over It” receives a remix pack. I prefer Odd Mob’s remix to the rest. The Aussie artist brings brooding darkness and thumping low ends that transforms “Over It” into a night time hellcat.

SLATIN & BOXINBOX Ft. Blak Trash – Dirty (Denis First Remix)

True to the title, “Dirty”, Denis First unleashes a dirty remix of the SLATIN & BOXINBOX track. Denis adds a fiery and boisterous spirit that sizzles and ensnares. It’s a delicious bass-heavy treat.

KUHL KUHL, Ivan Gogh, & Zoe Badwi – Body Pop (Joshwa (UK) Remix)

This remix is an absolute party. Joshwa (UK) peels back the layers of darkness from the original and utilizes a delicate piano melody and a side of percussion to make this his own. There’s a really interesting “pop” or waterdrop sound that adds an extra wrinkle of fun.

Leon Lour – Faster (Redfield Remix)

Redfield spins Leon Lour’s”Faster” into a delectable house tune. It radiates infectious energy and has a sound design that oscillates in ways that intoxicate the mind. It’s playful in all the right ways.

Emily King – Can’t Hold Me (Machinedrum Remix)

I’m a huge fan of Machinedrum. He’s an excellent producer and has a way of weaving together productions that mesmerizes with originality and perfection. His remix for Emily King’s “Can’t Hold Me” is awesome and has the exact groove for any dancefloor.

Late Night Alumni & Lipless – Just A Dream (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

Late Night Alumni and Lipless’s “Just A Dream” receives a trance reimaging from Nitrous Oxide that sends listeners hurling through a spacy journey. The trance melody unites with the vocals of Becky Williams with such beauty that you’ll get lost in the remix.

Pierce Fulton – I Know (Blue Mora Vs. Pierce Fulton Remix)

Pierce Fulton continues the unveiling of his remix pack with the release of the Blue Mora vs. Pierce Fulton remix. I am absolutely in love with the arrangement and design of this remix. There are plenty of blooming and sizzling sounds that will keep the mind entertained.

Apparat – Heroist (Substance Remix)

Substance lifts listeners to the heavens and sends them on an atmospheric trip layered with dreamy sounds that swirl around the listener’s imagination. Overall, the Substance remix of Apparat’s “Heroist” has a similar sound to Moderat and it’s a great thing.

Robyn – Ever Again (Patrick Topping Remix)

Robyn has released stellar remixes over the last few months, which have been featured in Remix Radar. The newest one from Patrick Topping is another great piece of music. The classic Patrick Topping techno tones work in unexpected ways with Robyn’s angelic voice and the fusion is wonderful.

Medina – Holding On (Mad Teeth Remix)

Mad Teeth brings a new vibrancy to Medina’s “Holding On”. The relatively new, yet burgeoning trio create a dazzling dance tune that’s drenched in sexiness. It’ll raise the temperature late at night.

Destructo – Bassface (Golf Clap Remix)

Destructo releases the two-part remix pack for “Bassface” and it’s wellworth a listen. The Golf Clap remix provides a modern bass house where the low ends rumble with the classic “wub” and the wacky sounds entrance. It’s a perfect refresher to Destructo’s 2017 track.


CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Diplo Remix)

To cap off this monumental Remix Radar I felt it was only fitting to bring out the heat. Before he was everyone’s favorite cowboy and before he became the third “Old Country Road” bro, Diplo was dropping some of the most original and innovate sounding tunes. He was riding an underground, indie wave that would eventually send him to the heights he is now. His remix of “Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above” from the Brazilian CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) is an absolute riot. Turn this one up to 10 and sit back and enjoy.





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