Remix Radar 027: Featuring Michael Bibi, Jamie Jones, and Mousse T.

Welcome Party People to this week’s Remix Radar! We are now on Edition 27 and it’s delicious treats. We’re starting to hit the holiday lull, which means fewer remixes and, in general, fewer songs. Fortunately for us, there were still some great remixes that came out. We feature Michael Bibi, Jamie Jones & Darius Syrossian, and a revitalization of a smash, global dance hit from Mousse T. Scroll down for the goods. It’s well worth the time!

Major Lazer with J Balvin & El Alfa – Que Calor (Michael Bibi’s 6am Dub)

We begin Edition 27 with the remix of Major Lazer’s recent hit with J Balvin and El Alfa. The original “Que Calor” hits the eardrums with vibrant Latin sounds that doused our fall season with joy and energy. It gets a little darker and sullen with Michael Bibi’s 6am Dub, which is packed with rumbling “wubs” and penetrating bass. It’s essentially the wild sister of the original and she prefers the darkness of a dimly lit club.

Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince (Jamie Jones & Darius Syrossian Remix)

A boisterous affair. Jamie Jones and Darius Syrossian combine to bring a rhythmic punch to Green Velvet’s 2013 club hit, “Bigger Than Prince”.

Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (Mousse T. Remix)

Back in 1999, a song radiated from Australia that would go on to become a smash, global dance hit and certified triple platinum. That song is “Don’t Call Me Baby” by the duo, Madison Avenue. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Mousse T. was called upon to remix. He brings a modern refreshing that is equally delectable as the original and In doing so, the German honors Madison Avenue and the dance community.

S.A.M – Fury’s Laughter (Tube & Berger Remix)

Tube & Berger bring their trademark wacky and whimsical tech-house stylings to “Fury’s Laughter” from S.A.M. Listen to this on full blast with the bass turned up let the rumbling low-ends wash over you.

Dom Dolla – San Frandisco (Eli Brown Remix)

Dom Dolla continues to trickle out remixes of his “San Frandisco”. This time he employs Eli Brown. The British artist brings a spicier bite to the low-ends, which wallops listeners into submission.

Funkerman – The One (Redondo Remix)

Redondo bring their masterful skill to Funkerman’s “The One”. The duo fill the song with wub-y bass that forms a deep, growling sound that encapsulates the soul of the original. The culmination is a tune that is so intoxicating that it’ll entrance dancefloors.

P.S The rest of the remix pack is also juicy!

Shadow Child – The DBG (Mark Broom Remix)

I’m a big fan of anything Shadow Child puts out. In conjunction with the release of “The DBG”, he brings a raucous, house remix from Mark Broom. It’s an absolute party for the ears.

Africanism – Imbalayé (Boddhi Satva Remix)

For those who don’t know, Africanism is a collaborative project between several French producers, which includes David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, and many more, who collaborate with African-based artists and acts. Overall, the project has brought forth a lot of cool, original sounds and the remix of “Imbalayé” continues that streak. Boddhi Satva unleashes a wealth of vibrant sounds that twist and shake inside listeners’ brains for intoxicating results.

Kings Of Tomorrow – Fade II Black (Cevin Fisher Re-Edit)

Yoshitoshi Records celebrates its 25th anniversary with three compilations to honor the genres and sounds the label has released. The first release is Yoshitoshi’s House compilation, which brings us a delicious new edit of Kings Of Tomorrow’s “Fade II Black”. Cevin Fisher provides the revitalization of the 1997 track and brings a modern arrangement earmarked with booming percussion and brooding bass.

Holmes Ives & Avalon Frost – 8 Letters (David Penn Remix)

Another saucy track off Yoshitoshi 25: House compilation. David Penn brings the heat and breathes new life into Holmes Ives and Avalon Frost’s “8 Letters”. David punctuates the remix with an intoxicating groove that slithers through listeners’ bodies bringing its delightful embrace with it.

Underworld & Ø [Phase] – Border Country (Adam Beyer & Bart Skils Remix)

Underworld and Ø [Phase]’s “Border Country” receives a techno remix from Adam Beyer and Bart Skils. True to form, the duo brings a steely beat and dark atmosphere formed by heavy distortion and energy.


Karma – Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix)

Deep from the vault, I bring a wild sound. I:Cube constructs a full-body, spacy remix that is a lush sonic experience. Karma’s “Beach Towel” goes from a shimmering, ambient sound to a groovy, synth-heavy tune, which is aptly titled and described as a cosmic marathon.





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