Remix Radar 028: Featuring R3hab, Dom Dolla, and Purple Disco Machine

Hello Friends! Welcome to Week 28 of everyone’s favorite feature, Remix Radar. Last week I mused that we were hitting the lull that happens around Thanksgiving and continues, until the New Year. It turns out I was wrong and that was a gross over-exaggeration. This week broke that trend and brought to our ears many, many remixes. Fortunately, I was able to form quite a tasty playlist for when you need to escape your family this Thanksgiving. Continue scrolling for the goods.

Meghan Trainor Ft. Mike Sabath – Wave (R3hab Remix)

What is there that hasn’t been said about R3hab? He’s been on top of his game ever since he broke into our conscious years ago. His remix of Meghan Trainor’s “Wave” brings us a wonderful, happy bounce that will fill listeners with a sense of warmth.

Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now (Dom Dolla Remix)

I was a bit surprised when I saw this remix come across my computer screen because I never would have guessed or even thought that Dom Dolla would remix a pop track, let alone one of the hottest singers in the game. Even if it’s a pop track, Dom Dolla brings a bravado that can’t be matched and sees Dua Lipa’s angelic vocals become Dom’s muse. The overall sound is delicious and upbeat with a little less “wackiness” from what we’ve heard from previous Dom tracks.

Monolink – Take Me Home (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Purple Disco Machine brings an unexpected sound to his remix of Monolink’s “Take Me Home”. The remix is dripping with Purple Disco Machine’s trademark funk and disco sounds, but he constructs a slower building song than we usually hear from PDM. That slow burn allows listeners to connect intimately to the groove and ride that wave through the entire eight minutes and change.

Sofi Tukker – Purple Hat (Novak Remix)

Another week, another dope Sofi Tukker remix. This time we get a punchy affair from Novak, a relatively new producer/DJ. While Novak may be young in his career, his sound has the poise of a 20-year veteran and it shines through on his take of “Purple Hat”.

Idris Elba – On Life (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

The diehard following of Remix Radar will know that I am a big fan of anything Illyus & Barrientos releases. That trend continues with their take on actor and producer, Idris Elba’s “On Life”. The duo spin a lush expansive sonic journey that does justice to the original.

Yotto – Nova (Cassian Remix)

Another artist I stan heavily. Cassian brings a brooding, synth-wave to Yotto’s “Nova”. The Australian builds a bubbling soundscape that rises and crashes like waves careening into the coastline. Another delicious tune from Cassian.

Gryffin & Gorgon City with AlunaGeorge – Baggage (BOT Remix)

I absolutely love this remix from BOT. He creates a very interesting sound design with enough ear-catching sounds to keep my ADD in check.

The Knocks Ft. Gallant – Exit Sign (Wongo Remix)

Wongo rides the low-ends to build a growling remix from The knocks and Gallant’s “Exit Sign”. The remix punches and builds an all-encompassing rhythm that will soundtrack plenty of shuffling videos.

Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Erick Morillo Remix)

Two legends of the game, Joe Smooth and Erick Morillo combine on the remix of “Promised Land”. It’s quintessential sound from Erick Morillo, which sees him unleash a twisted, yet delightful house vibe.

LO’99 Ft. DOOLIE – Stay High (VIP Mix)

Another Australian on the list, Lo’99 peels back the prettiness and brings a boisterous VIP mix to his track “Stay High”. The low-ends rumble and penetrate the eardrums, while DOOLIE’s vocal brings a nice layer of delicious ear candy. The increase in distortion helps to make this a club banger.

Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious – Lost In The Groove (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)

If you want to be consumed by danceable energy, this remix is for you. DJ Vartan and Techcrasher construct an insatiable groove that will get any listener “lost in the groove”. Filled with a sassy saxophone and a rhythmic bounce a perfect remix it is.

A R I Z O N A – Problems (Ship Wrek Remix)

Ship Wrek brings a really cool sound design to their remix of A R I Z O N A’s “Problems”. The remix leans into the bass, which oscillates around a well-constructed vocal chop. The culmination of these elements brings a rather fresh sound to the forefront.

Jack Back & CeCe Rogers – Freedom (Harry Romero Remix)

Jack Back aka David Guetta receives a stunning flip from Harry Romero. It conjures memories of old school house music that was alive and well in the 90s.

Cashmere – Disco Hallelujah (Maxim Lany Remix)

Maxim Lany drops the beat and bass down to build a melodic, deep house remix from Cashmere’s “Disco Hallelujah”. Mr. Lany highlights his prodigious talent by building something new and different from the original. It’s a great track for late-night hang outs.

King Arthur & LöKii – Friday (Zendlo Remix)

I’m loving all the house and tech-house tunes that have come out. Zendlo adds his name to the list with his remix of “Friday” from King Arthur and LöKii. He brings delightful energy built on the back of whimsical sounds and a thumping beat. Save this track for Friday and start the party in style.

Moguai – ACIIID (Kryder x Benny Benassi Remix)

Kryder and Benny Benassi light dancefloors on fire with the pounding and rambunctious remix of Moguai’s “ACIIID”. The pair utilizes sounds that would feel at home in the 90’s rave scene to build a perfect electro-house track.

Purple Haze – You & Me (Goose Remix)

I love this remix. It’s absolutely stunning work from Goose. He brings a searing sound that’s less delicate than the original. Where Purple Haze used a softer synth sound, Goose says “nah” and utilizes thick distortion to make “You & Me” heavier and darker.

Pan-Pot – Confronted (Pan-Pot Basement Remix)

It was tough to pick my favorite from Pan-Pot’s “Confronted” remix pack, which the duo released to mark the 10-year anniversary of the original release. All remixes are a bit out there and steeped in techno vibes with plenty of originality to keep listeners entertained. My favorite is Pan-Pot’s basement remix, which sees the duo lace the original with barking synths and snatches of vocal FX.

Tommie Sunshine & No Etiquette Ft. Sabrina Signs – Spiders (AFK Remix)

AFK douses “spiders” in heavy-hitting bass that will rattle eardrums and send listeners into rage-inducing head-banging. If you ever needed an example of why bass-heads get absolutely wild, this is it.

Stats – Never Loved (Void Complet Remix)

The most unique remix of the week, Void Complet brings an otherworldly sound design to indie-darlings Stats. “Never Loved” transforms from a nice, pleasant tune made from guitars, delicate keys, and drums to a weird, psychedelic electronic song that is over eight minutes long. It’s a vibe that’s for sure.


Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Thanks to my discovery in the back of my closet of a once thought lost vinyl, I remembered this fantastic remix of “Big Bad Wolf”. Gesaffelstein brings his trademark dark synths, distortion, and punchy bass to transform the track into something suitable for the Dark Prince. I would love a Duck Sauce comeback and would love to see them light up Coachella.

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