Remix Radar 035: Featuring Steve Aoki, Skream, & Friend Within

It’s already the first Tuesday of February and I am bewildered with where January went. We’ve had an eventful past week. The not so good: The American political system, Brexit finally happened, Coronavirus, Iowa cacus mishap. The Good: The Super Bowl and the Shakira and JLo halftime show, (it’s almost) the Academy Awards, and great new tunes from the Gorillaz, Caribou, and an assortment of Major Label artists. We also have a great new Remix Radar that features Steve Aoki, Skream, and Friend Within. Scroll down for the fun.

R3HAB with ZAYN Ft. Jungleboi – Flames (Steve Aoki Remix)

Steve Aoki brings an absolute riot to listeners with his take of the R3HAB and ZAYN collab, “Flames”. The boisterous bass and piercing synth create a hyperactive energy that is a far cry from the original. Steve Aoki’s remix is perfect for R3HAB’s festival appearances.

Georgia – Never Let You Go (Skream Remix)

I absolutely love this remix from Skream. He transforms Georgia’s “Never Let You Go” into a modern ’80s, almost synth-wave vibe. It’s a beautifully orchestrated production that encapsulates the slightly distorted Georgia with a delicious effect.

Hermitude Ft. Buddy & BJ The Chicago Kid – OneFourThree (Friend Within Remix)

Friend Within unveils an unexpected sound on his remix of Hermitude’s “OneFourThree”. While the overall sound is the club and house vibe the British artist is known for, the remix has a whimsical flavor that isn’t often found in the composition of his other tracks. That extra flair does wonders and makes this a great remix.

MJ Cole – 90 Miles (Model Man Remix)

In the run-up to the release of MJ Cole’s new and mysterious project, the legendary artist has released several great remixes. The brother-duo, Model Mad unleashed the newest addition, which is a mystifying take on the unreleased “90 Miles”. The duo does a wonderful job constructing a hauntingly beautiful sound that swells and shimmers in penetrating waves. It’s almost like Model Man is creating a modern, ethereal electronic jazz.

If you enjoy this remix, Model Man just released an EP that’s worth a listen.

Get Real, Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet – Jolean (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape)

Damian Lazarus succeeds at making a Claude VonStroke track even weirder, but it’s a great thing. The remix “Jolean” is more minimalistic and has a suspenseful edge to it that creates a horror movie-like vibe. It’s exactly what I want to hear at 4 am in the Arts District of LA.

Franky Wah Ft. Jessie Ware – Time After Time (Elliot Adamson Remix)

The Franky Wah and Jessie Ware collaboration, “Time After Time” gets a rave-tastic remix from Elliot Adamson. The remix feels like it came directly from the burgeoning underground UK dance scene of 15 years ago. That being said, I love the reemergence of this old raver, dance scene sort of sound.

What So Not & Diablo – OHGAHDAM! (Tise Jones Remix)

Tise Jones gets the booties shaking with his pulsating bass house remix of “OHGAHDAM!”. The standout track from the remix pack is the first release from Jones. If this is representative of what’s coming, then I will be eagerly waiting the next tracks from Jones.

Two Can – Gonna Be (Sippy Remix)

Two Can and Sippy are two of the fastest-rising Australian artists and I enjoy hearing them connect with this remix. Sippy flips “Gonna Be” into a bassed-out, vibey sound that does a great job of pulling listeners into its wake.

Mista Jam Ft. Laura White – Ultimatum (Wh0 Remix)

I’m a sucker for disco or funky sounds. So, of course, I love the Wh0 remix of “Ultimatum”. The pulsating beat, the cascading hi-hats, the thumping bass guitar, the sassy brass, and a pitched-up sampling of Laura White’s vocal culminates in a groovy remix.

Love Harder Ft. Amber Van Day – Oblivion (TCTS Remix)

TCTS brings a banging remix to listeners with his remix of the highly successful debut of Love Harder, “Oblivion”. It drips a sexy hypnotic vibe that will lure the heartiest of listeners to the dancefloor. I enjoy TCTS’s take more than the original.

Todd Terry – Bounce To The Beat (Serum Remix)

Todd Terry’s 1995 dance track, “Bounce To The Beat” receives a revitalizing remix from Serum. This version blends the house spirit of the original with the raucous-vigor of DnB for a blistering sound. Serum highlights his skill as a sound designer on this remix.

Lane 8 Ft. Arctic Lake – Road (Jerro Remix)

It is no secret that I am a massive fanboy of Lane 8. The second track of his new album, “Road” received remixes from Dirty South and Jerro. Personally, I prefer the Jerro remix more than the Dirty South version, but both are great reimaginings. The Jerro remix creates an enveloping emotional wave that I really connect with.

Konx-Om-Pax – Rez (Skee Mask Remix)

Skee Mask constructs a mosaic-like sound with the remix of Konx-Om-Pax’s “Rez”. The experimental production takes listeners on a dynamic ride through a chaotic, yet precisely weaved atmospheric sound design. It’s a wild ride.


Florence + The Machine – What Kind Of Man (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

With Nicolas Jaar releasing two new tracks under his Against All Logic moniker, I’ve been constantly listening to his discography and was reminded of his almost twelve and a half minute remix of the goddess, Florence + The Machine. Everything about this is perfect. The guitar lick shimmers. The bass thumps and grooves. The synths wail with fervor. The distorted samples amuse the senses. To top it off, Nicolas closes the track with a melancholy trumpet line. It’s the coolest remix of all time.




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