Remix Radar 038: Featuring Mat Zo, Black Caviar, and Party Pupils

We’re a day late, but we’re back! I hope all of you are doing well and are excited to hop back on the Remix Radar train. The New Year hangover must be over because we’re getting in the thick of releases. Quite a few new albums were released, like BTS, Ozzy Ozbourne, and Claude VonStroke to name a few. This also means that the remix packs are rapidly rolling out. Plenty of reason to stay inside, listen to music and avoid the expanding threat of Coronavirus. That’s what I’m doing anyway. This week we feature tasty new sounds from Mat Zo, Black Caviar, and Party Pupils. A great week of Remix Radar begins now!

Moon Boots Ft. Steven Klavier – Tied Me Up (Mat Zo Remix)

Moon Boots’ uber-catchy “Tied Me Up” gets the remix treatment this week and features two remixes from Mat Zo and Kenny Dope. Both are great, but I spotlight the Mat Zo remix for the perfect grumble of the low-ends. He lets them roll over listeners with a thunderous punch. The “wubbiness” plus the funkiness from the original version culminates in an intoxicating remix.

Dillon Francis – DFR (Black Caviar Remix)

A new remix pack of Dillon Francis’s “DFR” brings us three incendiary remixes. I prefer the Black Caviar take for the wild and wackiness of the sound design. It rattles and twists in all the right ways for a delicious new take on “DFR”.

Liquid Todd & Leandro Da Silva – Move Your Feet (Party Pupils Remix)

This is a bit embarrassing. I finally realized one half of Party Pupils is MAX. For the last – I don’t know – three years I’ve seen Party Pupils’ content and always thought, “wow, that one guy really looks like MAX”, but never bothered to look it up. Well… it turns out it has been MAX this ENTIRE TIME. SMH, I’m disappointed in myself and honestly dumbfounded on how I missed that. ANYWAY, the Party Pupils remix of Liquid Todd and Leandro Da Silva’s “Move Your Feet” does exactly as the title suggests. The extra helping of rambunctious bass is really effective at getting the people moving.

DJ Snake Ft. Burna Boy – No Option (KIYA Remix)

DJ Snake dropped the deluxe version of Carte Blanche, which included several new tidbits. The newcomer, KIYA, unleashes an absolute fiery remix of “No Option”. The remix is wildly different from the original and features a rolling DnB spirt and some buzzy, wubby low-ends.

Duke Dumont – Therapy (Will Easton Remix)

Two weeks ago, we were blessed with the “Therapy” remix from Franky Wah. This week we received the Will Easton remix. Easton’s version has a lighter, more upbeat feel, which I find to be absolutely delicious. The whole sound has a dazzling effect that consumes listeners in its wake and sends them dancing through each lick of sound.

Dombresky – Trust The Process (Boston Bun Remix)

Boston Bun crushes his remix of “Trust The Process” from Dombresky. He keeps it in the house realm, but douses the original in layers of funkiness and disco-like stylings to bring to life a magical new version. Surprisingly, I think I prefer this version to the original.

Neil Jackson – Wow (B!tch Be Cool X Smith & Sorren Remix)

Neil Jackson’s “Wow” gets a spritely remix from B!tch Be Cool and Smith & Sorren. The collaboration brings a hard-hitting tech house style to the track that delivers a spicy, rambunctious vibe.

Holy Ghost! – Nicky Buckingham (Each Other Remix)

My favorite remix of the week. Holy Ghost! gets a hypnotic reimaging from Each Other, the new collaborative project from Justin Strauss and Max Pask. They build an expansive soundscape filled with irresistible sounds. It’s quite an enthralling sonic journey.

If you enjoy this, check out Each Other’s debut EP, “Be Nice To Each Other”, out via Soulwax/2manydjs label DEEWEE.

Tinlicker Ft. Run Rivers – Vanishing (Dosem Remix)

Tinlicker’s “Vanishing” gets deeper and darker on the Dosem remix. The Spanish artist adds some punchier bass and percussion with some steelier synths to transform the track.

Mahmut Orhan Ft. Colonel Bagshot – 6 Days (MalYar & Beat Boy Remix)

The anti-Vietnam and anti-war song, “6 Days” from Colonel Bagshot has served as a sample in several DJ mixes for ages, usually and most notably, DJ Shadow’s version is the quintessential go-to. Recently, Mahmut Orhan dropped his own vibrant spin of “6 Days”, which now receives a new remix from MalYar & Beat Boy. The collaborative remix brings a new thunderous bite that adds a wonderful new wrinkle to the track.

Moby – Power Is Taken (Felguk Remix)

Brazilian duo, Felguk, take center stage with their driving, synth-heavy remix of Moby’s protest track, “Power Is Taken”. The duo removes layers of aggression and rawness that emblazoned the original and bring forward searing synths to unleash a new vibrant sound.

Sonny Alven Ft. mags – I Cried At The Rave (Runther Remix)

I am a huge fan of the original, Sonny Alven version of “I Cried At The Rave”. The lick of delicate guitars. The light sizzle of the hi-hats. The piercing flick of keys in the chorus. And the catchy, ensnaring vocals from mags. It’s a beautiful tune that I always groove to. It gets a new melodic remix from Runther who draws focus to a walloping beat and a groovy sound. I really dig what Runther did with “I Cried At The Rave”.

Alex Preston – Need Your Number (Sebb Junior Remix)

Sebb Junior’s remix of “Need Your Number” oozes disco coolness. The remix slightly lowers the BPM and adds some bite to the percussion, but doesn’t drastically overhaul the track. Sometimes that’s all a remix needs.

Danny Avila – Chase The Sun (WILL K Remix)

I really enjoy what WILL K does on his remix of “Chase The Sun” from Danny Avila and Spinnin Records. While both the original and remix have an underlying swirling sultriness, I really enjoy the stripped-back, bass-focused breakdown found in WILL K’s version.

Bingo Players – Chop (Oomloud Refix)

There has been a recent trend of older dance tracks that have seen revitalizations from new cuts to re-releases to redos to remixes and now, a “refix”. I was stoked to see the Bingo Players “Chop” rise from the past and join the ranks of those that have received new life. The 12-year-old track gets its awakening from Oomloud. The Dutch stays true to the original and keeps the relative spirit of it while getting a little wackier.

Hermitude Ft. Soaky Siren & Vory – Northern Lights (Ninajirachi Remix)

Ninajirachi weaves an intricate mosaic of poignant piano chords, ravenous bass, and prickly synths on her remix of “Northern Lights” by Hermitude. At the drop, she flips the tempo and unleashes the ferocity that is truly the definition of a mind-melter. Overall, I much prefer her version to the original.

Myon Ft. ICON – Cold Summer (LTN Sunrise Remix)

I really enjoy the “Cold Summer” Sunrise remix from LTN. The slow bubbling energy lathers listeners in a swirling, mystical sound that bleeds through to their soul where it ensnares them in a delicate warmth. Yet, the journey isn’t over. A rush of blood hits your temple as the intensity rises and sends you over the edge, spiraling through the lush soundscape until it slowly grinds to its final resting point.


Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith – Omen (Claude VonStroke Remix)

With both artists releasing new music, I thought it was fitting to feature the “Omen” remix from Claude VonStroke. Claude brings his trademark wackiness to create an entirely new sound from “Omen”. I find it’s one of his most underrated tracks.




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