Remix Radar 039: Featuring Dillon Francis, Destructo, and Mercer

We’re back! Everyone’s favorite series is here to brighten your day and take your mind off the growing threat of Coronavirus. I don’t have a cure for the virus, but I have some tasty new remixes that are almost as good. These past two weeks have seen the remix pack game get serious with quite a few drops and quite a few really, really dope remixes. This week we feature Dillon Francis, Destructo, and Mercer. Scroll down for the fun!

Sofi Tukker – Purple Hat (Dillon Francis Remix)

We kick-off this Edition with the bombastic “Purple Hat” remix from Dillon Francis. He adds a spicy edge that transforms the Sofi Tukker wave into something more hyperactive. Honestly, I am surprised it took this long to get a Dillon Francis remix of the duo.

Idris Elba Ft. Kah-Lo – Ballie (Destructo Remix)

I absolutely love the original version of “Ballie” from Idris Elba and Kah-Lo. The Destructo remix adds a punchier bite that adds a new wrinkle of intrigue. I still prefer the original, but this version is no slouch and deserves the recognition.

Bob Sinclair – I feel For You (Mercer Remix)

Bob Sinclair’s “I Feel For You” has received several iterations over the years. The newest to bless the airwaves comes from Mercer. The French artist brings a sultry, funky sort of reimaging that will surely get listeners shuffling.

Chris Lake & Solardo – Free Your Body (Noizu Remix)

Noizu unleashes a heavier dubbed remix of “Free Your Body” by Chris Lake and Solardo. The extra bit of punchiness hits all the way down to listeners’ souls.

Becky Hill Ft. Shift K3Y – Better Off Without You (Joel Corry Remix)

I absolutely love Becky Hill’s vocals. Her voice has this natural flair that embeds itself deep within your consciousness. Of course, the remix from Joel Corry strikes the right chords and provides the club-friendly sound that works impeccably with Becky’s voice.

Lane 8 Ft. POLIÇA – The Rope (Anderholm Remix)

Lane 8 and POLIÇA’s “The Rope” received two fantastic remixes, one from Le Youth and Anderholm. I prefer the soaring, penetrative emotive sounds of the Anderholm remix, but you can’t go wrong with either.

Yoav – One Nature (Funkerman Remix)

Funkerman creates a boisterous party from Yoav’s “One Nature”. The remix bubbles and flirts with a poignancy that gets me moving. It’s a natural head bobber.

Catching Flies – Opals (Andhim Remix)

Catching Flies has dropped some of the coolest remixes of the year, which I have featured in past Remix Radars. This week we were blessed with the Andhim remix of “Opals”, which is woven together in a beautiful oscillation of vibrant sounds. It strikes the emotional core of listeners where it fastens tightly.

Tinlicker Ft. Run Rivers – Lost (Joris Delacroix Remix)

I love Tinlicker’s “Lost”. It has a gooey center that sticks to your brain like the center of a cookie stuck to the roof of your mouth. So when I listened to Joris Delacroix’s version I was thoroughly blown away. He took something that I was already obsessed with and made it even better. He utilizes a heavier, spicier synth that transforms “Lost” into something prettier.

Joris Voorn Ft. HÆLOS – Messiah (J Majik Remix)

Joris Voorn continues his rollout of remixes from his album, \\\\. This time we get a psychedelic, DnB remix from J Majik, which unlocks a completely different vibe from the original. The punch of DnB stylings unveils a refreshing new sound from “Messiah”.

Lock ‘N’ Load – Blow Ya Mind (Dave Winnel Remix)

Lock ‘N’ Load first released “Blow Ya Mind” in 1999. The twenty-one-year-old track gets a revitalization from Dave Winnel. He brings a modern, bass house sound that will tantalize modern sensibilities across the globe.

Alex Newell – Boy, You Can Keep It (Chus & Ceballos Club Mix)

Alex Newell is best known for his role on the hit TV show, Glee. His voice has power and rawness that radiates like a charging bull. The remix of “Boy, You Can Keep It” from Chus & Ceballos bring their trademark sizzling house sound that blends wonderfully with the original’s vibe.

Oliver Dollar Ft. Nils Ohrmann – John’s Church (Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon’s Sunday’s Best Remix)

Honey Dijon collaborates with Luke Solomon to take listeners to the church of house music. Their remix of Oliver Dollar’s “John’s Church” is insanely good and needs to appear in every DJ set from here on out.

Fubu – Uh Oooh (Redondo On Air Remix)

Redondo pours an insatiable coolness over Fubu’s “Uh Oooh” to create an irresistible dance track. The newfound grooviness transforms this into something that anyone can dance to.

Ricky Lake Ft. WADE08 – What I’m On Tonight (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Ryan Hemsworth dips his toes into the funkiness to remix Ricky Lake’s “What I’m On Tonight”. The vibe Ryan unleashes hits with potency and envelopes everyone in its wake.

Miami Horror – Restless (Kraak & Smaak Remix)

A month ago, Miami Horror dropped the Turbotito remix of “Restless”, which was uniquely brilliant. This time we get the Kraak & Smaak remix, which is equally as cool as the original and the other remix. There’s something about the Kraak & Smaak version that sticks to the brain stem and brings listeners back for more.

Metronomy – Whitsand Bay (Myd Remix)

I absolutely love the newest Metronomy album. Their foray into a psychedelic sound is amazing. They kick-off the release of their remixes with a majestic sound from Myd. It’s a unique take that ventures into floating, mesmerizing sound design.

Steff da Campo & Dave Crusher – Get Down (Rodge Remix)

Steff da Campo’s future house collaboration with Dave Crusher gets a saucy, house-y-er remix from Rodge. The energy is everything you want from a club-friendly track.

Midnight Kids Ft. Annika Wells – Run It (Last Island Remix)

The teenage-esque anthem from Midnight Kids receives the remix treatment with standout remix from Last Island. The grooviness takes “Run It” to a new level of intrigue that I really enjoy.

Dusty Kid – Lynchesque (Robert Babicz Remix)

Dusty Kid’s eleven-year-old “Lynchesque” gets a revitalization from Robert Babicz. True to the original, this remix sticks to the grimy, almost industrial world. It’s quite the sonic experience.

EDX & Amba Shepard – Off The Grid (Mastrovita Remix)

Mastrovita takes EDX and Amba Shepard’s “Off the Grid” to a progressive level that soars with puncturing synths and driving rhythm. It takes listeners through an emotional journey that oozes into the bloodstream and pulls them deep into the tracks web.

Will Clarke – U Take Me Higher (Andrea Oliva Remix)

Will Clarke’s “U Take Me Higher” gets the Andrea Oliva treatment. The Swiss artist adds a spicy edge that is built on a techno-centric style. This one is perfect for any warehouse or underground DJ show.


Nosaj Thing – Fog (Jamie XX Remix)

The Jamie XX remix of Nosaj Thing’s “Fox” appeared on Reddit and I felt it would be fitting to feature it as this week’s One From The Vault. Jamie constructs an inventive, haunting sound that sinks its claws deep within listeners and leads them through an ethereal-tinged sound design.

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