Remix Radar 040: Featuring Steve Aoki, i_o, and BLOND:ISH

Welcome back to Remix Radar! I hope everyone is staying safe and doing their best to stay sane and pass the time as the global pandemic rages on. I do want to point out one thing.. those of you that have hoarded supplies and even marked up the prices and attempted to resell said supplies, you suck and you are a terrible person. Okay, now that that’s out of the way we can move on to the good. Plenty of people have generously donated money or supplies or even their services to help out those who have been affected by COVID-19. Those of you that this applies to, I thank you and wish you well.

Moving on to the wonderful remixes of this week. We feature Steve Aoki, i_o, and BLOND:ISH, plus many more great tunes to help distract us from the end of the world.

Armin van Buuren Vs. Tempo Guisto – Mr. Navigator (Steve Aoki’s I Am The Captain Now Remix)

We begin with the Steve Aoki “I Am The Captain Now Remix” of Armin’s “Mr. Navigator”. For those of you that have been weekly followers, you probably have noticed that I have ignored the long-string of remixes of “Mr. Navigator”. To be honest, I haven’t really felt the previous versions. Surprisingly, I really dig what Mr. Aoki did. It brings me back to the beginning days of the EDM explosion.

DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (i_o Remix)

Has there been a producer that has had such a meteoric rise like i_o? He brings the sauce and douses “Access” with his techno, dungeon-inspired sounds to make this track his own. Play this on full blast with the lights off.

Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is (BLOND:ISH Sunrise Jungle Rework)

I’m not sure how BLONDISH obtained the clearance from Foreigner and their publisher, label, or whoever to make this remix happen. Either way, I am very happy that we get an unexpected clubby remix of Foreigner. Honestly, I never knew I needed this in my life.

Mind Enterprises – Mont Blanc (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Purple Disco Machine does it again and unleashes a nu-disco, funk-tastic remix. This time he uses his talents to remix “Mont Blanc” from Mind Enterprises. If the artwork doesn’t get you jazzed, the music will definitely hit the right chord.

deadmau5 – COASTED (Jay Robinson Remix)

Everyone’s favorite mau5 dropped his newest remix pack. My favorite of the group is the Jay Robinson remix of “Coasted”. It builds and bubbles with a mystical swirling of vibrant sounds sending listeners barrelling along a prickly-synth journey.

Yves V & Ilkay Sencan Ft. Emie – Not So Bad (Zonderling Remix)

Featuring a cover sample of Dido’s “Thank You”, which was made famous years prior when it appeared in Eminem’s “Stan”, is now front and center in the Yves V and Ilkay Sencan collaboration, “Not So Bad”. The Zonderling remix brings a unique, oscillating synth to the drop that is absolutely brilliant. Once you listen to this, you’ll understand what I mean. It’s really cool what Zonderling does.

Kaskade & Dani Poppitt – Love Like That (BYNON Remix)

Kaskade and Dani Poppitt’s “Love Like That” is a nice, sexy dance track, but it gets transformed into something more mysterious by BYNON. The extra helping of brooding synths unlocks a hypnotic vibe that was lacking from the original. I have a feeling this will do very well in clubs.

Nocturnal Sunshine Ft. Peaches – Possessed (Nathan Micay’s Energy Therapy Remix)

Maya Jane Coles’s alter ego Nocturnal Sunshine dropped her album Full Circle at the beginning of last November. We are now getting the remix treatments. The first track to receive a reawakening is the collaboration with Peaches, yes, that Peaches. The standout remix is Nathan Micay’s “Energy Therapy Remix”. The Toronto-born artist constructs a searing sound design filled with enough sounds to keep the worst cases of ADD entertained.

Ben Böhmer – In Memoriam (Tim Green Remix)

I LOVE Ben Böhmer’s recently released album, Breathing. “In Memoriam” is track one on the album and is the first track to receive a remix. Ben brings forward Tim Green to provide the reimagining. Tim’s remix envelopes listeners in a cocoon of raw, poignant emotion that does not relent until the song clicks off. There’s even an 8-minute version for those who want to expand their spacy journey.

Gabriel & Dresden Ft. Centre – Remember (OCULA Remix)

OCULA crushes his remix of Gabriel & Dresden’s “Remember”. He’s able to develop such strong, heartwrenching emotions that I prefer his version to the original. If you’re in the need of some emotionally-charged music with soaring sounds, this remix is for you.

Paul Oakenfold Ft. Carla Werner – Southern Sun (Tilt Summer Of Love Remix)

I assume with the remix being titled “Summer Of Love Remix” that Tilt pays homage to the Summer of Love with this remix of Paul Oakenfold’s “Southern Sun”. There’s a captivating weaving of sparkling sounds that hit the eardrums and send listeners dancing until the sun rises.

Oliver Koletzki Ft. Lisa Who – Away (Bebetta Remix)

I love this remix from Bebetta. Everything about the sound design is perfect. It waves and flutters with the right amount of energy that when the builds break and “the drop” comes it sends listeners and dance floors into frenetic chaos of moving bodies.

Tittsworth & La Favi – Me Voy Me Voy (Tony Quattro Remix)

Tittsworth dropped the remix pack for his Big Blue EP. My favorite of the group is the Tony Quattro remix of “Me Voy Me Voy”. The moombahton original gets a tech-house reimaging that hits in all the right ways. This remix will get any club or pool party going with ravenous energy.

Tommie Sunshine & Breikthru – Brick By Brick (Vol2Cat Remix)

Tommie Sunshine and His Brooklyn Fire Records have been dropping some of the coolest house and club tracks. The Vol2Cat remix of “Brick By Brick” continues that trend. His remix is a party for the ears and will melt the ice around the coldest of hearts out there.

Guz Ft. Hannah Jane Lewis – Without You (Steve Darko Remix)

Guz’s “Without You” gets a “wubbed” out remix from Steve Darko. The Bostonian ushers listeners into a world filled with punchy and gooey low-ends and the right amount of sultriness that will sink its claws into those who get trapped in its soundwaves. In other words, it’s a banger.


Eric Prydz – Opus (Four Tet Remix)

I felt it fitting to bring forth the most magical, the most incendiary, the most hauntingly beautiful remix from Four Tet to honor his release of Sixteen Oceans. The almost 10-minute track is the personification of ethereal-laced dance music and is nothing short of a masterpiece.




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