Remix Radar 043: Featuring Tiësto, Oliver Heldens, and Party Pupils

Hello friends! Welcome back to Remix Radar. I was severely disappointed in the previous week’s remixes that I skipped it to ensure that we had a solid amount of tunes to entice the senses. I hope everyone who celebrates Passover or Easter had a great weekend, despite the lockdowns and pandemic conditions. To liven things up this week, we feature remixes from Tiësto, Oliver Heldens, and Party Pupils. Get ready for the party and scroll down for all the fun!

John Newman – Stand By Me (Tiësto Remix)

We kick things off with the Tiësto remix of “Stand By Me” from John Newman. There’s something really nice and intoxicating that takes this to a level where it’s hard to not sing the chorus. The chill, dare I say almost “tropical house” stylings work really well with the lyrics and John’s vocal performance.

SZA & Justin Timberlake – The Other Side (Oliver Heldens Remix)

I never thought I’d see the day where I would feature a remix that comes from a blockbuster kids movie. Trolls World Tour absolutely crushed it with putting together “The Other Side” remix from Oliver Heldens. SZA and JT sound impeccable and then you bring that uplifting pazazz from Oliver Heldens. You instantly get something that bangs with warmth that will have tables of 20-somethings spilling champagne all over themselves, as well as, my 7-year-old niece grooving and spilling her grape juice.

Big Gigantic Ft. Ashe – Friends (Party Pupils Remix)

Party Pupils smash their remix of Big Gigantic and Ashe’s “Friends”. The duo makes the track a bit quicker, which leads to extra gooey grooviness. It’s easy to get lost in the funk and move your booty without question.

Simply Red – Thinking Of You (Danny Trexin Remix)

Simply Red disbanded in 2010, but came back five years later with Big Love. Most recently, they released their album Blue Eyed Soul, which includes the ultra-groovy and catchy “Thinking Of You”. The burgeoning artist Danny Trexin brings forward the remix for us dance fans. Danny unleashes an extra layer of thumping beats and grooves, as well as, speeding up the track to make it more accessible to the club-scene.

Sonny Fodera Ft. AlunaGeorge – Before U (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

When I first heard Sonny Fodera collaboration with AlunaGeorge I thought to myself, “someone is going to make a banging remix”. As predicted, Illyus & Barrientos do just that. The duo peels back some of the production and transforms “Before U” into something a bit more melodic with an emphasis on AlunaGeorge’s vocals and fewer sounds.

CamelPhat Ft. Jem Cooke – Rabbit Hole (Solardo Remix)

I’ve previously featured the Bontan remix “Rabbit Hole”, which is also a delicious remix. Not to take anything away, Solardo’s remix is a fresh banger and my favorite of the four official remixes that CamelPhat has released for their smash hit. Solardo takes the track to a punchier realm that’s decorated in tech house design.

Maverick Sabre Ft. Jorja Smith – Slow Down (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Remix)

Maverick Sabre teamed-up with Jorja Smith to construct a beautiful, soulful and sultry track, “Slow Down”. Their original version is quite an excellent piece of music and lyricism. Doing right by the original, Vintage Culture and Slow Motion create a wonderful remix that will consume listeners in an airy coolness. It’s a great remix and will give “Slow Down” DJ and club appeal.

Alex Newell – Boy, You Can Keep It (The Cube Guys Remix)

Alex Newell has crushed the remixes for her “Boy, You Can Keep It”. I previously featured the Chus & Ceballos remix when it first came out. Her and the team continue the good vibes with a remix from The Cube Guys. The duo speeds things up to create a disco and funk atmosphere that will surely unleash a delectable vibe over crowds, once the live sphere opens back up.

Elderbrook – Numb (Chill Mix)

Elderbrook has done an amazing job with “Numb” and its accompanying iterations. Most recently, we were blessed with the Chill Mix. The incendiary vocal work and production comes together to form a beautiful melodic soundscape that will sink its teeth in listeners brains where it conjures nostalgic memories.

Joris Voorn – Never (Orbital Remix)

Joris Voorn is another artist who’s done an excellent job curating the remixes for his album. This time we get a remix of “Never” from British electronic legends, Orbital. The duo constructs an old school sound that is reminiscent of Orbital’s early work that predates the EDM boom of recent times. On a side note, I could use another Orbital album.

Dave Winnel & Damon Sharpe With Shannon – Under Your Control (VIP Mix)

Dave Winnel and Damon Sharpe take their track “Under Your Control” to a more exciting level with their VIP Mix. The production work is spicier and more creative, which I feel creates a fresher sound and feel. Either way, Shannon has an amazing voice that I think we can all appreciate.

Ferreck Dawn Ft. Shyam P – Remedy (OFFAIAH Remix)

I say this everytime or in some variation, OFFAIAH knows how to make a sound that tickles the senses and intrigues the mind. His remix of Ferreck Dawn’s “Remedy” is no different and hits the soul in all the right ways. I can’t wait to see the reaction when this gets dropped in clubs.

Arno Cost With Norman Doray – Darlin’ (Dance System Remix)

Arno Cost and Norman Doray’s “Darlin'” is a track that easily gets stuck in my mind. The Dance System remix continues that intoxication, while becoming a bit more robotic and fiery. In other words, the remix has a more ravetastic feel to it.

D. Ramirez & Mark Knight – Colombian Soul (Sllash & Dope Remix)

Another “Colombian Soul” remix, another track I really enjoy. This time we get the Sllash & Dope version of the D. Ramirez and Mark Knight collaboration. I really like the less aggressive, in your face design that Sllash & Dope create. It has a really nice energy that will be great to play come summertime.

HI-LO & Chocolate Puma – LazersX999 (Grum Remix)

Grum is one of the most inventive producers around. He always constructs dizzying arrays of poignant sounds and rich percussion. His remix of “LazersX999” is another addition to a long string of beautifully woven electronic soundwaves.

AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo Ft. Purple Velvet Curtains – Bad Behavior (Flava D Remix)

Recently, AC Slater dropped his remix pack for Hi8, which contains quite a few searing, heavy-hitting remixes. My favorite of the bunch is Flava D’s version of AC Slater’s collaboration with Chris Lorenzo, “Bad Behavior”. Flava D does a great job at keeping the soul of the original while constructing a new sound for those who may not want as much bass exploding from their speakers.


Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine (Lido Remix)

Bill Withers passed away two weeks ago from heart complications at the age of 81. Across the globe, tributes rang out honoring the legend and acknowledging the influence he had across music and the universe. Anecdotally speaking, when I first heard him coroon “Ain’t No sunshine when she’s go” it struck me in ways that my toddler self could not understand. My understanding, of course, grew over the years as I matured and became able to truly understand the lyrics. He truly holds special place in my musical circle as I am sure many, many feel the same. In honor of Bill, here is the future bass, experimental, and overall beautiful remix by Lido.




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