Remix Radar 044: Featuring Tyler, The Creator, Haywyre, and Sam Feldt

Hello friends! Welcome back to Remix Radar. It’s the 44th edition of everyone’s favorite remix showcase. This week is an absolute party and one of my favorite editions ever. I’ve lost count of the number of days I’ve been in lockdown, but I’m still hanging strong. I hope all of you are doing well and mitigating the risks. We’ll hopefully be out of this soon. In the meantime, Remix Radar is here to provide some entertainment. This week we feature some tasty remixes from Tyler, The Creator, Haywyre, and Sam Feldt. Scroll down for the fun!

La Roux – Automatic Drive (Tyler, The Creator Remix)

What can’t Tyler do? In a surprise of sorts, he constructs an ultra-cool and ultra-sexy remix of La Roux’s “Automatic Drive”. It’s very Tyler with a similar style and vibe to the Channel Tres remix of “EARFQUAKE”. I will definitely be playing this one quite frequently.

Bazzi – Young & Alive (Bazzi vs. Haywyre Remix)

Bazzi has had quite a few remixes over the past year and counting. This Haywyre cut is the first one I really enjoyed. It’s funky in all the rights and has a nice uplifting sound that makes it easy to listen to in multiple situations.

JeeCee – Milavain (Sam Feldt Edit)

I don’t have anything to compare Sam Feldt’s edit to, since JeeCee’s original version of “Milavain” is unreleased. What I do know is that Sam Feldt weaves together a sound design with plenty of depth and intoxicating sounds. It’s easy to get caught in the waviness and bob the head with the beat.

Louis The Child with Foster The People – Every Color (Luttrell Remix)

It comes as no shock that Louis The Child and Foster The People’s “Every Color” has been quite a cross-over success. It also isn’t shocking that they would drop a remix pack that has quite a few relevant names from across multiple dance genres. My favorite of the group is Luttrell’s atmospheric and psychedelic remix. It’s easy to get lost in the sound design Luttrell creates.

Yung Bae Ft. bbno$ – Bad Boy (Low Steppa Remix)

Low Steppa increases the groove and makes “Bad Boy” an absolute banging showstopper. It’s crazy how increasing the BPM, adding some extra funk, and some piano keys send a record to a whole new level of intrigue and fun. It’s exactly what Low Steppa did and it’s amazing.

Ekali & ILLENIUM Ft. Chloe Angelides – Hard To Say Goodbye (Ship Wrek Remix)

Not going to lie, I was definitely not a fan of the original. For the frequent readers of Remix Radar, I think that statement comes as no shock. However, Ship Wrek remixes “Hard To Say Goodbye” into something house-y with a filthy, rambunctious bite.

Gorgon City & DRAMA – Nobody (Terrace Dub Remix)

Not a traditional remix, but I don’t care. Gorgon City’s “Terrace Dub” of “Nobody”, their recent release with DRAMA, slaps hard. Turn the dial up to 10, sitback, and let the bass thump you until you turn blue. Surprisingly, I prefer this version to the original.

GRACEY – Gone (Jacques Greene Remix)

I’m a big fan of Jacques Greene. His recent album release of Dawn Chorus is astounding and creates a cohesive, spiritual-wavey sound that envelopes listeners. He brings that bellowing atmospheric sound to his remix of GRACEY’s “Gone”, which is so mesmerizing.

N.F.I Ft. Riton & FAANGS – Don’t Talk To Me (Fresh Mode Remix)

Fresh Mode has been on quite the rise. I still don’t know if he’s Slenderman pretending to be a producer/DJ to just get close to the youths before he snatches them. Either way, his house-stylings work really well on his remix of “Don’t Talk To Me”.

The Nights – Without You (Qrion Remix)

For those of you who have kept up with the countless live-streams will have heard of Qrion. She’s frequently been streaming some of the coolest sets during the pandemic and caused me to fall in love with her sound. She’s also been a rising star from the Anjuna imprints, which is where I first came across her dazzling sound. Her remix of “Without You” is a great introduction for the uninitiated. Qrion peels back some of the sound and takes The Nights’ single to a deeper level of fun.

Ferdinand Weber – All on You (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

I feel like I say this every time, Illyus & Barrientos are masters at creating delicious remixes. Since the beginning of Remix Radar, I think I’ve featured every remix they’ve put out. It’s for the best that I don’t break that streak and include their spin on Ferdinand Weber’s “All on You”. As is tradition, it’s a soaring vibe that wraps itself around the inner workings of listeners’ souls.

thomfjord – Interstellar (Le Youth Remix)

Le Youth recently announced he started his own label, PRGRSSN. The debut is the ep from thomfjord, which includes the Le Youth remix of “Interstellar”. It’s a fantastic remix (and EP) to kick-off the new label. Le Youth takes listeners on an exploration of airy and spacy sounds that culminate in a searing poignancy.

Catching Flies – Satisfied (Soundbwoy Killah Remix)

Another frequent site on Remix Radar is Catching Flies and the remixes of his tracks from his most recent album, Silver Linings. I will preface with the fact that the original album and the entire remix album is incredible. To mark the release of the full remix album, Catching Flies saved Soundbwoy Killah’s rendition of “Satisfied”. The break-beat inspired remix has a nice attitude and vibrance that will be the perfect antidote to sleepy dancefloors.

Jason Ross with Dia Frampton – 1000 Faces (Matt Fax Remix)

Last Friday, Jason Ross released his remix pack for 1000 Faces. My favorite is the progressive remix of the titular track from Matt Fax who paints a beautiful mosaic-like sound design. Matt has a way at weaving together a production that truly consumes listeners and sends them barrelling along a voyage of searing sound.

Alex Gaudino & Bottai – Remember Me feat. Moncrieff & Blush (Alex Gaudino & Hiisak Remix)

One of the coolest house tracks of the week is the Alex Gaudino and Hiisak remix of Alex’s own track “Remember Me”, which also credits Bottai, Moncrieff, and Blush. This remix is a party for the eardrums and is definitely an entertainer for the lockdown.

Weekend Players – Into The Sun (Maor Levi Remix)

Maor Levi creates a banger with his take on Weekend Players’ “Into The Sun”. I’m not much of a trance listener, but I could easily listen to this remix over and over. It shocks the brain, body, and soul allowing listeners to get lost in its steely and prickly sound.

Chicane Ft. Moya Brennan – Saltwater (AVIRA Remix)

AVIRA takes Chicane’s “Saltwater” into the dark and mysterious depths of the unknown. He peels back layers of the delicate sound design to create a melodic techno sound that works wondrously with the Moya Brennan vocals. It’s a really cool remix with each element creating tension and graft, something that a lot of songs forget to do in these times of streaming.

Wuki Ft. Roxanna – NYC 2 LA (Bellecour Remix)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what Bellecour did on their remix of Wuki’s “NYC 2 LA”. It’s super dirty and grimy with the right amount of punch in the bass. It’s also very inventive while still honoring the original Wuki version. Great remix from the rising duo.

Daniel Allen & Jake Neumar – Bluff (Rob Gasser Remix)

Rob Gasser takes a DnB approach to remix the Daniel Allen and Jake Neumar dance-pop tune, “Bluff”. I’m a sucker for DnB vibes when they’re done well and Rob does exactly that. He weaves the vocals and prettiness from the original around the sticky DnB thump.


deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Shiba San Remix)

The 5 Years Of mau5 brought us the extra dirty Shiba San remix of “I Remember”. The French producer does a wonderful job bringing his own style and sound while paying homage to the highly successful original. This track definitely brings me to a happy place and I hope to all those who listen, feel a similar swelling of warmth.




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