Remix Radar 047: Featuring Major Lazer, MK, and Cedric Gervais

Welcome back to Remix Radar! We are a day late, but the good vibes will not be undone even if quarantine brain is giving me the struggles. This past week had quite a few tasty remixes that covered all corners of dance music. This week we feature Major Lazer, MK, and Cedric Gervais. Keep scrolling for all the fun!

Megan Thee Stallion – Savage (Major Lazer Remix)

We start this week with the most talked about and easily the biggest remix of the week, Major Lazer’s spin on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage”. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this remix. I normally don’t like remixes of popular tracks because, let’s be real, I tend to be a hating-hipster. Fortunately, the remix bangs super hard.

Diplo & SIDEPIECE – On My Mind (MK Remix)

We follow up Major Lazer with another project Diplo has his hand in. This time MK brings the heat and provides the third remix of “On My Mind”. Marc unleashes an old school house feel that’s a bit different from his highly successful singles. I really like this style and sound he went with.

R Plus & Dido – Together (Cedric Gervais Remix)

After months of remixes for R Plus and Dido’s “My Body”, which were all pretty great, we finally get a remix for something else. This time it’s a Cedric Gervais remix of the duo’s recent release, “Together”. It’s a light and fluffy, easy dancing tune that brings a warm tingling to the senses. Another successful remix for the project.

Jax Jones, Martin Solveig & RAYE – Tequila (Waze & Odyssey Remix)

The Jax Jones and Martin Solveig super-duo, Europa, has gotten off to a bang. Each track has a fun, easy danceable sound with a tinge of commercial that will truly play to the masses. Their most recent release of “Tequila” gets a star-studded remix pack that features Waze & Odyssey, Lost Frequencies, and Redfield. I couldn’t decide my favorite of the bunch so I went with the track that’s streaming the best, thus far, which is the Waze & Odyssey remix. It’s got a great sound that’s amusing and warm.

Oliver Heldens & Moguai – Cucumba (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

You have to admire Oliver Heldens, even if his music isn’t your cup of tea. From his beginnings, he’s stuck to the future house thump that has become synonymous to himself and then developed an ecosystem of support for young artists through HELDEEP Records. Back to the main course, his collaboration with Moguai gets the Ilan Bluestone treatment, which brings Ilan’s trance stylings to the fold. It works really well with the spirit of “Cucumba”.

Armand Van Helden Ft. Lorne – Give Me Your Loving (Martin Ikin Remix)

Martin Ikin peels back the funk on Armand Van Helden’s “Give Me Your Loving” to bring a new slapping bass-styled remix. He utilizes quite a few different synthesizers and dials up the bass to hit you right in the face with a boisterous, yet easy dancing house tune.

bvd kult Ft. Hayley May – Crazy Bout U (Redondo & Malarkey remix)

if you’re in the need of some warm fuzzy feelings and the right amount of uplifting soundwaves, Redondo and Malarkey’s remix of “Crazy Bout U” is exactly what the doctor has ordered. They strip away the DnB sounds that marked the bvd kult original to transform it into a breezy dance track.

Armin van Buuren Ft. Angel Taylor – Make It Right (Trinix Remix)

I really enjoy what Trinix brings to his remix of “Make It Right” from king of Trance, Armin van Buuren. Trinix takes it to a downtempo, melodic realm, which works brilliantly with the Angel Taylor vocal. It creates these swirling feelings of nostalgia, melancholy, and fondness that washes over your body, setting a wonderful mood.

Tiggi Hawke Ft. Sondr – For What It’s Worth (KC Lights 6AM Remix)

Similar to the last two remixes, the KC Lights 6AM remix of For What It’s Worth is a straight in the feels type of song. KC Lights utilizes the raw feel to Tiggi Hawke’s vocals to build a song with a gut-wrenching emotional vibe that bubbles with warmth. You can feel it being an end of a night type of song with confetti flying and lights illuminating the stage.

House Gospel Choir – Blind Faith (THEMBA’s Herd Remix)

If you haven’t yet heard of House Gospel Choir, do yourself a favor and go give them a listen. It’s gospel choral music combined with house, if the name wasn’t a dead giveaway. It’s absolutely a party. Themba takes his swing at remixing the group’s “Blind Faith” and does it justice. He takes it to a bit of a darker plane that allows the choir to shine through and create a radiant groovy vibe.

Alan Fitzpatrick vs. Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard (Butch Remix)

Our consistent readers of Remix Radar, will know I am a sucker for ultra-groovy funk-laden house tracks. This Butch remix is exactly what I want in a dance track and it’s undeniably easy to get lost in its groove. Turn up the dial to 10 and get ready to move.

Elder Island – I Fold You (Kassian Remix)

Elder Island is an amazing trio that weaves together beautiful sounds, which is why they’re indie music darlings. Their “I Fold You” gets quite a bit dancier on the remix from Kassian. The British duo spins a wonderful tune full of groovable beats, piercing sample work, and jazzy key melodies that culminate in a rich and joyous sound. Easily, my favorite remix of the week.

Julian Lamadrid – My Time (salute remix)

Julian Lamadrid has a really great, mesmerizing voice that I can hear some great things coming from him in the very near future that will break him to the masses. His “My Time” is an easy track to get stuck in your brain. The newest remix from salute brings quite a sultry inventive dance sound. The vocal chop work is top notch and constructs a poignant sound design that you’ll want to comeback to over and over.

Mathame – Never Give Up (Club Version)

Not a traditional remix, but I don’t care. I wanted to talk about how awesome and cool Mathame is. They build such incredible records that are filled with prickly synths, intricate sound designs, and alluring environments that it’s everything you want in a dance track. Do yourself a favor and go through their discography with the lights dimmed and distractions muted. They also have this incredible Cercle performance that I highly suggest watching. You’re 100% missing out if you don’t check Mathame out.

Grum Ft. Natalie Shay – Afterglow (CYA Remix)

The Spanish duo CYA sends Grum’s “Afterglow” soaring through a dreamy, cinematic soundscape. Natalie Shay’s angelic vocals blend perfectly with the CYA spun remix. It almost feels like this could be the originaal with how well everything fits together.

BOOGIE T.RIO – Dear Weed Man (Ganja White Night Remix)

To close out this week’s featured remixes, I thought we’d get a little more wild and boisterous. The first of the two, is the remix of BOOGIE T.RIO’s “Dear Weed Man” by Ganja White Night, easily the most fitting of remixers. The Belgian duo takes “Dear Weed Man” to the wubbed out dubstep sound, which combines with the original sounds to create a delectable remix. I can already hear this emanating out of a frat bro’s room as weed smoke pours out from under the doorframe.

Flux Pavillion & What So Not Ft. The Chain Gang of 1974 – 20:25 (ReauBeau Remix)

ReauBeau reminds Flux Pavillion and What So Not where they came from by creating a remix that’s boisterous and bassy like the future bass, trap, and bass sounds that were common in the work of Flux and What So Not at the beginning of their careers. The remix does bring forward some really cool and intricate sound design that will surely hype up pre-games and parties alike.


Editors – Our Love (Solomun Remix)

I had originally set out to feature the Joris Voorn remix of Editors’ “Upside Down”, but it came out in March and I felt that really wasn’t a vaulted remix, even if March feels like years ago. Instead, I stick with the Editors and go with the Solomun remix of “Our Love”. In typical Solomun fashion, it’s over eight and a half minutes of slow-building wild sound design that transports listeners to a dark and turbulent world. It’s fantastic.




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