Remix Radar 048: Featuring Vitaclub, Four Tet, and Alan Walker

We are back with another edition of Remix Radar. We are up to number 48 of the series. I hope every one of you is doing well and keeping safe during this on-going pandemic. Hopefully, we’ll be in a better position soon. In the meantime, we had a massive week of remixes that should bring some entertainment and joy to your ears. this week we feature Vitaclub, the duo formed between BloodPop® and Burns, Four Tet, and Alan Walker. Scroll down for the fun.

Lady Gaga – Stupid Love (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix)

We start this week with a remix of Lady Gaga’s massive tune, “Stupid Love”. Her two long-time collaborators BloodPop® and Burns teamed up to create the moniker Vitaclub. As the title of the remix suggests, the duo creates an old school raver dreamland that wouldn’t feel out of place in the late ’90s, early ’00s warehouse scene.

Caribou – Never Come Back (Four Tet Remix)

My exact reaction to this was, “F*ck yes, a Four Tet remix of Caribou”. Both artists are two of my favorite to ever exist. Four Tet brings his flavoring to create a transcendental remix of “Never Come Back”. I shouldn’t have to say more than that. It’s incredible.

Hans Zimmer – Time (Alan Walker Remix)

Hans Zimmer is a titan of film scoring and falls in the legendary category. His Coachella set was spectacular and truly showed the multifaceted nature to his music. So when I saw Alan Walker did a remix I was utterly confused. How could they allow an EDM act with his hand in gaming and the commercial side touch a Hans Zimmer track? Well after listening, I am honestly pleasantly surprised by the creation and have to give kudos to Alan Walker.

NCT 127 – Kick It (Valentino Khan Remix)

Another remix that absolutely befuddled me. Valentino Khan linking with a K-pop group, how could this be tight? Well, I was wrong. It slaps with the force of a betrayed girlfriend and gets any situation hyped-up.

The Rolling Stones – Living In A Ghost Town (Alok Remix)

Let’s keep my confusion and shock rolling like a stone. See what I did there? I was very surprised when I saw a remix of The Rolling Stones. I couldn’t believe it. A classic rock group getting the electronic treatment was something I couldn’t envision in a million years. Well, they did it and it’s actually a pretty solid remix. Alok keeps it a transient-like deep house sound that works well with Mick Jagger’s vocals. It does serve its purpose of bringing new, younger eyes to The Stones quite well.

Georgia – 24 Hours (Adelphi Music Factory Rhythm is Rhythm Remix)

I talked previously about Georgia remixes and how whoever is A&Ring them is doing an incredible job. The streak of ridiculously cool remixes continues. This time from Adelphi Music Factory who I’ve featured previously for their remix of Hot Chip’s “Melody Of Love”. The collective of producers truly know how to create an insatiable groove with poignant sound design that will entice anyone into a fit of dancing.

Fatboy Slim & Eats Everything – All the Ladies (Lord Leopard’s Xtra Funk Mix)

With an extra emphasis on a groovy, funkalicious bass guitar, Lord Leopard takes “All the Ladies” towards a region of slick funk like the name implies. The Fatboy Slim and Eats Everything original version is fantastic, but I think this Xtra Funk mix is the better record. I know it sounds like blasphemy coming out of the mouth of a fan of the two, but I had to say it. Either way, both versions are great and you should give them a listen to formulate your own opinion.

Chicane Ft. Moya Brennan- Saltwater (Chicane Slow Tide Remix)

A part of the 20-year anniversary release of Chicane’s Behind The Sun came a 2020 rework of the debut single off the album, “Saltwater”, which was a massive track that became a staple in the dance and trance scenes. The modern remix is every bit as spectacular. It still retains the emotional-touch to the synth progression and overall sound design that made it a massive success. The Moya Brennan vocal still has the same soul-enchantment as it did 20 years ago. There is a lot to unpack with the anniversary album and I highly suggest giving it a listen, especially if you’re a trance fan or someone who likes to explore the history of dance music.

Hannah Wants & Kevin Knapp – Call Me (Carl Cox Remix)

Let’s change things up a bit and enter into the dank world of techno. The legend of dance, Carl Cox steps up to remix the Hannah Wants and Kevin Knapp collaboration, “Call Me”. I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t think this track utilizes a dial tone exquisitely. The slow build into mayhem is absolutely brilliant as well. It gets the juices flowing and then smacks you right in the face with what you wanted from the start, body-failing aggression and energy. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Carl Cox remix.

Todd Terry – Nitty Gritty (2020 Remix)

Originally conceived all the way back in 1994, we get a revitalization from the original maestro, Todd Terry. You can hear how and why Mr. Terry has influenced a significant chunk of dance music within his reimaging of “Nitty Gritty”. For those of you who want to know a bit more about the history of dance music, I highly suggest digging through Todd Terry’s discography and reading about the man.

Moon Boots – Juanita (Mark Broom Remix)

Mark Broom takes us to the rave with his remix of Moon Boots’s “Juanita”. Mark’s remix sounds and feels like an old school house-styled track. If this was played in the ’90s, it wouldn’t feel out of place at all. I’ve got to say, I am loving this emergence of house and tech-house.

SYML – Symmetry (Zero 7 Remix)

For those uninitiated, SYML is the solo project of Brian Fennell who is a part of the band Barcelona. If you like indie music with elements of folk, blues, and a tinge of pop I suggest giving SYML a listen. Most recently, we were blessed with the Zero 7 remix of “Symmetry”. It’s a very fitting remix and stays true to the nature of the original with a deep prodding feel that summons feelings of melancholy, anxiety, and hope. I really dig Zero 7’s extra emphasis on the jazzy saxophone that is subtle in the original version.

M83 – Solitude (Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpertation)

Originally from M83’s 2016 album, Junk, “Solitude” gets a wondrous new reinterpretation from Felsmann + Tiley. The synthesizer only duo brings a mystical cinematic feel that’s befitting of an M83 original. I honestly, had never heard of Felsmann + Tiley before this, but now I want to pour over their music and see what they’re all about. That’s how cool this reimagining is.

Hotel Garuda – Mutual (bad tuner Remix)

I previously wrote about bad tuner and his recent release on TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records, here. What I said then still holds true. He’s one of the most inventive producers around and brings a fresh sound and style to anything. His remix of “Mutual” follows suit and has a really mesmerizing sound to it.

Ben Böhmer Ft. Malou – Lost In Mind (Volen Sentir Interpretation)

Volen Sentir unleashes a beautiful remix of Ben Böhmer’s “Lost In Mind”. It’s even more cinematic with soaring sound design that sends shivers through your spine. Volen peels away some of the thump and darkness of the original, while adding orchestral sounds. The culmination is a beautiful and intoxicating record.

Dominik Eulberg – Goldene Acht (Mind Against Remix)

I’m a big fan of Dominik Eulberg, so I was quite pleased to see he received a remix from Mind Against. To no surprise, it’s such an incredible remix. The duo weaves together a prickly sound design that’s unwavering until the very end. It’s minimal, yet striking. It builds and bubbles, it twists and shakes. It’s entrancing.

On a side note, Mind Against has two really cool Cercle performances, which can be found here and here.

Dexter – Ain’t Nobody (Terry Francis Rerub)

A part of Dexter’s EP release on Bosh Recordings, which has been a purveyor of underground sounds since the mid-’90s, comes the Terry Francis rerub aka remix of “Ain’t Nobody”. The tech-house maestro peels back some of the sounds, which adds extra emphasis to the groovy, thumping beat. It has a mysterious coolness to the sound waves that pummel the mind.

Humans – Beggin (Gang Signs Remix)

This is a really interesting and fresh remix from Gang Signs. Their remix of Humans’ “Beggin” keeps a very strong indie feel, while bringing forward something for the dance music fans. It’s easy to get lost in the wavy and raw sounds. There’s something about this that I really enjoy that I can’t quite put my finger on.

DMA’S – Life Is a Game of Changing (Willaris K. Remix)

Willaris K. has been surging up the proverbial trendiness ladder of electronic music. Most people will recognize him from his remix of RÜFÜS DU SOL’s “Underwater”, which is a spectacular 9-minute dark, brooding tune. I also wrote about Willaris. K’s “DETACH” on Astralwerks, which can be read here and shines a better light on the project. This time he’s featured for his remix of DMA’S’s “Life Is a Game of Changing”. He strips away some of the prettiness and adds some distortion and grime to create an excellent sound that I enjoy much more than the original. Keep your eye on Willaris. There’s something special unwinding in front of us.

Tchami Ft. Hana – Ghosts (Honey & Badger Remix)

We were blessed with the newest remix pack for Tchami. This time it’s for “Ghost”, which features the vocals of Hana. My favorite of the bunch comes from Honey & Badger who has been a common sight on Tchami’s Confession Records. The Belgian artist creates a really cool vocal chop and styles it in a future house sort of way that sounds like something that will perform quite well in the clubs. On a side note, Tchami had a really cool set during the EDC Rave-a-thon this past weekend.

Teho Ft. Carott – Anything (Joachim Pastor Remix)

Joachim Pastor constructs a haunting melodic techno remix of Teho’s “Anything”. It’s much grimier and darker than the original Teho version. The vocal from Carott works really well in the dingy sound design of the Joachim Pastor remix.

Norman Doray & Sneaky Sound System – Tell The World (Sammy Porter Remix)

Sammy Porter brings his rambunctious style of house to the Norman Doray and Sneaky Sound System collaboration, “Tell The World”. Sammy has had a massive year and a half and this remix continues his streak of insatiable grooves and inventive sound design.

Moguai – Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime (Daddy’s Groove Remix)

Moguai’s “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” gets the remix treatment from the fantastically named Daddy’s Groove. The duo adds a bit of sparkle and pizazz to transform the track into something more adventurous and dangerous. It’s a party waiting to happen with bellowing sound design.

Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller – Rotunda (Dave Neven Remix)

Trance song of the week comes from Dave Neven’s remix of “Rotunda” the collaboration from Markus Schulz and Jochen Miller. It was also one of Markus Schulz’s trance songs of the week, which is not shocking all things considered. It’s a great sound and vibe from the Dave remix that it’s easy to get swept away in.

Hooverphonic – Release Me (Shades Of Green Dark Matter Mix)

Hooverphonic unveiled “Release Me” to be the Belgian representation in the 2020 Eurovision contest. Sadly, COVID-19 has ruined this year’s live contest, but that hasn’t prevented the song from making waves across Europe. It has a bit of a James Bond or spy movie theme feel to it and is all around strikingly beautiful. The Shades Of Green remixes bring an electronic vibrance and driving beat that blends excellently with the original sounds and haunting vocals from the 20-year-old and most recent addition to Hooverphonic, Luka Cruysberghs. The remixes are done by Alex Callier, one of the founding members of the Hooverphonic trio.

Max & Nim – Sand Waves [Newman (I Love) Remix]

To close out this week’s remix radar, we have the Newman (I Love) remix of Max & Nim’s “Sand Waves”. The remix may have a minimalist sound design, but it works extremely well and emphasizes the really cool and interesting sounds that oscillate through the production. It’s what I’d describe as a deep mind melter.


deadmau5 – Strobe (Lane 8 Remix)

Such a massive remix from Lane 8. His style and progressive-style blends excellently with the original vibe of deadmau5’s “Strobe”. Lane 8 will play this one in his live sets from time to time and without fail it gets an insane reaction from the crowd. People will be flailing their arms and hopping about with reckless abandon. It’s glorious and every time I hear this remix aa bit of nostalgia comes rushing to my brain.

Another thing of note, Lane 8 has been releasing a lot of great new singles, as well as, tracks from other artists via his This Never Happened label. I suggest giving it a gander.




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