Remix Radar 054: Featuring Valentino Khan, NOT PORTER ROBINSON, and Chris Lorenzo

We are back with Remix Radar 054! We feature the best remixes from the last two weeks, which include Valentino Khan, someone that claims to not be Porter Robinson, and Chris Lorenzo. I know I have said this a few times already, but this edition is quite great and is in consideration for the best ever. I hope everyone is staying sane and safe as the COVID situation continues to rage on. Hopefully these remixes help to brighten your day and bring some distraction. Now scroll down for all the fun!

DJ Snake – Trust Nobody (Valentino Khan Remix)

Despite what the title declares, it’s safe to trust Valentino Khan will make a good remix within a multitude of styles. His spin on the DJ Snake single gets the body energized and ready to fight the world. Simply, it slaps HARD.

Porter Robinson – Get Your Wish (DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON Remix)

I’m not sure who this DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON is, but I dig that he brings a very spirited Porter-esque style to his remix. I won’t lie, I wasn’t a big fan of the original version and I feel like this reimagining is much better. The sparkly Dnb kind of sound works really well and takes “Get Your Wish” to a better level.

Sofi Tukker & Gorgon City – House Arrest (Chris Lorenzo Remix)

I’m a huge fan of Chris Lorenzo so it comes as no surprise I really enjoy his spin on the Sofi Tukker and Gorgon City collaboration. He adds a really pretty, nice sounding key melody that creates a more magical and delicate sound that wraps a warm glove around you as you bob your head. What’s interesting is that he peels away some of the aggression and “in your face-ness” of the original when you’d expect him to get bit darker and steelier.

Lastlings – No Time (RÜFÜS DU SOL Remix)

Lastlings have been a breakout success of 2020 and a lot of it has to do with RÜFÜS DU SOL’s mentoring and support through their label Rose Avenue. I’m honestly surprised it took this long to get a RÜFÜS spin on a Lastlings track. In typical fashion, they take a soaring, slow building approach that really builds a mood and feeling where the reward is well worth it.

Cassian Ft. Tora – Imagination (Yotto Remix)

“Imagination” is one of the standouts from Cassian’s debut album, which came to us in June, and was definitely ripe for a great remix. No shock, Yotto does just that and spins a wonderful remix full of wondrous sound design that sucks you in from the onset. It builds and builds in typical Yotto fashion, consuming you in its wake and that’s alright because Yotto is taking us on a magical journey.

Tensnake Ft. Boy Matthews – Somebody else (Eli & Fur Remix)

Eli & Fur have had a great year and a half. They’ve grown quite a significant following in that time and have dropped some of the coolest records. It continues with their deep prodding remix of Tensnake’s “Somebody Else”. There’s quite a bit of emotion the duo unlocks inside of you with prickly synths and the right amount of thump from the beat. Despite the fact you’re listening to this through whatever technology, you can see and feel how this will hit in a live setting.

CamelPhat & Yannis – Hypercolour (ARTBAT Remix)

Another group of artists I really love. I won’t pretend I ever expected to see CamelPhat and Yannis of Foals connect on a record, but it turned out fantastically and I think Yannis has a perfect voice for deep-driving Melodic House. Moreover, ARTBAT does an equally amazing job remixing “Hypercolour” and taking into an even deeper and darker realm that slowly builds and bubbles with ravenous delight. You’ll be hooked from the word “go”.

Foals – Wash Off (KUU Remix)

Following up an appearance from Yannis, is a remix of his full band, Foals. The group just released its second remix pack edition, which includes a substantial amount of incredible remixes. My favorite comes from the Riton and Alex Metric collaborative project, KUU. The supergroup has had an insane start to their releases, which should come as no surprise considering the talent of the duo. You can read more about their debut single here. On their remix of “Wash Off”, they build a rich and textured sound that weaves together an insane sound design that still retains elements of the original. What comes together is a beautiful House sound.

Kenneth Bager Ft. Jez Phunk – Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt) [Carl Cox Remix]

Kenneth Bager is a legend in the Dance music scene and has helped to build the Danish scene for four decades through his label and consistent run on Danish radio. It’s fitting that another legend in the game brings the remix of “Farmacia”. Carl Cox stays pretty close to the original version, while adding some delightful wrinkles with a bit more speed that takes the energy up a level.

ARTY Ft. Conrad Sewell – Kingdom (ATTLAS Remix)

ARTY has dropped his full remix pack of Kingdom, his record with Conrad Sewell. My favorite of the group is from ATTLAS. I really dig the melodic approach he takes, which works stupidisouly with the Conrad vocal. ATTLAS does a great job of unleashing emotional electricity that connects quite easily and well.

Luis Crucet – Mist (Mark Kincaid Remix)

Luis Crucet is a young, rising act that has quite a fresh sound and definitely deserves a listen. Most recently, he dropped a two-track remix pack. Both remixes are quite good, but I prefer the Mark Kincaid spin on “Mist”. Kincaid creates a melodic and atmospheric dreamland that’s as smooth and rich as the Salton Sea. The other remix is from Asylum who does a great job at creating an energetic experimental bass record. If that’s your sort of thing, I highly suggest giving it a listen.

Mathame – Never Give Up (ZHU Remix)

I’m so happy that Mathame has received a remix pack with massive names. They deserve the eyes that it has brought and will bring because their music and sound is incredible. I will say that the remixes have not matched the breathtaking emotion that the original has and that’s okay. This zhu remix is amazing and he does a great job at doing something fresh and exciting. It’s definitely very ZHU and is my favorite of the remixes

Remi Wolf – Hello Hello Hello (Polo & Pan Remix)

Polo & Pan are masters of delightful whimsical sounds that are easy to get lost in and feel good while listening. It’s no surprise they bring that styling to their remix of Remi Wolf’s “Hello Hello Hello”. Their remix is amazing and I could listen to it on repeat for days and days.

Eats Everything – Honey (Torren Foot Remix)

This track is awesome. Eats Everything did a great job at bringing a classic feel and sound. Torren Foot then comes with a more modern Tech House feel, which is an absolute jam. The Australian act has been killing it this year with great remixes and an amazing single, “More Life”. I expect to hear and see more from him as 2020 progresses into 2021.

Flume Ft. Toro y Moi – The Difference (Picard Brothers Remix)

I’m a big fan of the original “The Difference” and love how Toro y Moi’s voice worked with Flume’s production style. When I love the original I tend to be quite critical with the remixes. However, Picard Brothers nail this remix and do a great job at breathing new life into the record. They build a jovial house spirit that is easy to bob your head and dance to.

On a side note, the other remixes from Jon Hopkins, High Contrast, and Willaris. K are also fantastic.

PNAU Ft. Vlossom – Lucky (Cedric Gervais Remix)

PNAU’s “Lucky” is an incredible record and it would have been a shame if it didn’t receive a great remix. Fortunately, Cedric Gervais did it justice and brought a beautiful rework to it. It’s a bit more dance-y with a downtempo bite that swirls and envelope listeners in searing emotions.

PS1 Ft. Alex Hosking – Fake Friends (Disciples Remix)

Disciples do a great job at creating a fresh and interesting House sound from PS1 and Alex Hosking’s Fake Friends. I really dig the synth line that comes in the “drop” and then sits behind the break as Alex vocals skate over the sounds with angelic vibrance. I can’t wait to hear what is next from Disciples as their last records have all been great. Additionally, check out our interview with Duvall from the trio if you haven’t already.

Dua Lipa – Hallicunate (Tensnake Remix)

Even if you aren’t a pop or Dua Lipa fan, you have to admit she’s had some great remixes. Tensnake continues that trend and takes “Hallucinate” to an even more disco and funk realm. It has a timeless feel to it that highlights the talent of Tensnake who is having an amazing 2020 with great singles and remixes.

TOKiMONSTA Ft. VanJess – Come and Go (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape)

TOKiMONSTA closes out her “Come and Go” remix pack with spins from Damiaan Lazarus, Falcons, Halogenix, and Promnite. Mr. Lazarus bring his inventive and underground stylings to take listeners on a luscious exploration of beauty and wonder. Despite it being nearly 9-minutes, I could have appreciated an even longer sonic voyage.

Boss Doms Ft. Kyle Pearce – I Want More (HOSH Remix)

HOSH had quite the rapid explosion with 1979 and Jalja on the collaborative cover of The Hunger Games’ “Hanging Tree”, not to be confused with the Michael Bibi version, which came in 2018 and also exploded. HOSH continues to highlight his talents with his remix of “I Want More” from Boss Doms and Kyle Pearce. He creates a savory melodic sound that flutters with sensational pricks of emotion. It’s quite easy to get lost in the sound and just groove.

Klangkarussell Ft. Kyle Pearce – My World (SIN Remix)

Another record that features Kyle Pearce gets a remix. This time is SIN’s rework of Klangkarussell’s “My World”. SIN builds a brooding sound that lifts listeners off the ground and sends them soaring through a melodic playground rife with beautiful and interesting sonic technicolor. I’ll be listening to this record quite often.


Porter Robinson – Divinity (ODESZA Remix)

With Porter dropping his remix pack and continuing his singles, I thought it was fitting to feature one of the most magical remixes ever. The ODESZA remix of Divinity. The Seattle natives do an exquisite job at bringing their sound while keeping enough of the original that it builds a spectacular remix that satisfies fans of both. There’s something about the sonic design that is remarkable and unrivaled. Even though this is 5-years-old, it feels exciting and fresh on each play.





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