Remix Radar 055: Featuring Tchami, Claptone, and Kero Kero Bonito

We are back! To begin, I must say something about the recent string of DJ/producers being outed for inappropriate and deplorable behavior. Most recently, a quite famous DJ was charged with sexual battery and turned himself in. I won’t say his name, but it’s not hard to find and CULTR even has an article on it. It’s extremely disgusting and disheartening to see so many famous acts in electronic music and outside of it be taken down due to reprehensible acts. They deserved to face the full power of the legal and justice system and I hope their victims can find peace. I hope as a society that we can up-hold artists to a higher standard so that these terrible acts can be removed and people of power won’t commit such actions because they feel above the law or above criticism or above human decency. Moreover, consent is key and must be taught from a younger age so that we as a society can move forward without fear.

This week’s Remix Radar is all about quality over quantity. We feature Tchami, Claptone, and the weird, trippiness of Kero Kero Bonito. Scroll down for the fun!

Justin Martin Ft. Dalilah – Stay (Tchami Remix)

Edition 055 starts with this sizzling Tchami remix of Justin Martin’s “Stay”. Not going to lie, I was a bit surprised to see Tchami remixing this Justin Martin track. The faux-priest removes some of the typical Justin Martin weirdness and brings a crispier House style. Tchami also doesn’t go as bass-y as he can, which works really well with the original sounds.

On a funny side note anecdote, at an after party event for Splash House, Justin Martin fell off the fan barrier onto me during his brother’s, Christian Martin, set. I ended up catching him and preventing him from face-planting into the concrete. It was a dope set so I understand Justin wanting to rage.

Austra – I Am Not Waiting (Claptone Remix)

Domino Recording indie-pop darling, Austra gets the remix treatment from one of my favorites, Claptone. Typical Claptone is usually a bit rambunctiously funky, while this remix feels a bit restrained, which creates a focus on the angelic vocal of Austra. That vocal focus combined with a precise groove creates a really nice and original remix that many will come back to often.

Metronomy – The Light (Kero Kero Bonito Remix)

I really enjoyed Metronomy’s most recent album, especially with them going away from the poppier realm to something more inventive. This past week we received the Kero Kero Bonito remix of “The Light”, and in typical fashion, it’s bizarre and psychedelic with a lot of interesting sound design. If you’re into weird, trippy music, this remix is for you.

Goldroom & Moontower – Guess I’m Jaded (RAC Mix)

RAC has been the master of remixes. Any time his name pops up on a new remix, you know you’re getting something great. That streak continues with Goldroom and Moontower’s “Guess I’m Jaded”. RAC weaves together a wondrous melodic groove that swirls with a mosaic-like blending of feelings. The groove is definitely muted compared to the original, but it works even better in a lowkey manner.

CamelPhat Ft. Yannis – Hypercolour (Patrice Bäumel Remix)

This Patrice Bäumel remix is amazing. The Melodic Techno nature builds an atmospheric voyage filled with prickly and mind-melting sounds that keep the intrigue high from start to finish. Yannis of Foals sounds even better with this spacy sound and lets his incredible voice help build the mood. This might be the best remix thus far and that’s coming from someone who loves ARTBAT.

Elderbrook – My House (Krystal Klear Remix)

Krystal Klear creates an incendiary and magical remix of Elderbook’s “My House”. It’s got such a delightful and easy groove to it that it succeeds on its own strength versus relying on the original sounds. There’s something classic and timeless to the remix that also helps to stick to your brain.

Tiga vs. Audion – This Is a Dream (Terr Remix)

If you want to know what it feels like to traverse across galaxies as stars and planets race across the horizon, then this remix from Terr is the record to help create that ambiance. She builds such an amazing production from the Tiga and Audion original that it truly takes you to a spacy dreamland.

Child Of – Spanning Time (Jason McMullen Remix)

Child Of just dropped a his mini EP that features “Spanning Time” and “Emanon”. Nestled with the two originals, is the remix of “Spanning Time” from Jason McMullen. The English producer is a newcomer to scene, but if this remix is any indication of his talent and what he has in store for the future, then I for one am excited. This remix is quite remarkable and highlights an artist capable of building a sound to tantalize and take listeners on a ride.

Myd – Together We Stand (Wuh Oh Remix)

Ed Banger signed Myd dropped his remix pack for “Together We Stand”, which includes a myriad of great remixes. The stand-out comes from Wuh Oh who is having quite the surge into our consciousness. The Scottish act unleashes a french house style that radiates jubilance. It’s quite reminiscent of past Ed Banger successes, which should see this record joining those in acclaim.

Damian Lazarus – Mountain (Tornado Wallace Remix)

The other week, Damian Lazarus released his single “Mountain” and with it came two fantastic remixes. My favorite of the two comes from Tornado Wallace who reimagines the record into something a little more House-y that should appeal to a broader spectrum. It still has a slower build and journey-like style, but has a slippery soaring synth line addition that provides an extra layer of sparkly goodness.

Friend Within – The Truth (Ruze Remix)

Ruze brings the heat on his remix of Friend Within’s “The Truth”. The original version is definitely a party for the ears with a jazzier spirit, whereas Ruze takes this to a more brazen House realm that focuses on the beat and lets everything dance around it. It works really well and brings a new, punchy wrinkle to the record.

Junior Sanchez – Live Longer (Javi Bora Remix)

An absolutely banging party-like atmosphere radiates from the word go. Javi Bora speeds up the Junior Sanchez original to blister and sear listeners with rambunctious joy that conjures memories of celebrating to the wee hours of morning where the sun rises and you don’t care.

Faithless Ft. Suli Breaks & Nathan Ball – This Feeling (R Plus Remix)

R Plus had quite the success with “My Boy” and the accompanying remixes. This time he makes an appearance for his own remix for Faithless’s “This Feeling”. He brings a summery atmosphere and spirit to the remix that fits what the vocal describes. It’s truly builds an uplifting feeling from the depths of your soul.

Fabich – I Want It (Lazywax Remix)

Kitsuné are experts at finding cool, trendy sounds that breathe fresh vibes into the digital space. Within their most recent compilation, is this Lazywax remix of Fabich’s “I Want It”. It’s beautifully groovy and builds such juicy and joyous feelings that I can’t get enough of it.

Majestic – Bodywork (Sammy Porter Remix)

Sammy Porter brings a fiery reimaging to Majestic’s “Bodywork”. The remix is roaring fun with Tech House stylings that rumble with jolliness. There’s an old school, modern remimaging feel that I really enjoy. Another great record from Sammy Porter.


MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

Whenever something new comes from Ed banger and crew, I go into a French electronic hole. With MGMT also releasing new music, I felt this Justice remix of the highly successful “Electric Feel” is fitting addition this week. Absolutely love the original version and love this Justice spin. The duo brings a bit more aggression to unleash an amazing remix that still gets frequent spins to this day.




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