Remix Radar 056: Featuring Chris Lake, Diplo, and Hannah Wants

We’re back! Remix Radar has arrived with the goodies, once again. This week had far too many great remixes. It was a quantity and quality sort of week. This week we feature Chris Lake, Diplo, and Hannah Wants. You don’t want to miss out on these tunes. Scroll down for all the fun!

Josement – All Night Alone (Chris Lake Edit)

Chris Lake is full-steam ahead with his label, Black Book Records. He hasn’t released many non-Chris Lake records yet and, when he does, they almost always get a Mr. Lake remix. In the case of Josement’s “All Night Alone”, we get blessed with one such edit. Chris Lake doesn’t do anything truly drastic with his edit, but he does make some minor changes that take this record to a fiery, party-starter with the right amount of rumble.

Glass Animals – Heat Waves (Diplo Remix)

I really enjoy the Diplo remix of “Heat Waves” and the refreshing new style he unleashes. The metallic, distortion, and pulsing bass that oscillates around the vocals of Dave Bayley creates a really penetrative, yet nice sound. The “wubbiness” reminds me of some old school dubstep and I am 100% for it! Diplo’s divergence from his thumping house sound is also a nice change of pace from the superstar.

Felix – Don’t You Want Me (Hannah Wants Remix)

Last time I wrote about a Hannah Wants remix, I was gushing over how incredible her sound is and her talent. Well, that talent and wonderful sound are still there. She remixes Felix’s 1993 chart-topping “Don’t You Want Me”, which includes a US Billboard Hot 100 Dance #1, into a modern reimagination that retains the timeless, dance charm. Hannah brings a darker spice built by techno-like sounds and design to do justice for this classic.

twst – Are You Listening? (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

It comes as no surprise that Hudson Mohawke weaves together a magical sonic playground on his remix of twst’s “Are You Listening?”. When I listen to this, it feels as though it’s soundtracking Atreyu’s flight on the back of Falkor in The NeverEnding Story. Is that just me?

Amtrac Ft. Alex Metric – So Afraid (Plastic Plates Remix)

Amtrac keeps dropping incredible remixes of records off his album, Oddyssey. This week we get the insanely wonderful, spacy spin from Plastic Plates. The remix has a glorious synth-wave feel and style to it that I really enjoy. It creates quite an atmospheric world to get lost in.

Fort Arkansas – The Deep End (The Croatia Squad Remix)

I really dig what Croatia Squad brings to the remix of “The Deep End”. The Swiss-artist sends the record to the depths and unleashes a deep, prodding sound that works perfectly with the vocal. It dances with reverberating mystery that will see this remix be a filthy club banger.

TOKiMONSTA Ft. Drew Love & Dumbfoundead – Get Me Some (AC Slater Remix)

AC Slater brings his trademark night bass to the remix of TOKiMONSTA’s “Get Me Some”. It contains a ravenous vibe built on distorted funk, laden with wubby bass that seems perfect for shuffling into the night. It’s quite an amazing meddling of styles and sounds.

MistaJam – When (Inner City Remix)

Inner City creates the ultimate party atmosphere on their remix of MistaJam’s “When”. For the uninitiated, Inner City is a legendary group, which includes Kevin Saunderson who is best known for helping to create Detroit Techno. The group now includes Kevin’s son, Danitez, who has helped kickstart the reawakening of the group. 2020 marks Inner City’s 4th decade as a group and I for one am excited to see what comes next. This remix is only a taaste of their talent.

Lifelike & Kris Menace – Discopolis 2.0 (Youngr Funkopolis Bootleg)

As the names “Discopolis 2.0” and “Funkopolis” would imply, this Youngr remix is an amalgamation of disco and funk aural stimuli. The original version is nearly 15 years old and to mark the 10 year anniversary, they dropped the “2.0” version. Now we’re nearing the 15 year anniversary of the original and the 5 year anniversary of 2.0, Armada has released several remixes, including one from magma-hot MEDUZA. I really dig Youngr’s version. He adds a thicker and heartier bassline and some extra helping of funk that sends you to a glorious, sparkling realm reminiscent of disco-rooms of the 70s.

Booka Shade – Regenerate (Henri Bergmann Remix)

Another act celebrating an anniversary is Booka Shade and their album More!, which has hit the 10 year mark. They celebrate the anniversary with a new remix pack of the album. Rising artist, Henri Bergmann brings a new sizzling version of “Regenerate” that builds and bubbles with searing synths and punchy percussion to create emotional mood. It has a similar build and emotional release to the original that I think many will really enjoy.

Justin Jay – Vale Of Tempe (Viers Remix)

Justin Jay shed his wonky, strange, Tech House and other house sort of sounds to create his most recent EP, “Marathon”. In doing so, he brought forward some really great Techno styled records and also created some memes involving the restaurant chain, Chili’s. Nestled neatly amongst the EP, is this Viers remix of “Vale Of Tempe” who brings aa hypnotic techno sound is deep and raw, just the way I like it.

Grum – Through the Night (Tinlicker Remix)

Tinlicker brings some sizzling heat to breathe life into the eleven-year-old record that is Grum’s “Through the Night”. True to the Tinlicker modus operandi, they delve into a sodden, driving progressive sonic realm that takes listeners on a journey. It punches with meticulous intrigue and rich, textured sound design.

Side note, the original music video is hilarious. Give it a view here.

Junior Jack & Pat BDS – Klimax (JJ Rework)

A deep, dingy sonic world takes ahold from the word go on this rework from one half of the original. Junior Jack keeps the sound quite similar, but adds a little oomph and a thumpy-er, quicker beat to provide some more ear candy.

JT Company – Don’t Deal With Us (Dusky Edit)

Another old school, legendary song gets an reimaging. This time it’s Dusky taking on JT Company’s 1990 rambunctious piano-laden House record, “Don’t Deal With Us”. The British-duo bring a modern sound that stays true to the original’s soul. It’s glorious and sends warm cascading feelings down the spine like a good, timeless track does.

Idris Elba Ft. Shadow Boxxer – Girl With The Bat (Eli & Fur Remix)

Eli & Fur crush this remix for Idris Elba’s “Girl With The Bat”. The duo creates a wondrous dark, underground feel that dances around the mind with maniac-levels of deranged glee. It’s a perfect sound and a remix that I much prefer to the original.

Photay – Warmth in the Coldest Acre (AceMo Remix)

Hands down my favorite remix of the week. AceMo unwinds a long, shimmering sonic string that radiates prickly and piercing sound design. The remix has an intrepid nature to it that pulses galactic goodness as you traverse the nearly 8 minutes of aural adventures. In other words, it’s so damn cool. I love it.

Franc Moody – Fresh and Blood (Harvey Sutherland Remix)

I’m a big fan of Franc Moody’s recent album, Dream In Color. The entire album is funky with icy coolness draped over it. Harvey Sutherland brings us the first remix and keeps the soul of the original while bringing a dancier style. His take on “Fresh Blood” is enthralling with wondrous sound design filled with distorted funk, a bite of spacy weirdness, and disco undertones. It’s a perfect remix that I’m sure fans of Francy Moody will enjoy.

Benny Bridges Ft. Sam van Horn – Vacation (JJ’s vacations4u Edit)

In conjuction with the release of Benny Bridges “Vacation” and the multi-tracked “Vacations4u”, Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage transformed their social accounts to a parody of travel planners and travel sites. It’s absolutely hilarious and out there. It’s like they’re channeling their inner Tim and Eric. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Fantastic Voyage crew. This Justin Jay edit of Benny Bridges’s “Vacation” is fantastic and has a Talking Heads feel that is quite enjoyable to hear.

Jonas Saalbach – Hunting Ground (Dodi Palese Remix)

I love what Dodi Palese brings to his remix of Jonas Saalbach’s “Hunting Ground”. Dodi builds a sound and feeling that’s easy to get lost in the coursing waves that transport you to a moment in time where you felt good and free. There’s a part where the song “drops” and then a synth line sears you with spiciness that you just instantly lose yourself in the vibe.

Christine and the Queens – La vita nuova (Logic1000 Remix)

Logic1000 takes to a different universe on her remix of Christine and the Queens’ “La vita nova”. The Australian artist builds a melodic sound with rich textures and the right amount digital disembodiment. What forms is a stunning array of sounds that envelope you in a film of emotion.

MK Ft. Carla Monroe – 2AM (Endor Remix)

MK’s “2AM” gets a deep, dark facelift from Endor. The original is quite uplifting with sparkling glee; whereas, the Endor remix peels away layers of prettiness and creates something tech-y and minimal with a dark, mysterious feel. The complete transformation into the depths of murky sounds highlights the talents of Endor.

Ultra Naté – Free (Live your Life) [D’Angello & Francis 2020 Remix)

Ultra Naté’s “free” originally came to us in the year 1997 where it became #1 on US Dance Club Songs and Hot Dance Singles Sales. It gets a modern revitalization from D’Angello & Francis. The duo stays true to the soulful House and dance stylings, while bringing a rowdier spirit that punches you right in the face. It feels timeless and classic, despite a modern rework.


LCD Soundsystem – oh baby (lovefingers remix)

The return of LCD Soundsystem wast hotly anticipated. I ended up seeing them three times after they officially returned and released american dream. It was 100% worth it and I hope they return soon. Out of the release plan came the Lovefingers’s “oh baby” remix. He brings an imaginative jazzy, dance rendition to the record that fits perfectly with the LCD aesthetic. I know it was a favorite amongst my hipster and massive LCD stans friend group.

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