Remix Radar 057: Featuring Four Tet, Gorgon City, and Boys Noize

Remix Radar 057 has arrived! It’s crazy we are about to close out August and pretty much end the summer in the next few days. I feel like I haven’t left my house or really done anything in years due to the COVID situation and lockdowns. Hopefully, we will be back sweating in the clubs and music venues soon enough, that is if our independent venues survive long enough. It’s quite sad to see some of the closures that have happened and others that are threatening closure. I hope the American congress can help to save them because we are on the verge of losing some iconic places and — potentially — an even bigger duopoly between AEG and Live Nation here in the States. One thing is for sure, we need live to return for many, many reasons. This week we feature many great remixes including Four Tet, Gorgon City, and Boys Noize. Scroll down for the fun!

Tame Impala – Is It True (Four Tet Remix)

Let’s take a deep dive into a celestial aural orb that wraps its web of spiritual sensations around you as each lick of sound pulses. It’s Four Tet at his best, which sees his genius combine with another genius in Tame Impala aka Kevin Parker. The results are stunning and striking.

Sonny Fodera & Dom Dolla – Moving Blind (Gorgon City Remix)

Gorgon City sets the Sonny Fodera and dom Dolla “Moving Blind” on fire to bring a high-octane remix. The British duo brings the sound to a minimalist realm that has a thick prodding beat that stings the brain stem with demented glee. The back-end of the remix takes us to a dungy, warehouse environment with roaring distorted synths, which comes from the original, but Gorgon uses intelligently to build a grimy energy.

Willaris. K Ft. WaveIQ – Chapel (Boys Noize Remix)

Willaris. K has had quite a great 2019 into 2020. He dropped an amazing remix for RÜFÜS DU SOL and Flume, as well as, dropped an amazing EP via Astralwerks. Following that impressive string, is the Boys Noize remix of “Chapel”. Mr. Noize brings a sizzling, extra helping of industrial sounds that encapsulate listeners in metallic energy that will make you feel like you can take on the world. This one definitely slaps.

N:Fostell Ft. AmeliaCee – After All (MK Remix)

This remix of N:Fostell’s “After All” from MK, conjures memories of older, nostalgic-tinged remixes from MK’s past. Despite refraining from drastically remixing the record, MK is still able to create a nice, new sound that fills the air with pretty sounds and a driving beat that hits with toe-tapping joy.

Alina Baraz Ft. Khalid – Off the Grid (Sofi Tukker Remix)

Sofi Tukker unleashes their penchant for thick beats and exotic sound design to remix the Alina Baraz and Khalid collaboration, “Off the Grid”. The duo brings a newfound grooviness that tantalizes and will bring the coldest of hearts to join in on any sort of fun including shuffling with the beat. This may be my favorite Sofi Tukker record of the past year.

Duke Dumont Ft. RY X – Let Me Go (Cerrone Remix)

My favorite record off the Duke Dumont debut album gets a synth wave remix from Cerrone. The Disco legend fills the atmosphere with a rich and textured sound design that’s built by blistering abundance of synths and orchestral elements. The atmosphere is filled with wondrous sounds that bring intrigue and mind-melting goodness. Cerrone’s rework combines amazingly with the RY X vocals and conjures electrical barbs of emotion.

Martin Badder Ft. Knytro – Passion Never Dies (Hayden James Remix)

Hayden James explores the underground House sound on his remix of Martin Badder’s “Passion Never Dies”. The unexpected foray into a dingier and metallic sound works really well for Hayden and highlights another side of his talents. His remix has a timeless and classic feel to it that I really love and appreciate. I always give props to acts that try something new and forgo their usual style. Hayden James does just that and succeeds with marvelous results.

RYTERBAND – Brilliant Eyes (Jody Wisternoff Vocal Remix)

As if it comes as any surprise, Jody Wisternoff sends listeners to a vibrant world where listeners float on clouds of uplifting droplets. His remix of RYTERBAND’s “Brilliant Eyes” is nothing short of beautiful and is a truly special sound that has unrivaled emotive connectivity. Honestly, Jody Wisternoff is one of the best sound designers around and all of his music shimmers with brilliance and builds true feelings in listeners.

Monolink – Sinner (Mathame Remix)

Hell yeah, Mathame remix! For those of you who are frequent readers, you’ll know I love Mathame and never miss a chance to gush over the brother-duo. Similar to what I said above in regards to Jody Wisternoff, Mathame have the incredible talent of building a connective tissue that draws listeners in and stirs poignant feelings. They remix Monolink’s “Sinner” to create a sizzling new record that twists and twirls with wonderful sounds that build with bubbling energy that takes listeners on a spectacular journey.

Nicky Romero – Toulouse (2020 Edit)

The year was 2012. The glamorous EDM with neon soaked attire and fairy-tale atmosphere beckoned. It was the glory days of the fast-paced, commercial boom of dance music. Nicky Romero’s “Toulouse” was an unequivocal banger that was in every set and was a standout to the booming-laden drop scene. Oh how incredible it was. Sadly, that era dissipated and things got a little more slow and a little less spritely, signs that times were becoming less hopeful. It’s not a surprise that Nicky would bring a modern update to arguably his biggest record ever. It doesn’t quite hit with the same beauty and energy, but the nostalgic memories it conjures is worth it.

DJ Snake – Trust Nobody (Malaa Remix)

I was wondering when we were going to get the Malaa remix of “Trust Nobody” as it seems he always remixes DJ Snake singles. The masked-mysterio’s spin on this record is without a doubt my favorite of the group. The Bass House undertow fits the nature of the record and builds a boisterous playground that gets the body moving and ready to have some fun.

Love Regenerator with Steve Lacy – Live With Your Love (Mark Broom Remix)

Mark Broom takes us to a breezy cool, piano House remix of “Live With Your Love”, the most recent single from the Calvin Harris project, Love Regenerator. The slithering sharpness of the piano keys drape over the original’s vibe to bring an elegant feel that washes over your body. While the original feels a bit ravey, Mark Broom’s version seems ripe for something a little more contained. Maybe a day party on top of the W Hotel in LA.

Tove Lo – sadder badder cooler (The Presets Sunshine Remix)

The Presets bring a chilled Australian vibe to Tove Lo’s “sadder badder cooler”. The original version is what I’d describe as synth-dance-pop with a little spicy bite. The Presets keep some of vocoder vocals and spice, while building a slightly funky groove that’s chill and cheerful. It’s an easy vibe and sometimes that’s all you want.

RAC Ft. Louis The Child – Passion (Hotel Garuda Remix)

The RAC and Louis The Child collaboration, “Passion”, receives a playful remix from Hotel Garuda. The Mom + Pop signed act keeps the uplifting, easy-breezy vibes while bringing a punchier beat and some experimental sounds to reimage “Passion” to be better suited for clubs and artsy congregations.

Alex Gaudino Ft. Lil’ Love – Little Love (Arno Cost Remix)

If you’re in the need of some old school, Euro House vibes, look no farther. Arno Cost remixes the Italian House veteran, Alex Gaudino, to bring some jovial House sounds that have a timeless feel to it. The sound is wonderful and transports you back to the Ibiza summers of yesteryear.

Junior Jack & Pat BDS – Klimax (Patrice Baumel Remix)

Patrice Baumel has crushed the remix game. He’s been called upon by Eli & Fur, CamelPhat, and now, Junior Jack and Pat BDS. He brings an amazing sound to anything he touches and sends listeners on a sonic voyage through galactic worlds filled with prickly synths and driving beats that are synonymous with melodic techno, but are often misused by artists lacking in talent. Patrice is — of course — an expert with an array of talent, which means his remix of “Klimax” is out of this world and builds a truly special aural stimulation that tantalizes listeners from start to finish.

Big Gigantic & The Funk Hunters Ft. Eric Benny Bloom – Higher (Opiuo Remix)

Opiuo brings a heater with his remix of the Big Gigantic and The Funk Hunters’ collaboration, “Higher”. The New Zealander adds some layers of distortion and bass to bring an extra helping of ferocity that spins an even more rambunctious playground. I can see this one being a fan favorite in the live sphere, which Opiuo can actually test out, since New Zealand handled the COVID situation well.

Oliver Dollar – Outer Drive (Demarkus Lewis Remix)

Demarkus Lewis unleashes a smooth criminal-like sound on his remix of Oliver Dollar’s “Outer Drive”. The multi-decade seasoned DJ and producer is no stranger to the House and underground scenes. He’s released over 100 records and has worked with the legends of the game like Jesse Saunderson. I for one am really excited to see him remix Oliver Dollar and bring his expertise to the record where hopefully more youths will come to recognize his name.

Nox Vahn – Brainwasher (Fatum Remix)

I’ve been a huge fan of Nox Vahn, even before he switched his name from Fairlane. He’s on a steady climb up the ranks and has really made a name for himself via Anjunabeats/Anjunadeep. I have a feeling he’ll be the next one to truly breakout from the label, following in the footsteps of Lane 8, Yotto, and many others. This Fatum remix of “Brainwasher” is an absolutely incendiary record. The Grammy-nominated group speed up the beat and bring an extra layer of deepness that crawls over your skin and sinks its teeth into your bloodstream where it brings you into the deranged sonic journey.

The Shadowboxers – Highway Roses (Body Language Remix)

Body Language weave together a slithering coolness on their remix of “Highway Roses” from The Shadowboxers. The remix oozes soulfulness and an insatiable groove that’s easy to get lost in and feel the sounds skate around your body, enveloping you in good feelings.

Kraak & Smaak – In Plain Sight (Rodney Hunter Remix)

I’m a sucker for disco and funk styled records. Without surprise, I absolutely love this Rodney Hunter remix of Kraak & Smaak’s “In Plain Sight”. It has the right amount of gooey funkiness that makes it impossible to not bob your head to the beat, even if I can’t keep a beat to save my life. Rodney’s remix will wrap you a warm blanket and bring a smile to your face. Is it even possible to be in a bad mood listening to funky, disco sort of sounds?

Lazarusman – The Signal (Jullian Gomes Remix)

Lazarusman is a stand-out slam poet and spoken word artist from South Africa. He has evolved to be a recording artist and DJ who has worked with an assortment of incredible artists. I believe most people will recognize him from “This City”, his collaboration with Joris Voorn. For this record, he brings in Julian Gomes to build a slow building, Deep House record with a spiritual vibe that sends electrical currents through listeners. It’s a wonderful example of how Lazarusman’s vocal work creates thought-provoking ideas, while backed by a thumping beat and intriguing sound design that people can dance to.


Ultra Naté vs Roland Clark ‘The First Time Free’ (Claptone Remix)

Claptone’s “The Masquerade” was such an incredible tour and compilation. Anecdotally speaking, it was some of my favorite shows ever and I was fortunate to catch it several times. Claptone’s mashup remix of Ultra Naté’s “Free” and Roland Clark’s “The First Time” is prime example of the masked artist’s insane talent. Like an alchemist, he takes the iconic guitar riff of “Free” and the vocal from “The First Time” to construct a House tune that is timeless and wondrous. It stunned and mesmerized fans each time it played and highlighted an artist that would soon be known around the globe.




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