Remix Radar 058: Featuring Mura Masa, Lastlings, and Model Man

Remix Radar 058 has arrived! September is now upon us… Where the hell did the summer go? It feels like it went with the blink of the eye. I guess that’s what happens when a global pandemic rages on, social injustice and distress continue to ravage the United States, and all the other issues that plague the global community. It just seems like we haven’t been to breathe and feel the warmth of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer with all the escalating issues. I for one can’t wait for something positive to unfold and reveal itself. Maybe that’s where music comes into the fold? Maybe these following remixes can help to uplift someone’s spirit… This week we feature Mura Masa’s reimagining of Bedroom Pop, the hype of Lastlings, and the ingenuity of Model Man. Scroll down for the fun! You’re in for a treat.

Wallows Ft. Clairo – Are You Bored Yet? (Mura Masa Remix)

Mura Masa is arguably one of the best producers of the current generation. At only 24 years of age, his talent shines through like he’s a buddhist monk that locked himself away for 25 years and has awaken with new found enlightenment. With his production enlightenment, he weaves together an atmospheric sound that blends well with the melancholy, downtrodden Bedroom Pop aesthetic of Clairo and Wallows’s vocals. Honestly, I don’t think there was a better artist to remix this record than Mura Masa.

Cassian Ft. Thandi Phoenix – Together (Lastlings Remix)

Australians unite! Cassian and Thandi Phoenix’s “Together” gets the remix treatment from Lastlings, the hottest rising group. I feel like I talk about Lastlings every other week at this point and that’s okay because they deserve the hype. One listen of their “Together” remix and it’s quite obvious why they’ve become the belles of the ball. The sibling-duo simply brings a frothy sound with intensity and intrigue that instantly sinks its hooks into your nerve endings where it sends pulses of alluring electricity and mood-altering pleasantries.

Prospa – Ecstasy (Over & Over) [Model Man Remix]

This is a HUGE tune. Model Man transforms Propsa’s “Ecstasy” into a sizzling world of purified jubilance that ensnares the atmosphere with swirling intoxication. The piano keys are nothing short of mesmerizing and blend wonderfully with the prickly percussion that the brother-duo brought forward to keep a danceable force that radiates from start to finish.

Dua Lipa – Club Future Nostalgia (The Blessed Madonna DJ Mix)

Dua Lipa and her team did something quite interesting that I do not believe we’ve seen before from a Pop artist. They dropped a mixed version of Future Nostalgia (not unheard of), but they curated it with remixes from an impressive array of DJ/producers to form a DJ mix (not heard of). So instead of releasing a remix pack or a standard mixed album, they did something that targets a select demographic and brought forward a new way to consume the album. Most of these remixes are new ones, which include Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, Mark Ronson, Moodymann, Horse Meat Disco, Yaeji, Jacques Lu Grant, Jayda G, and more. It’s a great idea that I think will influence others to follow.

Moby – Morningside (Expansive Mix)

I love the reimaginitive “Expansive Mix” of “Morningside” from Moby. It truly does have more of an “expansive” feel to it with more depth and textures to the overall sound. It’s a beautiful surge of party-like atmosphere that is riveting and intoxicating. You will feel and easily imagine a live experience filled with an overabundance of lasers and fans dancing with ravenous glee while you listen.

Disclosure, Kehlani, & Syd – Birthday (VIP Remix)

I’m going to say it, I really did not like the single version of this super-collab from Disclosure, Kehlani, and Syd. I get it for promotional reasons that it was intended to be a little easier and commercial leaning to hit radio and be marketed to a non-dance and non-electronic base. But for someone like me, I need the 4/4 beat and the thump of percussion, which is why the Disclosure VIP remix is much more enjoyable. It has a classic Disclosure feel that blends a UK Garage and House sound to ensure that the dancefloor is filled with fiery dancers.

TOKiMONSTA Ft. Drew Love & Dumbfoundead – Get Me Some (Soul Clap Remix)

Two weeks ago, we received the AC Slater “wubby” remix of “Get Me Some”, which packed a punch and quite a bit of attitude. This week we get the Soul Clap remix of the TOKiMONSTA, Drew Love of THEY., and Dumbfoundead collaboration. I really, really like this remix. The duo from Boston creates an irresistible groove that dances around the air with unrelenting upbeat coolness and fun. It’s hard not to get lost in the sound and float through its vibe.

Mike Dunn – If I Can’t Get Down (Mousse T.’s Funky Shizzle Mix)

Mike Dunn comes from the origins of House and is legend in his own right. He first started DJing in 1984 amongst the early days of Chicago’s House scene, alongside House pioneers, Ron Hardy and Larry Heard. He was one of the first to live mix with drum machines and reel-to-reel systems (similar to what Daft Punk would go on to do). Most recently, he provided vocals for Jax Jones’s “House Work” and released his first album in 27 years, “My House, From All Angles”. He just dropped the remix pack for that album and includes quite a few gems including this funkified remix from Mousse T.. True to the name, it’s sizzling rework that gets the juices flowing with a gooey groove.

Oliver Dollar and Luke Solomon also get in on the fun. Their remixes are also quite good and I suggest giving them a listen.

Chromeo – Clorox Wipe (Chopnotslop Remix)

Chromeo just dropped several remixes of their often hilarious Quarantine Casanova that are all in the chop and screwed style. The remixes come from the Chopnotslop collective made up of DJ Candlestick, OG Ron C, and DJ Screw. My favorite of the group is the deep and driving funk remix of “Clorox Wipe”. Besides the Chromeo remixes, they’ve done quite a few remixes that are all equally great including a spin on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Suga”.

Amtrac – Accountable (Promnite Remix)

Another incredible remix from the Amtrac discography. Promnite transforms “Accountable” into a metallurgy exploration of Techno beats. The sound design is seductive and oozes a refined divinity that sears the senses, sending tingles down the spine. On top of that, there is a really awesome guitar riff that adds an extra helping of intrigue. As a testament to Promnite’s talent, his production seamlessly fits the vocal and makes it feel as though it was made to be an original.

KUU Ft. Shungudzo – How Could I Ever (KUU’s Twisted Melons Remix)

I’m a big fan of the beginnings of KUU, the supergroup formed by Alex Metric and Riton. They debuted with “How Could I Ever” featuring the spirited vocals of Shungudzo, which you can read more about here. The rework of their own track takes a more twisted, House route. It’s more textured and spatial with layers of mind-melting weirdness and licks of underground sounds. It still retains enough of the raw emotion to stick in your mind and connect you to the deep undertow.

PNAU Ft. Vlossom – Lucky (PS1 Remix)

Australians really know how to make great music. PNAU and Vlossom’s “Lucky” is such a great song that easily gets stuck in your head. We get another group of remixes of “Lucky”, which include spins from PS1 and LO’99. Both are great and bring a delectable dance sound. My preference of the two is the PS1 remix. The New York artist unleashes a classic dance vibe that conjures memories of happier times. In other words, it’s the exact vibe that I really enjoy in these turbulent times.

Nox Vahn & Marsh – Come Together (Matthias Meyer Remix)

Two of my favorite rising acts are Nox Vahn and Marsh. They have an abundance of talent that weaves together emotive sounds that tell stories through sound waves. Their “Come Together” is an incredible record and receives a remix from Matthias Meyer. The German artist is best known through his work on Watergate Records, his global touring, and — of course — Ibizan appearances. He has an incredible sound of tightly wound sound design and expertly crafted melodies. His spin on “Come Together” keeps the original’s spirit while adding some layers of sounds that cascade and wrap melancholy feelings around those that dare listen.

Cosmo’s Midnight – Yesteryear (Brame & Hamo Remix)

The Irish duo, Brame & Hamo, take listeners on a deep, spacy exploration on their remix of Cosmo’s Midnight’s “Yesteryear”. The duo strips away the funk and pretty, shimmering sounds to drop listeners into an insatiable dance record with underground elements. The sound has a hypnotic quality, which envelopes listeners in a radiant shimmer of sharp synths and deep, driving beats that cascade from listeners heads to toes, bringing them to pure ecstasy. Brame & Hamo absolutely killed this remix with ingenuity.

FARR – Freedom (Insightful Remix)

The rising indie, RnB duo, FARR, has dropped several fantastic remixes. The newest comes from Insightful who transforms “Freedom” into a deep, driving groove that is ultra sultry and sexy. He does an amazing job at keeping the original spirit and vibe while spinning something new to entertain the soul. 100% this record is baby making music.

Gouryella – Gouryella (Alan Fitzpatrick Tribute to ’99 Remix)

Gouryella is the trance project of Ferry Corsten and originated in 1998 with Tiësto who left the group a few years later. The first single from the project was the self-titled “Gouryella”, which receives the Alan Fitzpatrick remix, bringing modern eyes to the record. This remix is truly something straight out of the 90s and pays homage to that era, as well as, the original version quite well. If this remix is a hint, we might be getting some new Gouryella, which I am excited to hear and that’s coming from someone who isn’t the big of a Trance fan.

The Japanese Popstars Ft. Green Velvet – Matter of Time (Coyu 2020 Rework)

Deep, dark and thick beats, the best parts of Techno. It’s exactly what we get from Coyu’s remix of The Japanese Popstars’s “Matter of Time”. The record originally graced the soundwaves in 2013, which means Coyu is bringing a modern revitalization to the record. He does so with incendiary and demented glee that unveils a record that is unrelenting in its raw and tribal design.

Mild Minds – DESTINATIONS (Jacques Greene Remix)

Jacques Greene is incredible. Once again, he weaves together a spacy, inventive sound that takes listeners on a divine journey through lush waves of textured synths and sticky beats. He keeps just enough of the original vibe on Mild Minds’s “DESTINATIONS” that it keeps it in the remix realm. Light a candle, turn off the lights and throw on a visualizer then flip this record on. You’ll be transported on a magical ride to joy.

Robbie Rivera & SHE KORO – Banter (Sak Noel & Franklin Dam Remix)

Step into a blistering party-like wave on the Sak Noel and Franklin Dam remix of Robbie Rivera and SHE KORO’s “Banter”. It’s almost like the duo doused the original in jet fuel, dropped a match, and let the flames rage out of control. They also utilize a delightful pan flute to construct the drop and surprisingly it works well to build a ravenous sound.

Dave202 & Angelika Vee – Chill Pill (Gaveline Remix)

The original “Chill Pill” from Dave202 came to us in 2018, but recently they’ve put out a couple of remixes to breathe life back into the project. This past week we received the Gaveline remix, which is an icy cool sound with tantalizing effects. The deep shimmering sounds hit the aural tentacles and unleash electric-like connections to the brainstem to take listeners to the dancefloor.


Hervé & Zebra Katz – Tear the House Up (Monsieur Monsieur Remix)

This remix is incredible. Monsieur Monsieur remixes the Hervé and Zebra Katz collaboration into something with metallic zeal. The driving-Techno beat combines with the Zebra Katz rhyming perfectly and constructs a brilliant, fresh sound for the Techno scene. The energy is relentless and the beat sticky. It’s everything you want from a darken and dank Techno record.





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