Remix Radar 006: Featuring Yotto, Silk City, and Nicky Romero

We’re back, back again! I am excited to bringing you the sixth edition of CULTR’s Remix Radar. This week is piping hot with sizzling tunes from Yotto, Silk City, Nicky Romero and a few others to tempt your eardrums into ecstasy. Without further ado, Remix Radar 006.

Rüfüs Du Sol – Solace (Remixes, Vol. 6)

Good lord, prepare yourself for an eargasm. Volume 6 of Rüfüs Du Sol’s Solace Remix pack is mystifying as if one were a solitary drifter on a synthwave sojourn across the solar system. It’s that GOOD.

Willaris. K sent chills down my spine with his enchanting, yet raw “Underwater” remix. The Australian just premiered a new music video for his “Cobaki Sky” via Complex, which is a very compelling visual piece.

Finnish-maestro, Yotto, also supplies two remixes, a “Dusk” and “Dawn” version of “Underwater”. Both reworks are as sultry and mesmerizing as we come to expect from Yotto. The “Dusk” version is a bit sexier with 80s synth overtones , while the “Dawn” version is a bit prettier and melodic.

10/10 remix pack.

Robyn – Missing U (Silk City & Picard Brothers Remix)

Queen of dance pop, Robyn, serves as the perfect muse to Silk City and Picard Brothers’ remix of “Missing U”. Diplo and Mark Ronson’s Silk City with Parisian brother duo, Picard Brothers, construct a cool, sleek vibrance packed with an attitude perfect for the global club scene.

The Picard Brothers appear to be unknowns on first glance. However, the brothers have served as the brains for many blockbuster projects including Diplo and Major Lazer, Ellie Goulding, Kehlani and Jessie J.

Vanilla Ace & Ayarez – I Percolate (JoJo Angel Remix)

This delightful tech-house tune came out a few weeks ago and it deserves some recognition. JoJo Angel doesn’t shy away from creating something unique and daring with his “I Percolate” remix. The Greek producer steals all the spotlight from the original and percolates the senses with this one.

KYANU – Higher off the Ground (ESH Remix)

The Vienna-native, ESH, removes layers of prettiness from KYANU’s “Higher off the Ground” in his grime-laced remix perfect for insomniacs that need an extra kick. The remix is doused in darkness and bass giving the original an awe-inspiring facelift.

Kygo & Rita Ora – Carry On (Nicky Romero Remix)

Nicky Romero conjures blissful memories of the glory days of EDM with his take on Kygo & Rita Ora’s “Carry On”. Listen to this remix when you need to feel the warmth and happiness of 2012 EDM.

Pinkfong – Baby Shark (Jauz Remix)

This song will be the reason that your 4 year-old niece wears neon and raves harder than you do. Besides the meme-ability, Jauz does create something rather cool and does provide something new for listeners to chomp on.

Honestly, I am surprised it took this long for Jauz to do a remix of “Baby Shark”.

Ben Pearce Ft. Tayla – Fireproof (Club Mix)

Not a remix by traditional sense. However, Ben Pearce’s club mix of his “Fireproof” is an addictive deep house track that I can’t get enough. The club mix has an additional vocal chop and a crisp groove that provides a little more spice to the ears than the original. Add this to your day and evening party playlist.


YACHT – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)

This week’s One From The Vault might be one of my favorite tracks and the perfect remedy to a bad day. From 2010, Classixx reworks YACHT’s “Psychic City” into a psychedelic, funkalicious jam that is driven by an alluring bass line and delightful synth chords that radiate soothing waves of sound. This remix definitely helped to catapult both artists into the spotlight and help get them to where they are now. Definitely a classic piece of electronic music.






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