Remix Radar 062: Featuring Solomun, Lane 8’s Brightest Lights Remixed, and Solardo

We have arrived with Remix Radar 062! I’ll keep the intro short and sweet this week as I’m utterly shocked and depressed by the display at last night’s Presidential Debate. Hopefully, the following remixes cheer you up from that display. This week we feature Solomun, Lane 8’s Brightest Lights Remixed, and Solardo. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tunes!

Bob Moses & ZHU – Desire (Solomun Remix)

The man with the ethereal touch, Solomun hops aboard to remix “Desire”, the collaboration between Bob Moses and ZHU. In standard Solomun stylings, he paints a sonic scape that soars across a wide astral plane, straddling the line of daring and cunning. It’s the synthesis of demented glee and — personally — I find it to be far more incredible than the original.

Lane 8 – Brightest Lights Remixed

Lane 8 is an incredible artist who always brings an emotive-charged sound that truly connects with listeners. This notion is quite obvious from his most recent album, Brightest Lights. It was an absolutely stunning, beautiful album that is — arguably — one of the best albums of the year. He finally released the full remix pack of the album, and with it, brought forward some of the best remixes of the year. Each is incredible and deserves a listen, which is why I included the full album. It was also a bit too hard to choose just one for Remix Radar. Sit back and enjoy.

Love Regenerator with Steve Lacy – Live Without Your Love (Solardo Remix)

Solardo absolutely nails this remix of the smash hit, “Live Without Your Love” from Calvin Harris’s Love Regenerator and Steve Lacy. The Manchester duo plays off the old school, acid vibes, and takes their remix further into the depths of the late 90s, early 2000s rave, but in a more Tech House style. It’s a great remix from Solardo.

WEISS & Harry Romero – Where Do We Go? (My Nu Leng Remix)

My Nu Leng scores major points with his remix of the WEISS and Harry Romero collaboration, “Where Do We Go?”. Featuring a vocal sample of The Alan Parsons Project 1980 hit “Game People Play”, the collaboration scales a playful world of piano-laced House and commercial tones. My Nu Leng disregards most of that and completely transforms the record into something rave ready with the squelching Roland-303 straight out of the Acid House era and a bite of modern bass rumblings.

YoSoyMatt Ft. Eva de Marce – Sr. Tigre (French Braids Rework)

This French Braids remix is amazing. It transports listeners to a magical, fairytale-like world that’s filled with jovial sounds that hide sinister intent. It’s like if you took the place of Alice in the Wonderland and we’re at the tea party with the Mad Hatter. This is one of the records that the Mad Hatter would play, alongside the work of Polo & Pan, which this remix has a similar style and sound to.

Wuh Oh – Softstyle (Myd Remix)

I’ve been enjoying the recent string of releases from the Ed Banger backed Myd, the fast-rising French talent. For his most recent record, he brings a remix of Wuh Oh’s “Softstyle” where he takes the song to a fluttery piano House sort of sound. It is filled with intriguing sounds and an easy breezy groove that anyone can enjoy and dance to.

warner case – running into danger (to feel alive) [Zimmer Remix]

Zimmer unleashes the heat on his remix for warner case’s “running into danger”. He brings a dreamy Techno style that slowly builds and bubbles with intrigue and mind-melting goodness. Zimmer truly knows how to weave together a spellbinding sonce tale, highlighting his tremendous talent.

Franc Moody – Charge Me up (Folamour Remix)

Folamour charges the groove to higher electrical currents on his remix of Franc Moody’s “Charge Me Up”. The already groovy record gets an even saucier and stickier texture of funk that brings forward an even more meaty groove that is hard to not get up and move to. The Folamour flip is very rich and hearty, which is quite enjoyable.

Todd Terry – Shake (Alexander Technique Remix)

As the name suggests, this one is a hip rattling and head-shaking record as Alexander Technique remixes one of Todd Terry’s latest concoctions, “Shake”. It’s a punchy low-end House record that smacks you straight in the brain stem, eliciting a response of uncontrollable hip-thrusting that will rain fire on the dancefloor, kind of like the dance scene in Napolean Dynomite.

West Seattle Soul – Soul Makossa (Midtown Collective Remix)

The West Seattle Soul reimagine and bring an Afro-soul spin of Manu Dibango’s pioneering afro-disco hit “Soul Makossa”. That gets a remix from Midtown Collective who provides a dancier version of that, which brings forward an insatiable groove that slithers over listeners mesmerizing them in warmth and uplifting vibes.

TOKiMONSTA Ft. Earthgang – Fried for the Night (Holly Remix)

TOKiMONSTA marks the end of her release run for Oasis Nocturno by dropping the full remix pack. Included in the final drop is this Holly remix of “Fried for the Night”. He brings a fiery spirit to the record, amping up the bass and draping a high-octane and ravenous spirit over the original’s soul.

Farron – Liquid Shorts (Pugilist Remix)

Pugilist takes us on a breakbeat based journey on his remix of Farron’s “Liquid Shorts”. He builds on the dark, foreboding nature of the original and adds nice, sharp drum patterns and deep, searing synths to bring a new experience that has a timeless rave feel to it.


Fred Falke Ft. Mansions on the Moon & Elohim- It’s A Memory (Amtrac Remix)

I was scrolling through my saved songs and came across this. Somehow, I forgot about this record and boy do I feel silly. Amtrac remixes the Fred Falke collaboration with Mansions on the Moon and Elohim into a sizzling and soaring sound that is filled with poignancy and beauty. It’s nothing short of amazing and I will be re-adding this to my frequently listened songs. On a side note, this one of Elohim’s earliest vocal features and records. It even links to her old Spotify profile.




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