Remix Radar 065: Featuring Gorgon City, Mura Masa, and Snakehips

We have arrived at Remix Radar 065! This week we feature some big players in the Dance scene including Gorgon City, Mura Masa, and Snakehips. There’s a lot of great new music coming out and I for one am enjoying it, especially with it being a good distraction from the US political season and the impending election next week. Honestly, if you guys don’t hear from me after next Tuesday, I have run away and am now living as a mountain man or some sh*t. That is what will happen if one specific candidate wins. One that may or may not be related to an orange. Now back to your regular scheduled programming, Remix Radar. I hope you enjoy these remixes!

Selace – So Hooked On Your Lovin (Gorgon City Remix)

The duo of Felix Buxton — one half of Basement Jaxx — and vocalist Gia made their debut as Selace in 2018 with “So Hooked On Your Lovin” and scored a massive global dance record. This past week we received the newest edition of the record from Gorgon City. The critically acclaimed duo bring a sound that is deep and prodding with insane levels of irresistibility that it’s impossible to not be pulled into Gorgon City’s web. They keep it relatively minimalist with spectral builds, gliding synths, and a bassline that is thick, hypnotic, and astonishing. In particular, the bassline reminds me of Gorgon’s “Ready For Your Love” and how it punches straight through to your soul, reeling you into the emotion. The sound design plays with the raw power of Gia’s vocals that it creates a special feeling, one that only comes from truly great records.

PVA – Talks (Mura Masa Remix)

I haven’t seen this Mura Masa remix mentioned anywhere, which I find interesting and insane. For one, this remix is really, really cool, and deserves recognition. Once again, Mura Masa spins together a record that mesmerizes with intricate and rich, textured sound design. It’s truly such a unique and enthralling piece of music that — once again — shows how talented Mura Masa is.

Elohim – Good Day Bad Day (Snakehips Remix)

Snakehips bring their good-natured vibes to Elohim’s “Good Day Bad Day” to bring about an uplifting, party-like atmosphere. The duo speed the record up, add some sizzling synths, and a thicker beat to unlock a joyful spirit that will warm the coldest hearts and brighten anyone’s day.

Jubël Ft. NEIMY – Dancing In The Moonlight (Tiësto Remix)

Jubël’s “Dancing In The Moonlight” is a massive record and I’d be shocked if any of our readers claim they’ve never heard it. The cover of the King Harvest song of the same name receives a remix from the legend himself, Tiësto. He doesn’t do anything too drastic, which is definitely okay all things considered. What Tiësto does do is add a more driving beat and thicker percussions to add some extra energy to prepare this for festival mainstage usage.

Dapayk & Padberg – Watching Over You (Booka Shade Remix)

Booka Shade takes us on a wondrous journey across a galactic space that is filled with poignancy and barbs of emotive electricity. The legendary duo are no strangers to building sonic playgrounds that are nothing short of amazing and they do it again with their remix of “Watching Over You”. Light a candle, sit back, and play this one at full tilt.

Mason Ft. Jem Cooke – Drowning In Your Love (Mark Knight Remix)

Mason has made a name for himself by bringing a glorious array of sounds that blend the lines of Disco, House, Funk, and soul. His groovy “Drowning In Your Love” off his recent album Frisky Biscuits gets the Mark Knight remix special. Knight increases the BPM, adds extra layering of glittery synths, and punches up the beat to bring about a dancefloor burner, the kind that is unrelenting and entices everyone to get up and move.

KC Lights – Girl (Nightlapse Remix)

I’m a big fan of the original version of KC Lights “Girl”. So, I was quite surprised by how much I love this Nightlapse remix. The Liverpool duo reworks the record to transform it into a darker and deeper sound that twists the mood with demented glee and slaps with glorious effect. I got to say, I enjoy Nightlapse’s remix more than the original and that is saying something. I should have known, considering their collaborative remix with MK of Anabel Englund’s “So Hot” and how incredible that record is.

CloZee – Heya (Opiuo Remix)

Opiuo scores major plaudits for his remix of CloZee’s “Heya”. He builds a sonic playground with swelling synths, expansive textures, and a rambunctious break that is everything you want in a Dance record. The New Zealander’s remix is graceful, yet fiery and it brings forward a sound that is quite refreshing and exciting.

Caribou – Ravi (Shanti Celeste Remix)

This week, Caribou dropped the remix pack of his most recent album, Suddenly. It’s a really magical group of remixes that includes spins from Shanti Celeste, Kareem Ali, Logic1000, and India Jordan. My favorite of the group is Shanti Celeste’s rework of “Ravi”. She builds a rather minimalist sound and reveals a playfulness that is simply enjoyable and fun.

Yuna – Stay Where You Are (Seb Wildblood Remix)

Yuna’s “Stay Where You Are” receives a really nice and pretty remix from Seb Wildblood. The rising artist adds a really clean and crisp percussion line that brings the hip-moving punch to take it to a dancier level. He then adds these really alluring violin notes that are the perfect complement to Yuna’s vocal. Overall, it’s an incredible remix that is striking and hauntingly beautiful.

Becker & Mukai – Dark Fields Of The Republic (Jas Shaw Remix)

If you’re into slow-building downtempo House with a labyrinth of sounds, then Jas Shaw’s remix of Becker & Mukai’s “Darks Fields Of The Republic” is the song for you. Jas Shaw utilizes the sonic field of the original and brings about something equally as eccentric and explorative. There’s a vast amount of prickly and searing sounds that this will tantalize any mind.

Kai Wachi & Dylan Matthew – Run (GLD Remix)

Kai Wachi and Dylan Matthew’s “Run” receives the remix pack treatment with quite a few really great remixes. If you’re a fan of bass and trap, there will definitely be something for you in this pack. My favorite of the group comes from GLD who you may recognize from their appearances on Circus Records. The duo keeps the original’s ravenous energy while bringing a very inventive sound design that has more of a Bass House styling. It’s less in your face and more about sharp, intricate sounds that dance around the mind.


Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – In A Black Out (Cassius Remix)

Back in 2016, Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend teamed up for a really interesting collaborative project. They released one album I Had a Dream That You Were Mine, which was critically acclaimed. Surprisingly, I cannot find this album on Spotify. Their standout record is “In A Black Out”, partially due to featuring in an iPhone commercial and partially because it is a hauntingly beautiful record. It received this magical reimagining from Frech duo Cassius who brought a soaring dance sound that blended with the original to bring an intoxicating sound and one that is filled with pure emotion.

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