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Remix Radar 066: Featuring Maya Jane Coles, Purple Disco Machine, and Latroit

Welcome back to Remix Radar! I won’t pretend, my thoughts are elsewhere. Europe has dealt with a string of terrorists attacks, including last night’s attack in Vienna that tragically took the lives of four people (at time of writing). This all prior to new Coronavirus lockdown measures taking affect across the continent. Africa and the Middle East have also seen their own terror attacks that killed 54 in Ethiopia and 22 lost their lives in the attacks on Kabul University. It’s utterly depressing that these acts are occurring in 2020.

In the United States, we are gearing up for the Presidential Election, one that is the most divisive in my entire lifetime. It feels as though a lot is at stake with consequences that would hurt millions of Americans, future immigrants, and quite possibly destroy the constitutional rights that so many rely upon and believe in. As I stated last week, if things go poorly, you may not hear from me for a bit.

For many of us, our thoughts are elsewhere, but let’s enjoy some great new remixes and try our best to shed the anxiety of today’s world. This week we feature Maya Jane Coles, Purple Disco Machine, and Latroit.

Sylvan Esso – Ferris Wheel (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Sylvan Esso and Maya Jane Coles, an unexpected combination, but it’s incredible like discovering the flavor palette of wine and cheese. I have said this before and will say it again, Maya is unrivaled at creating a sound that isn’t over produced nor uses an extreme amount of layers, yet it is always incredible, utilizing a few sounds that combine to paint the mind with tantalizing delight. She brings that same style to transform “Ferris Wheel” into something that slithers with dark and mysterious vibes.

Royal Blood – Trouble’s Coming (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

For our longtime readers, you will know that I love Purple Disco Machine and the funk-tastic sound waves he unleashes. He brings that pizzazz to his remix of Royal Blood’s “Trouble’s Coming”. He transform the record from a rock track to something that shimmers with surging disco barbs and a delectable groove. It’s everything you want from Purple Disco Machine.

R Plus & Dido – Cards (Latroit Remix)

R Plus and Dido have one of the most beneficial symbiosis relationships. The two make gold on all their collaborations. Speaking of gold, Latroit remixes their “Cards” and brings a tantalizing sound that is incredibly easy to enjoy and groove to. As I said for previous R Plus & Dido remixes, whoever is A&Ring them deserves a raise. They’ve done an incredible job at finding the right artists who work wonders to build some mesmerizing sounds.

GRiZ Ft. Wreckno – Medusa (Remixes)

In honor of LGBTQIA+ History Month, GRiZ released the remix pack of “Medusa”, a record that served as a new age queer anthem. Featuring fellow queer artist Wreckno, GRiZ built a boisterous track that swirls with raw emotion and intense energy. It was unapologetically queer and served up an absolute banger. To continue GRiZ’s support of the Community, the “Medusa” remixes only feature artists that identify as LGBTQIA+, celebrating the talents of the marginalized while bringing an eclectic sound that is unrivaled with something for everyone to enjoy. The remixes come from GRiZ himself, Gioli & Assia, Super Future, NotLö, and J. Worra. Each one is great, but my favorite comes from Gioli & Assia.

Rich Brian – Love In My Pocket (Weird Genius Remix)

It feels like yesterday that Rich Brian was exploding on the internet where he became the first Indonesian act to truly break into the American mainstream. Interestingly, this is the first time he receives a remix from fellow Indonesians with the “Love In My Pocket” spin from Weird Genius. The trio from Jakarta brings about a ferocious Bass House sound that is reminiscent of some of the most recent work of Dog Blood. It will be interesting to see how quickly Weird Genius crosses the Pacific Ocean and if they can connect with North American audiences like Rich Brian and the 88Rising crew did. Maybe quite soon, since they are the first non-American Asian group signed to Astralwerks.

Cassian Ft. ZOLLY – Magical (Vintage Culture Remix)

Cassian dropped his debut album Laps not that long ago. From it came “Magical”, a truly spellbinding record that highlighted Cassian’s penchant for deep, atmospheric sounds that send listeners into the depths of a galactic sphere. We get the final rework from Brazilian icon, Vintage Culture who transforms the record into a buzzy affair. The remix is perfect for a club setting, one that wants to go on a journey.

Simon Field Ft. Yasmin Jane – Sirens (Tube & Berger Remix)

Norwegian electronic wizard, Simon Field gets an amazing remix of his “Sirens” from Tube & Berger. The German duo build a sound that careens into listener’s souls, unlocking their mind to go soaring through a mystifying sonic world of roaring low-ends and searing progressive melodies. The remix is filled with depth and texture that envelope listeners in pure emotive electricity. Once again, Tube & Berger highlight their masterful talents and why they’re one of the most acclaimed dance acts.

CloZee Ft. 9 Theory – Nuages (Emancipator Remix)

CloZee has released her full remix pack of her hotly acclaimed album Neon Jungle. She kicked things off with the insanely great Lane 8 spin of the titular track and followed it up with the Opiuo remix of “Heya”, which made an appearance in last week’s Remix Radar. The full pack is now out and includes remixes from the electronic mainstay Emancipator, rising acts Enamour, Rome in Silver, Of The Trees, LUZCID, and ilo:lo. Plus some from newcomers, Tripp St., and FullyMaxxed with Xxelia. Besides the incredible Lane 8 spin, my favorite comes from Emancipator and his remix of “Nuages”. He unlocks a atmospheric world that sends listeners floating on a fluffy cloud through a jungle like world that is rich with colorful sounds.

Stace Cadet & KLP – Energy (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

Stace Cadet and KLP scored a massive track with their “Energy”, which has been a global success. They just dropped the remixes for it, which includes reworks from Endor, Holmes John, and Illyus & Barrientos. I prefer the latter’s remix as they bring about a dark and mysterious sound that works well with the vocal sample. Their sound hits the mind with hysterical glee and I love that.

Nils Hoffmann Ft. Max Joni – Parachute (Rezident Remix)

I’m always shocked and impressed by how quick producers can turn out music. Rezident drops his remix of “Parachute” only a few days after the release of his “Chapters” EP via Anjunadeep, which you can read about here. True to his past work, he spins the Nils Hoffmann and Max Joni record into something that slithers and shimmers with poignancy and mind-melting goodness. It slowly builds and bubbles, until Rezident has full control over your mind, and once there, he then sends listeners cascading over each lick of sound, hypnotizing everyone as he goes.

French Original – History (Moodshift Remix)

The first of two remix swaps comes Moodshift’s remix of French Original’s “History”. Moodshift drops the beat to a lower rumbling and fills the air with a darken sound design that adds an ominous and mysterious vibe. They keep “History” in the House realm, but peel away some of the prettiness of the original and distorts the sonic playground to prepare “History” for the dingiest of clubs.

Moodshift Ft. Oliver Nelson, Lucas Nord, & flyckt – Chemistry (French Original Remix)

Moodshift made their debut with “Chemistry” and garnered a lot of praise and buzz, as well as, over a million plays. Acknowledging similar sounds and parallel trajectories, Moodshift and French Original bonded and decided to remix each other’s track. While Moodshift remixed the previous record, French Original hops on the remix for “Chemistry”. He keeps the original essence, while adding layers of shimmering sounds that adds a bit more panache and liveliness that works wonders. Both acts are ones to watch over the next year and I suspect big things are in store.

Oscar Jerome – Give Back What U Stole From Me (Nightmares On Wax Remix)

Will someone please give back what you stole from him? In all seriousness, this Nightmares On Wax remix is ultra groovy and is exactly what I want from futuristic jazz fusion. It’s all-around fun and playful with the right sort of sonic movement across its composition.

Yazz Ahmed – Deeds Not Words (Surly Remix)

It’s a jazz kind of day. Surly remixes Yazz Ahmed’s “Deeds Not Words” and unleashes a prickly electo-jazz sound that is wild and rambunctious. It’s future jazz at its finest.

Progetto Tribale – Behavior 2020 (Donato Dozzy & Peter Micioni Remix)

24 years after the 6th Volume was released, Progetto Tribale has released its Vol. 7. Nestled in the release, is the modern remix of “Behaviour”, which comes from Donato Dozzy and Progetto Tribale founding member, Peter Micioni. The remix brings a really nice, deep house sound that slowly rumbles and twists with masterful sound design and swelling buils. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.


OutKast – B.O.B (Bombs Over Baghdad) [Zack de la Roche Remix]

With the release of the 20th Anniversary deluxe reissue of Stankonia, we finally received an official release of Zack de la Roche’s remix of “B.O.B”. The remix had appeared on radio and early days of internet streaming two decades ago, but never actually received a release. We now get that and younger generations can finally appreciate the raw intensity that Zack de la Rocha brings to the OutKast hit as he fills the record with the spirit of Rage and metallurgic grunge. With the election and the on-going issues across the globe, this record feels fitting.