Remix Radar 067: Featuring The Glitch Mob, Riton, and Satin Jackets

We are back with Remix Radar 067! This week is a double feature covering the past two weeks. The reason for this is that last week only had a handful of remixes that I enjoyed and would have been the shortest Edition ever if I ran it. So, I pushed it back to do a double feature. But first, let’s talk about the monkey in the room…no more orange buffoon! As stated, I was going to go into hiding if America failed and re-elected the narcissistic man-child who may or may not have the ability to read. Thankfully, I do not need to do that thanks to many states that flipped and voted for Joe Biden, ending the suffering of America and the world as a whole. Funny enough, many of my international friends, colleagues, and acquaintances have sent their well-wishes and commented on how the world feels a little less bleak. Honestly, I agree with these thoughts. It truly does feel like a massive weight has lifted from the collective American back and now things will improve greatly. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming. This week we feature The Glitch Mob, Riton, and Satin Jackets. Scroll down for the fun!

Nalepa – Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Five days ago, The Glitch Mob announced the 10 year anniversary Deluxe Edition of their monumental debut album, Drink The Sea. Sadly, this anniversary release was supposed to coincide with their Drink the Sea X tour that was canceled due to COVID. Now, they are moving forward with the release as they wait patiently to tour once again. Included in the album is their remix of Nalepa’s “Monday”, who was their electronic music professor at Chapman University and helped to develop them into what we see today. This remix has been one that they’ve played out quite often in their live sets. Finally, it gets an official release.

Mr Eazi & Major Lazer Ft. Nicki Minaj & K4mo – Oh My Gawd (Riton Remix)

The massive collaboration from Mr Eazi, Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj, and K4mo gets the remix treatment from Riton. The British artist transforms the record into a House-y affair. One that has groove and a rambunctious spirit. I really dig the arrangement and the emphasis on the demented keys. The vibe on this one is an absolute party. As a side note, I highly suggest checking out KUU, Riton’s collaborative project with Alex Metric and Shungudzo.

Tycho Ft. Saint Sinner – Japan (Satin Jackets Remix)

Satin Jackets unleashes a marvelous remix of Tycho and Saint Sinner’s Japan. The German artist rearranges the guitar riffs and the percussion section of the original by bringing them forward and letting them drive through the entire remix. He also adds a thick beat and decorates the surrounding space with synths that flutter and sparkle with beauty. Saint Sinner’s vocals shine even brighter with the production rework. I have to admit, I think I enjoy Satin Jackets to the original and that’s saying something because I am a huge fan of Tycho.

Elderbrook – Back To My Bed (Tiga Remix)

Elderbrook has had a massive two years. He went from indie electronic darling to one of the most talked-about acts signed to a major label. I’m going to pat myself on the back for a second as I told all my friends to pay attention to Elderbrook after discovering his first record on Hype Machine way back when. His “Back To My Bed” gets a transformation from the remarkable Tiga. He flips the song and constructs an unbelievably inventive composition that is filled with prickles of sound. It’s one of those sound designs that is truly special and one that is out of this world.

Mercer – Lemonade (The Magician Italo ’85’ Remix)

The Magician conjures a Disco spell to remix Mercer’s “Lemonade”. As the title suggests, The Magician draws inspiration from the Disco era that swept across Italy during the 80s. His ode to this era lends itself to create an incredible remix that is filled with the right amount of grooviness and uplifting vibes. It’s nearly impossible to not get up and party to this record.

Paul Johnson – Dance with Me (Patrick Topping Remix)

Paul Johnson comes from the OG era of House music. He was raised in Chicago and began his career around the same time as Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, and many of the other legends of the era. His “Dance with Me” gets a squelching remix from Patrick Topping. The remix stays true to the old school rave sound, while containing an irresistible groove.

Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers with Marc E. Bassy – Let It Go (Honey Dijon’s Release Mix)

This record is the sound that House is all about, which should come as no surprise with the names attached. Honey Dijon spins pure magic and unlocks a grooviness that melts the mind. Her spin of “Let It Go” is reminiscent of the original Chicago House and highlights why she is one of the most prolific DJs and artists in the club scene. I can’t wait to hear this one played out live.

L’lmpératrice – Voodoo? (Lazywax Remix)

Lazywax provides a truly magical remix of “Voodoo?” from L’lmpératrice. The duo spins a funky groove that slithers with ultra coolness. They surround it with some snazzy, penetrative sounds that help to build an overall vibe that is incredible. Honestly, with this song playing in your ears, you’ll feel like Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Cosmo’s Midnight – A Million Times (HONNE Remix)

Cosmo’s Midnight’s “A Million Times” gets a dreamy remix from HONNE. The British duo builds a wonderful soundscape that is rich with lush synths and the right amount of driving percussion. The remix has a truly remarkable poignancy that radiates from the core to strike listeners right in their souls. Overall, it’s a really nice and beautiful remix.

ONR Ft. Sarah Barthel – Must Stop (Icarus Better Daze Mix)

Icarus unveils an incredible remix of ONR’s “Must Stop”, featuring Sarah Barthel of Phantogram. The aptly named remix sends listeners floating across a world built on delicate sounds that surround listeners in a warm daze. With their remix, the British duo unlocks an astonishing record full of textures and poignancy.

Naïka – African Sun (Michael Brun Remix)

On the back of three Latin Grammy-nominations, Michael Brun remixes “African Sun” from Naïka, the fast rising songstress. “African Sun” is a celebration of Naïka’s Haitian roots featuring her vocals in both Haitian Creole and English. Teaming up with Brun who is a fellow Haitian American brings a special meaning to this remix and a truly great dance record that is vibrant and charming. It also brings a warm and fun spirit that pays homage to their heritage.

Will Clarke & MK – My Church (Matt Sassari Remix)

Will Clarke and MK’s “My Church” enters the dark and metallic world of Techno on the remix of Matt Sassari. The transformation sends listeners to a place where no light exists and the sound reverberates of concrete walls. In other words, this remix is perfect for Berlin and its club culture.


Moi Je – Fais rien (Petit Biscuit Remix)

Petit Biscuit was still early in his career and — if I remember correctly — still hadn’t release “Sunset Lover” when his remix of “Fais rien” came out. This remix is so beautiful with swaths of colorful sounds that build a true emotive connection. The magical quality of this remix definitely made me stop and take notice. It was just a small sample of what would come from a remarkable artist.




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