Remix Radar 069: Featuring The Brothers Macklovitch, Maya Jane Coles, and Bob Sinclar

Welcome back to Remix Radar! I don’t have anything to rant about this week, which is nice. Surprisingly, there were quite a few releases, despite it being Thanksgiving in the United States. Release limitations are a thing of the past thanks to the magic of DSPs. This week we feature remixes from The Brothers Macklovitch, Maya Jane Coles, and Bob Sinclar. Plus, many more great tunes! Scroll down for all the fun.

SG Lewis Ft. Lucky Daye – Feed The Fire (A-Trak & The Brothers Macklovitch Remix)

I wonder what the Macklovitch parents fed their boys to create to highly successful musical talents. One became a DMC World DJ Champion by 15, A-Trak, and the other is one-half of a critically acclaimed duo who is also a Ph. D candidate at Columbia University, Dave 1. And before I forget, they’re both Grammy-nominated. They have to be one of the most musically successful siblings. Either way, we get the next Brothers Macklovtich release with their remix of SG Lewis’s “Feel The Fire”.

London Grammar – Californian Soil (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

What I’m about to say I’ve said previously and I will die on these hills. London Grammar is one of the best remix candidates and always lend themselves to be the foundation of a magical remix because Hannah Reid’s vocals are so hauntingly beautiful. Second hill, Maya Jane Coles is one of the best sound designers in the game. She always creates a sound that stirs the senses as it marches through listeners’ ears into their brains and restrains herself from over-complicating or decorating the sound with unnecessary complexities. So, put London Grammar and Maya Jane Coles together and you have purified magic.

Myd Ft. Mac DeMarco – Moving Men (Bob Sinclar Remix)

Arguably one of the best music videos and a fantastic song to boot, “Moving Men” combines two indie talents from different sides of the spectrum, yet they do make a lot of sense together when you think about it. The story behind how Myd and Mac DeMarco connected to create this song is amazing and is seemingly perfect for these two characters. You can read about the record and story here and I highly suggest doing so. Bob Sinclar, the legendary, veteran French House artist, brings the first remix of the record. He drapes the whimsical nature of the original version with a disco, funky flavoring, and some French House synthy-ness that creates a really nice, new record filled with tantalizing textures. It’s simply a perfect remix.

Booka Shade – Teenage Spaceman (Booka’s 2020 Rework)

We’ve received quite a few 2020 reworks, remixes, updates, and everything in-between. It seems 2020 was the 5, 10, 15, and even 20 year-anniversary for a lot of big electronic singles and albums. This includes Booka Shade’s 2010 album, More!. While More! was after Booka Shade’s breakthrough, it helped to cement their status as an inventive and genius electronic act. Their 10-year anniversary celebration begins with the release of their rework of “Teenage Spaceman” and an accompanying remix from Guy Herman and Chris Sen. The rework brings about the same soaring and transformative sound of the original, but with a harder, Techno-like beat and a bit more grit. It’s a fantastic reimagining that highlights the talents of Booka Shade and will most certainly make you want to dive back into their discography.

Tycho Ft. Saint Sinner – For How Long (Harvey Sutherland Remix)

We’re in the midst of Tycho’s remix pack for Weather. We already received two great remixes from Satin Jackets and Mild Minds. Now we have one from the fast-rising and acclaimed Australian artist, Harvey Sutherland. He remixes “For How Long” into an ultra-groovy track that cascades warmth and a delectable desire to dance upon listeners. The bass line is so thick and funky, it’s absolutely incredible. The grooviness also works really well with Saint Sinner’s ethereal and fluttery vocal that you’ll have this one saved for late-night shenanigans.

Mako – Again (DLMT Remix)

In run-up to Mako’s second album, he has released two remixes of his single “Again” from DLMT and The Wyze. Both are nice remixes that provide different takes on the record. I went back and forth on, which I prefer, but it seems today I lean towards the DLMT remix. The Canadian artist has had quite the year and a half and has rose to be a breakout act. His take on “Again” has a nice driving beat and a sizzling, boisterous sound that should energize the club once we can all return.

Fairchild – Touch The Sun (Nox Vahn Remix)

Formerly known as Fairchild, Nox Vahn is poised to be the next breakout star from Anjunadeep. He weaves together magical threads of poignancy, jubilance, and transformative properties to unleash a sound that is enchanting. I highly suggest listening to his discography, as well as, his Fairchild releases that include the insanely exceptional “Open Your Eyes”. He revisits “Touch The Sun” and brings his trademark sound that unleashes a daring and spirited atmosphere with each lick of sound. It has a dangerous type of feel to it and will bring a feeling of coolness to you.

Fela Kuti – International Thief Thief (I.T.T) [Armonica & MoBlack Mix]

The history of modern music cannot be told without Fela Kuti. Rising from Nigeria, Kuti was the inventor and purveyor of Afro-beat, starting a revolution that has influenced countless artists and can be felt across all spectrums of music still to this day. He sadly passed away from AIDS in 1997, but his legacy lives on through the many records that draw from Afro-beat. His 1980 “International Thief Thief” is a political record about theft and corporations robbing poorer nations. It isn’t a coincidence that it abbreviates to ITT, a multi-national conglomerate. To mark the 40 year anniversary, we have received a remix from Armonica and MoBlack, two veteran acts with their hands in the underground electronic scene. In Particular, MoBlack is quite involved in modern Afro-beat and Afro-house through his label MoBlack Records. The two acts combine to bring an incredible modern reimagining of Fela Kuti in a tasteful and honorary way that pays homage to the legend.

I highly suggest diving into Fela Kuti’s music and story. It’s well-worth the dive to learn more about his impact.

DJ Le Roi Ft. Roland Clark – I Get Deep (Ed Ed Remix)

Roland Clark originally penned “I Get Deep” in 1999 to bemoan the House scene that felt fake to Mr. Clark when he returned from a hiatus. I don’t believe he thought the record would spawn one of the most famous dance vocals that has been sampled countless times and has appeared in many, many sets over the years. DJ Le Roi helped to reimagine the record to a new, younger audience back in 2011 and now we get its newest iteration from Ed Ed. The German act spins an underground House record that drives with a thick percussion and a lot of distortion that oscillates with devious delight.

Pabllo Vittar – Rajadão (Alice Glass Remix)

From a Brazilian Reality TV Show to working with Major Lazer and becoming the first Grammy-nominated Drag Queen, Pabllo Vittar has had an incredible rise to prominence. Most recently he released the deluxe version of 111 through Sony Brazil. Included in it are several remixes including this Alice Glass demented foray into a dark almost Techno sound. The former frontwoman of Crystal Castles transforms the record by adding some of her own vocal work and dousing the production with gasoline and lighting it on fire. The record is rage-inducing and slaps you right in the face.

Ryan Kurt -Taplein (SIPPY’s Real Racing 3 Remix)

As celebration of Formula 1’s 70th anniversary, EA Games and its Real Racing 3 team worked with Dim Mak to bring three remixes. The standout remix comes from the burgeoning act SIPPY. She spins the game’s original sound track record, “Taplein”, into a boisterous affair that slithers with electrically-charged synths until the ravenous bass hits you right in the face and sends you careening into head-bobbing fun. Keep an eye on SIPPY in 2021.


AYER – Circle Down (Keljet Remix)

Coming from 2013 is this groovy remix of AYER’s “Circle Down” from Keljet. Both acts scored a massive success for this and I believe it was a SoundCloud and Hype Machine success story. The song has a sparkling sound design that surrounds a hypnotic groove that blends to build a song with emotion and a breezy vibe. It’s great song and it’s surprising that both acts haven’t broken out more. Surprisingly, Keljet even has a X Ambassadors feature from before they exploded.




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