Remix Radar 070: Featuring Dillon Francis, Sofi Tukker, and Skream

Welcome back to Remix Radar! We have quite the week of remixes for you. For the 70th Edition, we feature Dillon Francis, Sofi Tukker, and Skream. It’s also our final traditional Remix Radar of the year and — surprisingly — it’s quite the doozy with a lot of incredible remixes. It seems you save the best for last applies to Remix Radar. Next week will be our special Best Of 2020 edition where this man will pontificate over the best remixes of year, which is obviously the most objective way of doing it. Other things of note, the UK has administered the first COVID vaccine. Hopefully, this means we are approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s get this show on the road. Scroll down for all the fun!

Hot Chip Ft. Jarvis Crocker – Straight To The Morning (Dillon Francis Vs. Hot Chip Remix)

I was unequivocally shocked to see Dillon Francis listed next to Hot Chip. I’m still trying to figure out how they became connected and thought to do a a remix. Well, sometimes surprises turn into absolutely incredible delights. Dillon doesn’t get bombastic like he can, but keeps his sound restrained to build a groovy experience from his remix of “Straight To The Morning”.

Lady Gaga – 911 (Sofi Tukker Remix)

Sofi Tukker ups the tempo and brings the dark House vibes to remix Lady Gaga’s “911”. The duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern add some extra bits of vocalization that furthers their vibe within the remix. Interestingly, it feels like it could be a Lady Gaga original with the similarities to the dancier things she’s done. Either way, this is absolutely a club weapon.

The Clause – In My Element (Skream Remix)

I’ve been loving everything Skream has been doing as of late. His move from dubstep to whatever he’s doing now is working incredibly well. This week we get his remix of The Clause’s “In My Element”. He completely transforms the rock song into a synth-y, funky, almost 80s sounding record. It’s really cool what he does and has definitely made this suited for the club.

LADIPOE – Jaiye (Aluna and Sigag Lauren Remix)

Aluna teams-up with the fast-rising Nigerian producer, Sigag Lauren, to remix LADIPOE’s “Jaiye”. Aluna provides an angelic vocal and helps Sigag Lauren to rework the record into something more dance-friendly than the original. This one is an absolute vibe and is built to flip the mood in the club.

Darkstar – Text (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

Experimental pop and electronic act Darkstar receives the remix treatment from the master of sound design, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. He transforms “Text” into something that grooves with a wild sound that oscillates between many samples and twirling sounds. This remix is incredible and highlights TEED’s ability to spin unique and original soundscapes.

Buscabulla – Ta Que Tiembla (Buscabulla x Empress Of [Empress Of Remix]

Buscabulla has had an impressive year and deservedly so. Their album, Regresa, is one of the best of the year and even picked up a placement in FIFA 20 for “Vamono”. They’ve been in the midst of dropping the remixes for Regresa, which have been equally as impressive including spins from Ella Minus and this Empress of reimagining of “Ta Que Tiembla”. It retains the soul of the original, but gets a bit groovier and dancier.

Keleketla! – Papua Merdeka (Machinedrum Remix)

Keleketla! is quite an interesting project. It’s a multinational work that spans a web of musical luminaries including Ninja Tune co-founders Coldcut. The project is a fusion of Afrobeat, Jazz, Hip-hop, electronica, and even spoken word. It’s an extraordinary project that everyone should give a listen to. On “Papua Merdeka” are the vocals of The Lani Singers (Benny Wenda, Maria Wenda and Koteka Wenda), instrumentation from Tamar Osborn, and work from Afrobeat legends Tony Allen and Dele Sosimi. The record also samples West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda who speaks for West Papua freedom. The recent release of the remix album brings us this reimaging Machinedrum who retains the core sound, but adds a bit more bass and extra builds to bring about a more House and dance music sound.

Tritonal x Dylan Matthew x Au5 – Happy Where We Are (ilan Bluestone Remix)

Our long time readers will know that I don’t often feature Trance, which means it takes a standout remix to make it on here. I don’t feature the genre often because I feel it really needs the full experience of a show or mix to achieve what the genre seeks. This week, though, I feature the ilan Bluestone remix of “Happy Where We Are” who does a great job at building the feeling and pure emotion at the heart of Trance in the short, single version of the record. This one definitely hits you with electricity that radiates emotive qualities.

Weird Genius Ft. Sara Fajira – Lathi (SIHK Remix)

Weird Genius is an act that is one to watch in 2021. They have exploded in Asia on the back of viral sensation “Lathi” and have been building across the globe with “Hush”, their collaboration with Yellow Claw, and their remix of Rich Brian’s “Love In My Pocket”. They just won the song of the year in Indonesia for “Lathi” and signed to Astralwerks. They look poised to be Asia’s first cross-cultural breakout star. Now, we get the remix pack for the viral sensation featuring spins from R3hab, SIHK, and RayRay. While all three are great, I prefer the wild, Hardcore version from fellow Indonesian SIHK who is also steadily making an international name for himself.

Petit Biscuit – Drivin Thru the Night (Jerro Remix)

Another act who’s having a great 2020 is Jerro. He released an EP and several singles on Lane 8’s This Never Happened including the insanely great “Demons”. He also released the “Tunnel Vision”, another really amazing song, via Anjunadeep. He looks poised for an even bigger 2021. You can learn more about Jerro and his EP by reading our interview here. To closeout 2020, he provides a remix for “Drivin Thru the Night”, one of Petit Biscuit’s most recent singles. Jerro brings his melodic stylings to the record and transforms into something I enjoy much more than the original.

Tycho – Into The Woods (Christopher Willits Remix)

The Tycho remix pack for Simulcast continues. This week we received the Christopher Willits remix of “Into The Woods”. The Ghostly International-backed act brings a peaceful, almost meditative sound design to his remix that slowly builds the energy, until a nice beat hits and is surrounded by swirling prickles of sound.

Django Django – Glowing in The Dark (Dance System Rework)

I’m a big fan of both Django Django and Dance System. So, of course I enjoy the combination of the two on the remix of “Glowing in The Dark”. Dance System aka James Connolly has built an impressive resume in the underground that has spanned more than a decade. He brings his rambunctious sound that sits somewhere between underground rave and experimental House to reimagine “Glowing in The Dark” into something ready to blow the roof off of a warehouse party.

Groove Armada Ft. Todd Edwards – Lover 4 Now (Elliot Adamson Remix)

Groove Armada follows up the Myd remix of “Lover 4 Now” with three new remixes from Elliot Adamson, Electric Diplomat, and Fall Forward. My favorite of the group is from Adamson who brings an Acid House styling to the record. He builds a rather minimalist sound design, but it allows the thick beat to smack you in the face and get your head bobbing.

Route 94 Ft. L Devine – Sad Songs (Route 94 VIP Remix)

Route 94 brings the VIP remix treatment to the commercial-leaning “Sad Songs”, his most recent single, which features fast-rising LGBQTI queen L Devine. You can learn more about the record and the two acts by reading our exclusive interview with them here. With the VIP remix, Route 94 transforms the record into something that’s more club-friendly and has a bit more of a dance vibe. I do really like how he rearranged it and upped the low-ends.

Jax Jones & Au/Ra – i miss u (John Summit Remix)

Jax Jones and Au/Ra scored quite the success with “i miss u”. It’s been everywhere on Dance Radio and mixes. We have now received the first remix of it from John Summit. The American act is another one that has had quite the successful 2020 including the smash hit “Deep End”. With his remix of “i miss u”, he brings a darker and deeper House sound to the record that transforms this into a daring experience that will light up the club floors.

Ela Minus – megapunk (Elkka Remix)

Indie-darling Ela Minus has been on a crash course towards stardom. Most recently, she released her debut album acts of rebellion via Domino. It’s a fantastic album that I highly suggest giving a listen to. We have just received the first remixes from the album including this Elkka remix of “megapunk”. The British artist unlocks a very interesting sound on her version. It doesn’t quite fit under any sort of genre classification. It falls somewhere between experimental, House, and indie dance. Either way, Elkka brings a warm, hypnotic feeling that shines through the digital and envelops listeners with its embrace. Keep an eye on Elkka in 2021.

Carl Cox – PURE (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)

Carl Cox’s “PURE” goes even further into the depths of Techno with the remix of Reinier Zonneveld. The renowned Techno act dips the original in darkness and brings an extra exploration into metallic beats to transform this record. The Dutch act has this one ready for the warehouse crowd.

Township Rebellion – Mosaik (Rinzen Remix)

Two acts that have had nice growth in 2020 and who I feel should garner more recognition are Township Rebellion and Rinzen. Township Rebellion has released quite a few records this year including an incredible two-track EP appearance on RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue. Rinzen has made a few appearances on Mau5trap and Desert Hearts. He brings his cinematic Techno to the remix of “Mosaik” to build a truly breathtaking sound and one that transports listeners to a new sonic world where for 9-minutes you explore the mysterious tones that construct it. It’s a brilliant remix and highlights the talent of Rinzen.

Yolanda Be Cool & DCup – We No Speak Americano (Jaxx Da Fishwork Remix)

It’s the 10-year anniversary of the hit “We No Speak Americano” from Yolanda Be Cool and DCup. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years, but looking back on it, I do remember when this exploded and would appear at pretty much every college party. With the anniversary, they released an international remix package that features remixes from Chemical Surf, JAXX DA FISHWORKS, and SLLASH & DOPPE. Plus, a new 10th Anniversary Edit from Yolanda Be Cool and DCup. Besides the 10 year edit, I prefer this remix from Jaxx Da Fishwork. The Japanese act flips into a boisterous Bass House record that works incredibly well with the soul of the original. This one is definitely a riot-inducer.

For a full in-depth look at the 10-year anniversary, read our exclusive interview with Yolanda Be Cool about their past, which can be found here.

Catching Flies – Satisfied (Qrion Remix)

Qrion is another act who has had quite the 2020. She has done a lot of livestreams via Anjunadeep and her own channels throughout the pandemic. She has also dazzled with quite a few releases this year. She returns for one final act of 2020 with the remix of Catching Flies’s “Satisfied”. She builds a sound that shimmers with connective emotion and is filled with layers of colorful textures that it’s impossible to not get lost in the depths of this record. I can’t wait to see what’s next from Qrion.

Marshall Jefferson x George Smeddles x Paris Brightledge – It’s Alright (DEL-30 Remix)

Dance music history is incomplete without a mention of “It’s Alright”. Released in 1987, it was originally written and performed by Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge with production from Marshall Jefferson. It would go on to be covered by the Pet Shop Boys the following year. This year we received an update of sorts with additional production work from George Smeddles who helps to revitalize the warmth, beauty, and uplifting vibes. It’s simply a classic vocal House record. In conjunction with the release, George Smeddles announced he is donating a portion of his royalties to St. Catherine’s Hospice after witnessing their selfless caring for his friend who passed away from cancer. This week, we received the remix from DEL-30. The British act doesn’t do anything too drastic, which is perfect for this classic. He does add a bit more spice that hits the brainstem.


M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix)

I still remember the first time I heard “Midnight City” and where I was. I think a lot of people still remember the first time they heard it because it’s simply brilliant and hits you with the pure connective emotion. It’s just one of those songs that’s instantly a classic and you know that it will go down as an all time great. I still get those same warm feelings that I did from the first time. It also launched M83 to the stratosphere, aided by a sync on a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Eventually Eric Prydz would come along and provide this blazing remix. It’s just the right amount of Prydz, while retaining the overall core emotion of the original that without it, Prydz would have lost that sparkling pizzazz.




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