RETROSPEKT Brings Stellar Lineup To Downtown Los Angeles

The immersive and thrilling live event series RETROSPEKT is back in action with its second edition coming to Downtown LA. Brought to its audience by the innovative event-production and marketing organization Ideaison, RETROSPEKT aims to put the spotlight on talented women, LGBTQUIA+, and people of color, that are shaping the future through art. On February 25th, RETROSPEKT will deliver a diverse lineup to the prime venue of Ground Level Studios.

Known for their signature sounds and impressive mixing abilities, RETROSPEKT will be headlined by soul-house figurehead Pat Lok and futuristic dance music extraordinaire Venessa Michaels. These two artists will be supported by multi-skilled R&B singer V. Cartier, house producer KAYA, rapper AUNDREY GUILLAUME, and co-label boss of SOS Music Maddy Maia. Additionally, the show will encompass expert tattoo artists, a circus performance from the riveting act of Dahlia’s, and solid stage production from Christy Hayek.

With a ton of excitement building toward RETROSPEKT, there is guaranteed to be a handful of other surprises at the progressive live event.

Check out RETROSPEKT’s lineup below:





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