Rezident Releases the Melodic Dreamland ‘Definition’

An auditory shot to the brainstem that penetrates your bloodstream. It sends you down a portal to another realm. One that caresses your soul with potent emotion. It’s pure ecstasy at its finest synthesis and it clings to the atmosphere that envelopes you as you stay affixed to the ethereal bearings. Rezident is the puppet master in charge of this realm and isn’t it delightful?

Rezident has returned with his third EP of 2020, and with it, closes the year’s chapter with glorious fervor. The German artist has had a monumental year and one that has launched his project to stratosphere like heights. He has rightfully garnered recognition as a masterful artist that builds wondrous worlds that soar through the melodic spectrum with pearly poignancy and daring dynamism. He adds to his growing fable with the release of “Definition” through the Canadian tastemakers BBTV and their Opposition label.

True to the Rezident form, “Definition” is a spectral masquerade that skirts over the skin and pirouettes into the mind and soul. The nearly 24-minute EP is textured experience with rich and soaring atmospheric qualities. It’s exactly what you want and need from the melodic playgrounds, one that takes you traversing through a vast sonicscape. It may be Rezident’s best work of the year and is quite the EP to end 2020 with.

“Definition” is part re-release, part new EP as the majority of the songs were previously released, but that doesn’t take away from the impact of the whole EP nor does it lessen the cohesion across the five songs. The first three records are the previously released “Artifacts”, “Finders Keepers”, and “In Veins”. These three have already received significant appreciation, especially “Artifacts”, which has nearly 12 million plays on Spotify at time of writing. Each is a beautifully constructed record with stirring melodies and sounds that touch the soul with pure feeling. They truly open a world of emotive exploration that rivals the best melodic and progressive songs of this year.

The two other records are “Want It All” and the new addition, “Remember You This Way”. Like the former tracks, these two are equally impressive and spin their own mesmerizing sounds that breathe poignancy. “Want It All” was previously released as well, but comes under the Opposition umbrella finding a nice home in “Definition”. It has a rather minimalist design that allows each individual sound and melody to strike the air with purpose and intensity to unlock a marvelous song. The newest of the five is “Remember You This Way”, which is the only one with a vocal. Featuring Biishop, the record offers a nice wrinkle to the typical Rezident instrumental. It highlights that his productions work equally has wonderful with a vocalist. The seamless combination with Biishop brings a song that is nothing short of touching and breathtaking. Rezident also does something a little different from his previous works by utilizing an acoustic guitar riff as the core instrument, building the song’s spine. This new wrinkle is absolutely marvelous and takes listeners on a path to a spiritual transformation like his other records but on an even greater experiential plane.

To better understand the EP, Rezident had this to say:

“The ‘Definition’ EP features my first-ever official Rezident-releases repackaged together with a brand new vocal song ‘Remember You This Way’. Those records were among the first ones to receive attention from other DJs and they continue to motivate me to keep making new music nowadays! I hope everyone enjoys the EP” 

Rezident is one of the most exciting artists in the melodic genre and dance music as a whole. He spins productions that rival the best out there and stirs true emotions that connect with electricity. On the back of his three EPs and his SiriusXM mix appearance, he is one that we all need eyes on in 2021.

To stream “Definition”, follow the link here or scroll down.





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